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15 Beauty Products That Will Turn You On

Aside from being a beauty editor, the dream job we aspired to while growing up, was being the person who came up with all the clever names on makeup packaging. While some shades may be less than inspiring (“warm beige,” anyone?) and others are just silly, there are a few brands that go for shock value. And these are, in our opinion, the most naughtily named, titillating product titles. From the aptly dubbed Lashgasm mascara to the unabashed Sex eye shadow, these beautifiers are bound to ruffle a few feathers . . . in a good way. But be warned – at least one of them is NSFW!

35 Standout Drugstore Launches of 2016 So Far

For beauty-lovers, the start of 2016 means switching up a beauty routine, cleaning out an overstuffed makeup bag, and, most importantly, keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest in skin care, makeup, and hair . Whether or not your resolution this year is to resist the urge to splurge, you’re going to want to head to the drugstore within the next few months. The new products hitting shelves are going to be quite the treat for beauty enthusiasts, and let’s be honest: the best part is that they’re available almost everywhere, and the price is right! We’re almost certain you’ll want to get your hands on most, if not all, of these new launches – from a new cosmetics line with LED lights embedded into its products to a powder that transforms into a face scrub.

Lasering Off My Mustache Was Worth Every Penny

I will never look the same as I did at age 28. (I’m 37, for the record.) But while I miss my 28-year-old metabolism, there is one thing I don’t miss: my mustache.

Thanks to my Sicilian genes, I am a fuzzy lady, and while I appreciate that the mane on my head is dark and thick, it’s a constant battle with my body hair. I don’t mind shaving my legs, grooming my eyebrows, or even getting bikini waxes. But having a hairy face feels decidedly unfeminine.

A few years ago, I decided to take it all off. I’d heard mixed reviews about electrolysis, so I talked to my dermatologist about laser hair removal, and she told me I was a perfect candidate due to my relatively light, olive-toned skin and dark, thick hair. As she explained, the greater the contrast between the color of your skin and the color of your hair, the more effective laser hair removal is.

My doctor’s office didn’t offer laser hair removal, so they referred me to a dermaspa while advising that any reputable spot would probably be fine. When I found an online offer for discounted treatments at LaserAway – the California chain endorsed by Kim Kardashian – I jumped. If it’s good enough for Kim, I thought, it’s good enough for me.

For years, I’d been bleaching my upper-lip hair; due to my use of Retin A and sensitive skin in general, I wasn’t able to wax. But as I got older, my hair got thicker and thicker, and I had to bleach it more and more frequently, and I wasn’t fooling anyone. A thick yellow mustache is still a mustache. I’m sure no one else noticed it as much as me, but it drove me crazy.

After my first surprisingly quick and easy lasering session, I left thinking, why didn’t I do this sooner? Basically the only barrier to lasering my whole face was the high price tag, but having laser hair removal on my upper lip was some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

Below, you can see my before shot. I’ve circled part of my furry blonde mustache for your convenience.

These Will Be the 14 Most Talked-About Beauty Trends in 2016

The contouring craze. The coconut oil takeover. The power of makeup trend. Between the variety in artistic makeup expression, new products, and stereotype-breaking models, 2015 brought a new and improved version of modern beauty.

Some say all good things have to come to an end. But we don’t think this beauty upswing will phase out – even if last year did. We’re expecting 2016 to be another important year for beauty, and though we can’t predict exactly what we’ll see . . . we do have some guesses.

Get ready for new celebrity product lines, off-the-runway trends, and stylish cuts – there’s more to come, and it’s all happening in 2016.

These Beauty Vloggers Make Aging Look Glamorous

When you get to be a certain age, the standard YouTube beauty tutorial isn’t going to be your style. You’re already far along enough in life that you know what works for you, and that doesn’t include thick coats of glitter or intensely smoky eyes – you’re leaving that to your kids. But trust us, that doesn’t mean you can’t (gorgeously!) age with grace. We found a handful of mature beauty pros who put the average vlogger to shame with their tricks, techniques, and charisma. These stunning women have years of experience testing skin care regimens and perfecting application methods, so you know they’re providing you with some advanced expertise. Even if you’re not middle-aged, you’ll learn a thing or two!

