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5 Mom-Approved Beauty Secrets You'll Want to Follow ASAP

Singer, actress, fashion designer, entrepreneur, writer, and mom of two Thalia shares her parenting, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty tips as a POPSUGAR Latina contributor.

My mom was my guide, my best friend, my confidant, and my biggest fan. I miss her every day, and I think of her constantly. I am very grateful for everything that she always did for me and for all of the support she gave me. I am also thankful for all of the knowledge she instilled in me. She made it a point to take great care of herself and strived to look good at all times. Among all of the amazing things I learned from my beloved mother, these are five of her beauty tips that I took to heart.


How to Beauty-Detox After a Holiday Weekend

The moment I get off a plane, train, or bus after a long weekend, the first thing I want to do is scrub my body from head to toe (and if I stayed in a shared house or shabby hotel, multiply that desire by 10). While getaways are a blast, plane air dehydrates from head to toe, the lack of sleep gives me raccoon eyes, and those extra vacation cocktails reduce my radiance factor. So the detox before the retox is a must. I developed this relaxing at-home ritual that turns my NYC apartment into a mini personalized spa. It’s my Zen den. The products below are the real things I use weekly to make sure I’m feeling fresh come Monday. Try them tonight, so you can look your best at that big Monday meeting.

10 Gym Beauty Hacks That Will Get You Ready in 10 Minutes

If we’re friends IRL, then you know I’m obsessed with working out. I can probably be found at the gym doing a HIIT training, Spin, yoga, or cardio dance class at least five times a week before 8 a.m. And if I’ve learned anything from Taylor Swift , it’s that you can leave the gym looking fresh . But if only having between 20 to 30 minutes to get ready before work stresses you out, then keep reading to learn all of the tricks I’ve discovered to help you clean up quickly!

15 Beauty Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older Than Your Age

There are a lot of changes to adjust to as you get older. Your metabolism slows down, those dreaded gray hairs pop up, and hangovers become an all-day event. When it comes to maturing, you already know what products to buy and what tips to try , but do you know what mistakes you’ve been making? With a few simple tweaks to your beauty routine, you’ll feel and look as fresh as you did when you were in college . . . just don’t attempt any tequila shots.

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Skin Care Experts Reveal Their At-Home DIY Beauty Recipes

Sun. Stress. Sleep deprivation. The list of things wreaking havoc on your skin on the daily goes on – especially since cold weather and holiday season is here. Whether you’re in need of some brightening (lemon peels, anyone?), bronzing (bring on the henna!), or bump-soothing (eggs are wonderful in more than your morning omelette), many beauty experts suggest looking into your own pantry . There, you’ll discover healthy, convenient, and often cost-efficient solutions to some of your most common beauty gripes. Behold, some of their tried-and-true, tasty recipes that you can whip up to get gorgeous skin!

10 Beauty Minis You Need to Pack in Your Thanksgiving Travel Bag

Packing is kind of a nightmare, especially if you’re a beauty-lover. You have an intense fear of checking your products (what if the airline loses them?!). But miniature swag is just never as good as full-size . . . or is it? We scoured the Internet for the best beautifying goodies in travel-size packaging, so you never have to feel less than gorgeous on the go. Even better, they’re all $10 or less.

7 Travel Beauty Secrets Only Flight Attendants Know

When it comes to flying, pilots and flight attendants are the professionals. So instead of getting one more sacred beauty item stolen at the airport (damn you, TSA!), we turned to the experts for packing tips. Our aviation panel includes two flight attendants and a female pilot, who dished on all their insider beauty tips. Together these three ladies spend over 200 hours in the air a month! That’s more airport time than we’ve had all year. Keep reading to get all their in-flight skin care secrets just in time for Spring Break.

