This Red Velvet Fragrance Collection Will Make You Smell Like a Cupcake

I am a sucker for any gourmand perfume, which are scents with predominantly food-inspired notes. Though I’m still holding out for my dream fragrance (can someone make me “eau de glazed doughnut” already?!), I’ll stop to smell anything that claims to have the aroma of baked goods. Few products, however, live up to my expectations. Many patisserie-inspired scents end up smelling artificial or sickeningly sweet or last for mere minutes on the skin. But this holiday season, Bath & Body Works gave me and my fellow gourmand-lovers a gift.

I don’t know how the brand did it, but its Red Velvet Cheer collection smells exactly like a freshly baked cupcake. There are strong whiffs of vanilla-infused buttercream frosting, zesty citrus notes, and a cakey, chocolatey base that smells authentic, not plastic-y (like many cocoa scents unfortunately are). My favorite iterations of the fragrance are the shower gel and candle (which has since sold out), but you can get your cupcake deliciousness in the form of lotion, a body splash, and an antibacterial hand gel, too.

The only bad part about the collection is that it’s limited edition. The Christmas-themed packaging makes the products great for gifting, but I want them all year! While I love Bath & Body Works’ iconic Vanilla Bean Noel scent, Red Velvet Cheer is even more delectable – and truly hoard-worthy. Read on to shop the lineup.