Colorful Freckles Are the Newest, Most Whimsical Take on the Rainbow Trend

The rainbow beauty trend started with unicorn-inspired hair color and quickly migrated down the face to bright brows and almost lurid lips . But the latest take on technicolor is as surprising as it is stunning: rainbow freckles.

Professional makeup artists and amateurs alike are using a variation of the pointillism technique to dab tiny, vibrant spots of color where real freckles might appear – across the nose, on the cheekbones, or even on the whole face. The result is bohemian, whimsical, and unexpectedly wearable. We can guarantee that lots of girls will be testing out this look come music festival season! Read on to see more examples of the rainbow freckle trend.

6 Trusty Treatments For Baby Eczema

When a baby’s silky smooth skin develops red, dry, itchy patches, the culprit is often eczema. Commonly appearing around 2 to 6 months of age, eczema (or atopic dermatitis) affects some 20 percent of infants and young children. If your baby is itchy and irritated, these six trusty eczema treatments from readers are sure to help soothe his skin.

1. Avoid Topical Irritants

Many babies have skin allergies to the perfumes, dyes, and chemicals in common household products like soaps, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and bubble baths. As Heidi F. advises, switching to hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products can help relieve eczema: “For soap, we use Dove for sensitive skin – anything that I put on their skin is fragrance free. I even found Mr. Bubbles for sensitive skin , which makes bath time fun for them. Another thing that I was told by their doctor was to wash their laundry with fragrance-free detergent and fabric softener. This has all seemed to help minimize flare-ups and itching.”

2. Test For Food Allergies

Topical irritants aren’t the only allergic reactions that can cause eczema. As mother-of-two Sarah P. shares, “My son had really bad eczema before he turned 1. We had a doctor recommend he be tested for food allergies . Turns out he was allergic to several things, and as soon as they were removed from his diet, the eczema went away completely.” Keep a food journal to see if certain foods trigger flare-ups, or ask your pediatrician to recommend an allergist.

3. Use a Good Eczema Cream

Slathering on a gentle, fragrance-free eczema cream is one of the best treatments for eczema. Readers suggest applying eczema creams several times daily, especially right after baths. Highly popular brands among moms include Aquaphor by Eucerin , Cetaphil , California Baby , and Aveeno . Others recommend locking in moisture with Vaseline .

4. Avoid Overheating

Mom Kelly F. recommends children with eczema wear lightweight, breathable fabrics: “Lots of light layers are great as overheating can make eczema worse .” Avoid heavy and scratchy fabrics like wool. Jamie D. adds, “You don’t want their water to be hot, just a slight warm .”

5. Limit Scratching Damage

“I’m afraid she will be left with scarring to her face if I can’t get her to stop scratching,” shares Melissa E. “It’s mainly in her sleep.” Since eczema makes skin seriously itchy, heavy scratching is common. To prevent your baby from worsening the rash with cuts and infection, keep nails clean, short, and covered at night. “Try some lightweight mittens,” Robyn S. suggests.

6. Give Medication

Several readers, including Amber P., say that the types of treatments listed above did not relieve their babies’ severe eczema, so they resorted to stronger medications. “We just recently took him to another doctor and she told us that what we’re doing was great for the eczema (washing with Aveeno and using the Aveeno lotion, putting Vaseline on to keep it moisturized, getting rid of all fragrances – laundry detergent, lotion, everything that came into contact with him) but she said that sometimes it just isn’t enough. So she suggested using a steroid cream called triamcinolone acetonide . Ever since we started using it, his face has completely cleared up and we have not had any breakouts in almost two weeks. It’s the best stuff we could have asked for.”