Water is an in-flight essential. And the small cups they bring around during the food service are not enough. Plane air is very dry. Every passenger on the plane breathes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. In order to bring in more oxygen, fresh air is pumped into the cabin. However, the air at such high altitudes has very little moisture, making the cabin air dry. That is what makes your skin feel dehydrated. “I try to drink at least a liter for every six hours of flying,” flight attendant Felicia Rohan* explained. “I usually drink two liters if I’m flying to Europe.” Another pilot, Anne Schroeder, uses the Camelback BPA-Free Water Bottle With Filter ($20) to make sure she always has H20 on hand.

Downsize your beauty items. There are plenty of reasons to minimize your favorite skin care items before a vacation (and we’re not just talking about the TSA’s 3-ounce rule). If you can’t go a day without your luxe cleanser, have special formulas for acne or sensitive skin, or just hate tiny hotel freebies, fill up miniature bottles. Some brands come in travel-size options, but flight attendants rely on the empty jars at places like The Container Store. You can also head to your local drugstore and pick up the travel-safe containers that won’t leak, like GoGear Travel Travel Tubes ($15 for three). They’re flight-attendant approved!

Carry on the Evian spray. “I’m a big fan of face misting during flight, especially on long international trips,” flight attendant Jessica Martin said. “I like rose water, which I put in my small sprayer because I don’t want a big anything in my bag.” Spritzing your face with water is yet another way to keep skin hydrated in the arid cabin environment. Pack Evian Spray ($7) in your bag, and seal in the moisture by applying a hydrating serum midflight.

You can never have enough moisturizer. To combat the dry air in the plane, you’ll need to pack a face lotion, a lip balm, and an eye cream. Here are some favorites from our panel: Weleda Iris Hydrating Night Cream ($22), The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream ($18), and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm ($4).

SPF is the most important thing to pack. While flying at high altitudes, you are closer to the sun’s harmful rays especially if you’re in the window seat. In fact, pilots count a higher risk of skin cancer as an occupational hazard (now airlines use sun shields in the cockpit to protect the pilots from sun exposure). You should consider sunscreen a requirement for flying. Jessica recommends Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion With SPF 18 ($15). Don’t forget to reapply if your flight is longer than two hours.

Losing your luggage isn’t the only thing you have to think about. “I worry about the higher levels of radiation that I’m exposed to at high altitudes,” Anne said. “The higher the altitude and the higher the latitude, the more radiation.” OK, don’t freak out. Pilots are exposed to more radiation than even nuclear-plant workers , but they spend hours on end in the cockpit. As an occasional traveler, you can temper the radiation in the plane by stocking up on antioxidant-rich snacks. Sip green tea during the flight, and opt for a kale salad and fruit over the in-flight pretzels. You can also find skin care products rich in vitamins A, C, and E. But the best option? Fly at night.

If you have to travel, do it in Europe. Some of our panel’s favorite destinations include Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Rome. Europe tops the list because of the great organic food, culturally rich sights, and walking-friendly cities. “My favorite city I’ve visited is Dubrovnik, Croatia, because it’s exactly what I imagined and hoped Europe would be like when I was a little kid and was one of the first places I visited as a solo traveler,” said Anne.

*This name has been changed at the flight attendant’s request.

Cactus Water Is the Key to a Clearer Complexion

Multimasking Is the Most Efficient Way to Give Yourself a Facial

We’re going to let you in on a beauty editor secret – one mask is never enough. You have to layer your products for the best results. So, of course, we’re 100 percent behind the new Instagram skin care craze: multimasking.

Multimaskers recommend using several different treatments at the same time to get a customized skin remedy (which is exactly what an esthetician does during your facial). Always getting breakouts around your nose ? Apply charcoal or clay in that area. Got dry cheeks? Use a hydrating cream in that particular patch. Have major under-eye bags after a night out? Throw on an eye-specific sheet mask . Creating your own concoction makes it easy to treat combination skin or spot-specific flare ups. Plus, now you have a valid excuse to keep three or more masks in your skin care rotation.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Mornings a Breeze

Between checking your emails and putting together a cohesive outfit, mornings can be a real struggle. Thankfully, there are minor tweaks you can incorporate into your daily routine that are so simple, you’ll be surprised you haven’t already done them. Here are five super easy ways to help make your mornings a breeze.

