Monthly Archives: December 2015

10 Ways to Update Your Winter Beauty Look on a Tight Budget

The drastic drop in temperature come January requires a beauty arsenal reboot (can you say polar vortex?). We’re trading our silky lotions for creamy body butters, astringent toners for hydrating facial essences, lip glosses for matte lipsticks, and so on. But that doesn’t mean we’re blowing a whole paycheck on updating our makeup bag, though. We’ve found 10 Winter essentials…


9 Celebrity Beauty Campaigns We Can’t Wait to Obsess Over in 2016

As serious beauty junkies, we get psyched about every new product to hit the market. But we get even more excited when we find out our favorite celebrities are spearheading the campaigns for our top brands’ swag. It’s the perfect storm of pop culture obsession and shopping fanaticism! Next year brings some incredibly gorgeous faces (and complexions and heads of…