Other moms, like Montana mom Lindsy F., recommend an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream: “Hydrocortisone works miracles ! You don’t even have to get a prescription for it. It’s in the anti-itch cream, part of the health and beauty department.” However, pediatrician and mom Helen T. advises that parents use it sparingly: “Just be aware of using cortisone cream in any format for any more than a short period; it will bring much needed relief but it is not a long-term cure as it can have side effects after many years of use and it treats the symptom, not the problem.”

Looking for more advice on baby rashes? From diaper rash to cradle cap , all kinds of skin conditions are discussed in Circle of Moms communities. Get started in communities like Kids With Skin Disorders , which has over 2,000 members.

Glossier Is Giving the Skin Care Game a Run For Its Money

Glossier may be new to the skin care world, but with a pretty big social media presence, along with an obsessed and excited group of fans, the brand is getting major buzz in the beauty industry. The ShopStyle team dug deeper and tested out the products to find out if the quality really lives up to the hype. The results? Impressive and nothing short of amazing. From the ultrachic packaging down to how the products leave your skin, check out what we had to say about some of Glossier’s best items , then try them out for yourself. We have a good feeling they’re going to do wonders for your skin.

Rachel Bilson on How to Copy Her Effortless Cool-Girl Look

Image Source: Getty/Jonathan Leibson

You may know Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts from The O.C. or Dr. Zoe Hart on Hart of Dixie, in either case she’s always had a great sense of style – both in the fashion and beauty departments . When it comes to her skin and hair, Rachel gives off the fresh-faced California-girl vibe, a look we’ve always envied (and tried to copy with products like Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray). A quick glance at her Instagram account even reveals that she’s a master of the #nomakeupselfies and prefers a natural, minimalist look, which is actually quite refreshing to see amid trends like heavy contouring and bubble nail art .

It’s fitting then that ChapStick recently named the actress as its newest spokesperson for its Total Hydration lip product. In an interview, Rachel opened up to us about why she loves this no-fuss Winter beauty staple and explained how her skin care routine has changed since becoming a mom to daughter Briar Rose. Make no mistake, though – this mama is also equally knowledgable about beauty hacks and shared some easy makeup tips with us.

POPSUGAR: Which Total Hydration ChapStick is your favorite? Is there a flavor you would recommend people to try?

Rachel Bilson: I love the vanilla . I’m a vanilla kind of girl and it really keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized, especially for Valentine’s Day.

PS: Speaking of Valentine’s Day, do you have any date-night style advice for those celebrating?

RB: All of my things include a little person now. We’re a little more cozy than glammed up you can say. I think for Valentine’s Day, less is more. Some girls might like to break out lingerie. That would be nice for the men, but as far as getting ready for a date, low-key is my go-to.

PS: What’s your beauty routine like and has that changed drastically since having your daughter?

RB: I’ve always been low-key and it’s gotten even lower since having a child. I am definitely the ChapStick and mascara kind of girl. When I pull both of those together, it’s quite an achievement.

PS: Do you have any makeup or skin care staples you can’t live without?

RB: The ChapStick Total Hydration is a staple for me and also the Chanel mascara. They used to make it in this blue color – it didn’t really look blue, only in a certain light – but they discontinued it, which is a bummer. Now I am using the Chanel mascara in black and what’s little left of the blue.

PS: The ingredients in the Total Hydration line are 100 percent natural. Is that something you look for in your products?

RB: Yes, especially since becoming a mom, you’re just way more aware of what you put on your body and what you’re exposing your baby to. I love that the product is 100 percent natural.

Image Source: Everett Collection

PS: Throwing it back to the O.C. days, did you learn any fun beauty hacks from the girls or makeup artists?

RB: It’s funny, my makeup artist [Joni Powell] on Hart of Dixie was the head of makeup on The O.C. It’s like a big family of us that have been together forever. For me, what I’ve learned is that when you load ChapStick on and then brush your lips with a toothbrush it acts like an exfoliator, which is great. I had to do that a lot because I used to apply lipstick on all the time. And, if you have individual lashes on or false ones, after a while you can curl them as a little pick-me-up since you can’t really put mascara on them.