How to Protect Your Skin During Dry, Wintry Months

Does Your Skin Need a Heavier Moisturizer?

How to Get Sexy, Glowing Skin Like a James Bond Femme Fatale

It’s no secret that Bond girls are always killer beauties (pun intended), so we’re not surprised to learn that these ladies take skin care very seriously. Now, thanks to our friends at Charlotte’s Book , you too can have the complexion of a Bond babe.

The Bond Factory

For 53 years and counting, moviegoers have adored James Bond and every iteration of his muscly, action fury-glory.

And yes, blame it on his charm, chivalry, impeccable taste, and knack for getting out of impossible situations – it’s no surprise this franchise has grossed close to $6 billion worldwide with a total of 23 films. Spectre, the newest (and last) James Bond film featuring Daniel Craig , broke official box office records when it opened last week in the UK.

But to give all the credit to Bond would be a bit one-sided, wouldn’t it?

The It Factor

That’s right – we’re talking about the other half: the beautifully dangerous Bond girls, the ultimate femme fatales. Amazing actors with commanding presence and irresistible allure (see Ursula Andress), they’re sexy, bold, and powerful.

And every one has great skin and a deadly bod , of course.

In celebration of the stateside premiere of Spectre, we’ve gathered a slew of skin care and beauty secrets from our favorite Bond girls. For advice on how to be (or at least emulate) the ultimate femme fatales, read on.

Want Better Skin and Hair? Grab the Champagne

We recently learned that Champagne can help with memory loss , which is an amazing benefit to drinking some bubbly. Turns out, there are plenty of other benefits the beverage has to offer, including better skin and gorgeous hair! Use it to clarify your skin like a toner; add it to your hair for a fuller, shinier mane; or incorporate it into a DIY clay mask for a weekly detox treatment. Check out all the uses and let us know your favorite thing to do with Champagne in the comments – outside of drinking it, of course!

On Kirbie: Rebecca Taylor dress.

4 Tips to Prevent Exercise Acne

The following post was originally featured on Fit Bottomed Girls and written by Susan , who is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness .

If there’s one thing I definitely don’t miss about my adolescence, it’s acne.

(Also up there? Not having a CLUE how to grow my bangs out, general social awkwardness and feeling totally weird in my body. But that’s for another post.)

And while I’m happy that the majority of my adolescent acne woes are behind me, I still get the occasional annoying breakout – some of it is hormonal, I know, but others fall squarely in the exercise acne camp.

And it’s no fun! You go to the gym to feel better inside and out – not break out! Which is why we wanted to share these tips how to prevent exercise acne from New York Dermatologist, Dr. Jeremy Fenton of the Schweiger Dermatology Group , for Be-YOU-tiful Week .

How to Prevent Exercise Acne

Nothing feels better than a good sweat session. Working out isn’t always as good for your skin as it is for your health. A build-up of sweat can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Not to mention, touching your face transfers oil and bacteria (which thrive in moist, humid environments like the gym) to the skin, leading to possible acne flare-ups. Here are four easy ways to prevent exercise acne each time you hit the gym.

  1. Don’t postpone showering. Showering soon after a workout will prevent sweat from sticking around and mixing with dead skin cells to clog pores. If you don’t have time or access to a shower right after your workout, you can use a medicated pad with salicylic or glycolic acid (such as Clear Clinic ClearMe Pads) for a quick wipe-down to prevent exercise acne.
  2. Use the right body wash. Trading out your regular soap for an antibacterial or anti-acne wash containing ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can also be helpful at preventing exercise acne. One tip for using a benzoyl peroxide wash is to leave it on for a few minutes after you lather (shave or brush your teeth in the shower) before rinsing it off. This can help the medication sink in. There are also micronized forms of benzoyl peroxide on the market now that have smaller sized particles of the medication, allowing for deeper penetration into the pores and follicles.
  3. Exfoliate regularly. Regular exfoliation is the key to preventing the buildup of skin cells: exfoliating scrubs, body brushes or just a washcloth can make a big difference.
  4. Breathable clothing. Try to wear loose-fitting, breathable cotton clothing. The tighter, synthetic materials just compress the sweat and dirt into the pores.