PS: Are you the skin care or makeup type of girl?

RB: I would lean more towards skin care. I am low-maintenance in both areas, so I don’t go much further than washing my face and putting on some cream after. Then ChapStick, mascara, and a little blush.

PS: When it comes to your hair, what types of products do you use? As a California native, you have great beach waves.

RB: I am a wash-and-go girl because I don’t do my own hair often. It’s pretty natural when I am in charge of it. I love the Living Proof line , especially the shampoo and condition antifrizz one.

PS: Describe your beauty look in one word.

RB: Definitely simple comes to mind. And minimalist.

15 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts Every Woman Will Adore

While we do appreciate gifts like chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day , that’s not quite what we want. As true beauty girls, we’re craving different kinds of treats . . . like chocolate palettes and rose-infused bubble baths. Can you relate? We dug up 15 pretty presents that any gorgeous gal would love to receive this year – we put them all in one place, so you can “accidentally” leave the browser tab open for your sweetie to find.

Everything You Can Do to Prevent Wrinkles Without Getting Botox

 This is what a pickup line sounds like in your 30s:

“Wow, your skin is so nice,” an old college acquaintance told me. “You don’t have wrinkles like some of the other girls.”

“Is this really what flirting has come to these days?” I thought, as I made my way from the bar back to my boyfriend. In my sorority years, a dude would tell me I had a great rack and nice shoes and buy me a shot. Now, at a wedding full of 30-somethings, a guy I haven’t seen since college tells me I’m aging well.

Sure, the compliment made my day – since, as a beauty editor, I put a tremendous amount of effort into my skin care upkeep. And I’m proud to say, there’s no Botox involved. But as my Champagne buzz kicked in, I had a nagging feeling that there was more to the topic: Women are obsessed with youthful skin. Men are obsessed with youthful skin. Society is obsessed with youthful skin. And this fixation keeps starting younger and younger.

My job as a beauty editor allows me to reach millions of millennial readers, so I feel a responsibility to help change the conversation about cosmetic dermatology treatments. I promise that you don’t need Botox – at least, probably not yet. While women in their 20s are now getting what’s called preventative Botox, I’m countering aging with a method I like to call “preventative moisture.” But more on that later!

Yahoo Beauty’s 30-something senior editor Joanna Douglas shares the same sentiments. In this essay about why she won’t get Botox , she explains that even though she is offered the perk of free cosmetic treatments through her job, she rejects it every time (as do I). She writes, “Yes, our society is youth obsessed, and if media is to be believed, I’ve already passed my prime. But I refuse to spend the next 30, 40, 50, 60 years fixated on looking younger.”

When I spoke to my friend Amber Katz, a beauty writer in her mid-30s who founded , she revealed that she is also needle-free. “I’m not saying I’ll never do it, but I am comfortable enough with my face right now. I don’t think freezing my forehead will make me look younger at this point. I can often tell when people I know have had injections. Many people have it done well, and you can’t tell, but I’m not willing to take the chance at this moment.”

Image Source: Instagram user kimkardashian

What Is Preventative Botox?

In 2016, Botox is relatively normal, especially in certain circles. If you’re 25 and your derm is shooting Botulinum toxin (the formula known as Botox, which temporarily paralyzes muscles) into your forehead, no one lifts an eyebrow . . . that is, if their arch area isn’t frozen.

I know a 26-year-old beauty editor who already gets Botox, despite having gorgeous, born-with-it dove-white skin. When I ask her why, she says, “I’m getting preventative.” She is referring to a hot term in the cosmetics dermatology industry called “preventative Botox.” The idea behind preventative Botox is that if you get the procedure early on, it will keep your face from making expressions that could cause lines, so you won’t get those lines later in life.

“I do a lot of Botox and I do believe it has a preventative role, but there has to be a reason,” said plastic surgeon and 111Skin founder Dr. Yannis Alexandrides. “So what is that reason? People who grimace or frown a lot; people who tend to have a special expression on their face that repeats the same movement and creates creasing in the skin.”

OK, fine. But here’s the thing: I have fine lines on my forehead. They were there 10 years ago, and they are expression lines, meaning the area around my mouth creases when I smile and my forehead crinkles when I am surprised. If I were to get injections in my forehead, I wouldn’t look younger, I would just look Botoxed. I wouldn’t look like myself.

Plus, the cosmetic treatment doesn’t always work; you can get immune to it over time. Amber brought up another point: “Sometimes it can lead to ‘bunny lines,’ which are wrinkles around the nose and inner corners of the eyes,” she noted. “Injections can be the aesthetic equivalent of course correction in time travel in a sci-fi movie: The wrinkles show up in some other form somewhere else.”
Image Source: Instagram user jadeywadey180

My Theory on Botox

You’ve probably seen the Botoxed Instagram Face (or BIF, as I am calling it) on your feed. Thanks to social media, we have access to view an endless stream of stunning makeup artists and celebrities who have the BIF. The face looks like that of a mannequin, smooth and glossy. Check out the Instagram handles of Kylie Jenner (48.6 million followers), Anastasia Beverly Hills (8 million fans), or vlogger Huda Kattan (10.6 million). While I truly enjoy admiring these inspirational accounts, the women all have the same smooth, taut look. Perhaps it’s due to skillful makeup or savvy photoshopping (via apps like Facetune ) rather than cosmetic surgery, but it still sets a BIF standard of beauty that millions of women are subscribing to. In our high-def age, everyone seems to be unnaturally ready for their close-up.

Do people who have a BIF actually look like their younger selves? In my opinion, no. Absolutely not. I am going to go out on a limb here and say it: wrinkles and facial expression lines can be totally sexy.

Recently, I met with the French head of research of a major skin care company. She was definitely older than me with fine lines peeking through her dewy skin. And I found her to be so attractive – she looked unapologetically her age. And it projected confidence!

I had a similar reaction when I visited Provence, France, and met a 70-something woman who worked in flower fields, harvesting lavender for a skin care brand. The crinkles around her eyes were hard-earned from years of smiling and being happy. (Side note: Kim Kardashian has advised against smiling in photos because it causes wrinkles, and I think that is bat-sh*t crazy.)

These two French women are clearly knowledgeable about skin care as it is what they do for a living, but they’ve chosen to age gracefully and naturally. Though I enjoy looking at the BIFs on my phone, I aspire to age like the French women do, celebrating my life however it shows itself upon my face and neck.

Meet the Solution: Preventative Moisturizing

Make no mistake: I am not letting myself go, either. And I would like to clarify that I am not against Botox and do not judge those who get it at all (some of my best friends do). And I predict that one day, probably in my 40s or 50s, I will try it. I just don’t believe we – women in our 20s and 30s – all need to get it now.

Botox is not a magical band-aid that fixes bad habits like smoking, drinking, and sunbathing. It won’t give you a lit-from-within glow – the kind that comes from being in love or eating tons of vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables. It will freeze your muscles so you can’t make certain expressions and temporary fill in fine lines. Botox does not give you perfect skin; it gives you smoother skin.

Fortunately, there are other less-invasive tools that do the same thing. And I am sharing an effective antiaging method I’ve been doing since my late 20s that I call “preventative moisturizing.” Here’s what I do: whenever I see a fine line creeping into my forehead or around my eyes or lips, I put serum , moisturizer , or oil on the area, depending on what my skin needs that day. With enough hydration, the lines go away. Poof! It sounds easy and simple, but I promise you that it works.

When I look women my age in the face, I often notice that their skin looks dehydrated. And while lotions are also not magical potions, they do plump the skin with youth-enhancing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, or vitamin C. If you are acne-prone, be sure to choose a simple, oil-free products.