Do you know notice exercise acne flare-ups when you don’t do these things? I’ve found it’s a little bit better for me in the winter than the summer just because I sweat less and there’s less humidity in the cooler months, but number 3 is so key for me!

These Are Adriana Lima's Best Beauty Secrets – Straight From the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taped on Nov. 10, and as we expected, our favorite Brazilian VS Angels killed it on the catwalk – especially Adriana Lima. It was the supermodel’s 16th – yes, 16th! – fashion show with the brand, and (as expected) she looked hotter than ever. Of course, we wanted to know everything about what went on to get Adriana ready for the sexy night , but the secrets we were dying to know the most related to that gorgeous skin and supershiny hair. POPSUGAR Beauty editor Lauren Levinson went behind the scenes at the show to get us the scoop. Keep reading for Adriana’s best beauty tips , then check out her sexiest VS moments of all time.

Additional reporting by Lauren Levinson

How to Control Facial Redness This Winter

The Real Reason Koreans Have Amazing Skin – and How You Can, Too

Korean skin care has made its way into the lives of many Americans, and no one knows this better than Soko Glam founder Charlotte Cho. The California native spent five years living in Seoul, South Korea, learning the ins and outs of Korean beauty before launching her online shop, where she sells curated Asian beauty products. The site also doubles as a go-to blog for all things K-beauty. Now she’s taken that knowledge and turned it into an addicting read – The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets For Healthy, Glowing Skin .

If you devoured her book in a few days, like I did, then you probably ended up buying a couple of sheet masks (from Soko Glam, obvi) and vowed to start a more diligent skin care routine. If you didn’t read her book yet, you haven’t missed out on any important secrets, because we had the chance to chat with Charlotte at her NYC book launch. The certified esthetician touched on skin care mistakes, myths, and even recommended some of her favorite products. And ladies, she really knows her sh*t.

POPSUGAR: What made you decide to write a book on Korean skin care?

Charlotte Cho: I was not planning on writing [a book] because I was in the middle of esthetician school and doing Soko Glam. I didn’t have any time and I didn’t think about it, but a literary agency reached out to me and said that Korean beauty is getting more and more popular, we love your blog, and think you have the perfect voice. We ended up working on a proposal and a lot of publishers out there wanted this book and thought it was something people would want to read.

PS: A common advice is to “drink lots of water” for glowing skin. Is this actually true?

CC: Drinking water is great for your overall well-being, but it doesn’t necessarily hydrate your skin. Your body doesn’t hydrate from the inside out. That’s why you need to apply topical products that have humectants, an ingredient that brings nourishment and binds moisture to your skin. That’s the only way you’ll see results for a dewy glow.

35 Gorgeous Stocking Stuffers You Won't Want to Give Away

While we love pretty palettes and cozy candles , we have a special place in our hearts for stocking stuffers. The goodies often have fun and festive packaging for the holidays, are ultraportable because of their smaller size – and they’re just so darned cute! We rounded up some of the best, bitty beauty must haves for this Winter and arranged them from most affordable to most luxe (for your shopping convenience). We’re pretty sure you’ll end up keeping half of them for yourself . . .

6 Victoria's Secret Angels Told Us Their Favorite Eye Creams

There are countless reasons to obsess over the Victoria’s Secret Angels – like their boho beach waves, toned legs, and flirty personalities. But beauty girls know one category reigns supreme: their skin care routines . Models have a magical way of wearing tons of makeup for shows without breaking out. They wake up with gorgeous bare skin . And somehow they’re always tan without any sun damage.

Backstage before the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show , we had to find out more of their antiaging must haves – specifically eye cream. Some use coconut oil, others prefer luxe Chanel creams. We also quizzed them on the best lip balms, how to wear glittery holiday makeup, and what it means to them to be part of the hottest show on TV.