Dr. Alexandrides backed up my philosophy. “I believe in preventative skin care from an early age – even in the 20s – and the reason for that is that skin progressively loses collagen from the 20s but it’s not visible,” he said. “Usually the changes start becoming visible in the mid-30s, so that’s when most people think, ‘Oh now I have some fine wrinkles, let me start using some antiaging cream.’ However, if you start earlier you would have pushed that time much later into life in a preventative way.”

Don’t freak out if you’re 30 and those crinkles start showing up. Preventative moisturizing works on them, too! “Fine changes can be reversed with high-quality products if it’s something consistent,” Dr. Alexandrides noted. “I would recommend a serum and a retinol oil at night, because that will work long term. And I would say moisturizing is the first step.”

When I asked him how much moisturizing is too much, he replied: “Well that’s similar to asking, ‘how often can I drink water?’ You can moisturize as often as you want. I would say a minimum of twice a day. If you’re in an extremely dry environment, do it more often.”

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone
POPSUGAR’s executive editor Nancy Einhart is 37, has fantastic skin (pictured), and doesn’t get Botox. She believes in preventative moisturizing, too. “I know moisture makes a difference with my wrinkles, because when I don’t get enough, I look older – especially after a night of drinking or a long flight,” she told me. “So I try to stay ahead of it with eye cream and moisturizer every day and every night, a retinol every other night, and a moisture booster or serum in the Winter. Plus, I do a moisturizing mask twice a week, and I spray MAC’s Prep and Prime Finishing Mist over my finished face to make sure it doesn’t get dry and cakey.” 

Amber – who swears by Dr. Brandt Needles No More 3D Filler Mask – follows a form of preventative moisturizing that extends to her makeup routine. “My mom famously eschews powder in all forms, even eye shadow,” she explained. “I don’t subscribe to the shadow thing, but I do skip setting powder and powder bronzers and blushes, unless I’m being photographed or videoed. My mom also looks about 20 years younger than she is, so I heed this advice! There are so many great cream products on the market, I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Especially powder-to-cream formulas like Flower Beauty’s blush in Tickled Pink . It’s my favorite! ” 

It may seem like a lot of work – and you can read about my own personal skin care regime here – but it’s a price we’re willing to pay to avoid injecting chemicals into our faces. The official name of Botox (Botulinum toxin) even has the word “toxin” in it. I worry that it can’t be good for you – especially when it sits so close to your brain. Personally, I spend so much money buying organic produce and detoxing at the spa. The act of getting Botox seems to go against all the hard work I put into having a healthy lifestyle.

Image Source: Andy Barnham

Extra Natural Ways to Tackle Antiaging

In addition to my moisturizing ways, I have picked up other antiaging tips and tricks. First of all, no tanning – especially on your face. Here’s my PSA: if you lie in the sun without applying SPF 50 every 20 minutes, you will get wrinkles and sunspots. No exceptions. So don’t do it! And wear a hat and oversize sunglasses to cover your eye area.

Dr. Doris Day told me not to chew gum for more than three minutes (as it can cause lines around the mouth) and to talk with my eyes (while relaxing my forehead). During a recent Tammy Fender facial at John Barrett Bond Street , my esthetician, Natacha Delacruz, advised me that my eye area was tense from squinting at the computer screen all day. I now actively practice resting my face (it’s also good for stress levels!). Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon (read: the master of Korean skin care trends) told me she gently tugs her scalp every day to tighten her face. Massaging the area around the eyes when you apply eye cream is also a fantastic way to depuff the area. Get consistent facials every few months. (In the photo above, I am about to get an oxygen facial, and the image is completely unretouched.)

The rest you know: Eat clean. Drink water. Do yoga. Get enough sleep. Be mindful. All of these things add up, and they will make you look 100 times prettier and glowier than Botox ever will. On one hand, you have the older French woman who has practiced these methods throughout her life. On the other, there is the 20-year-old who stays out late partying, tans, and eats processed food. Again: Botox simply can’t fix all of that damage.

My mother is in her 60s (you can see a photo of her here ), and she has naturally crease-free, porcelain skin. She definitely hasn’t gotten Botox – the woman doesn’t even use moisturizer or wear makeup (except for special occasions), and she washes her face with water. Her secret is to stay out of the sun, and when you do go in it, wear SPF 70 and a big floppy hat. Before “organic” was a buzzword in the early aughts, she had our family on a natural diet. When it comes to my mom’s youthful skin, I will use one of her favorite phrases: “the proof is in the pudding.”

At the end of the day, you need to be your own doctor. These are only my thoughts and theories, and you need to decide for yourself how to care for your skin. Maybe I’ll see you at the dermatologist’s office one day, both of us waiting to get Botox injections. But I sincerely hope it’s not for a very long time.

8 Body-Toning Creams That Actually Make You Look Slimmer

The holidays (and all of the tempting goodies that typically accompany them) are behind us, bathing suit season is just a few months away (with Spring break trips on the horizon), and it’s time to commit to those healthy habits for 2016.

We love you just the way you are (really) and know there’s something serious to be said for fitness and nutritious eating . But we also know firsthand that the struggle is all too real, which is why we wasted no time looking to some of our favorite beauty brands that offer body-toning products. While a skin butter can’t dissolve cellulite, it can certainly help the area to appear firmer, brighter, and more even. So we put these products to the test to see which ones will help you fake it till you make it.

9 Videos That Show Endless Beauty Hacks For Using Coconut Oil

Yes, you’ve all heard the buzz about coconut oil  – but do you actually know how you should be using it in your beauty routine?

If 2015 was the year that this kitchen-cabinet product  became a powerhouse force for health and beauty, we want 2016 to be the year we all fully understand how to take advantage of its long list of benefits.

There are more common uses, including as a hair mask, for pulling, and to remove makeup. But there is also a range of more unusual uses, including as deodorant, allergy reliever, and lip gloss. To help you break down both the ways and reasons you can use this single ingredient , we’re turning to videos that can show, not tell, the hands-on ways you should be incorporating coconut oil into your repertoire.

Could an Ultrasound Facial Be the Secret to a Flawless Complexion?

Skin care technology is always changing, but the most recent treatment to become popular isn’t exactly new. Our friends at MIMI Chatter just outlined why ultrasounds might be the solution to your complexion woes.

Color me naive, but I thought ultrasound machines were solely suited for the OB-GYN. Not so, according to master esthetician and founder of Elite Skin Care Liza Wong, who offers facial treatments with an exclusive sequential ultrasound facial machine.

This contraption has advantages over traditional ultrasound machines because of its varying wavelength, which more effectively stimulates collagen production deep in the skin. But what makes it different than your average facial? Tonianne Grobmyer , PA, explains, “The ultrasound skin-tightening device reaches deep under the skin, penetrating underneath the facial muscles. Lasers don’t even go that deep.” This treatment offers results like those of much more dramatic, invasive procedures, with none of the downtime.

The entire procedure feels more ticklish than it does painful, with high-speed oscillations courtesy of ultrasound waves. The experience starts with exfoliation. A lifting and hydrating gel is applied to your face and neck (much like the sonograms you’ve seen in the movies). The probes perform work to drain toxins and lift the skin, which feels warm, but not uncomfortable. To be honest, the whole treatment is surprisingly relaxing (especially since it looks somewhat scary) with visible results almost immediately. Wong exclaims, “Since most of my clients fell asleep during the treatment, I’ve nicknamed it the Sleeping Beauty Facial!”

Regular treatments are recommended for prolonged and long-lasting results.

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The Stella McCartney-Approved 4-Step Plan to Bringing Postholiday Skin Back to Life

Stella McCartney presented her Autumn 2016 collection in LA just last week, and if we had to sum up the vibe of the night in one word, it would be youthful. Before the stars – Gwyneth! Johnny! Mary J! – arrived at Hollywood’s historic Amoeba Music record store, we went backstage with skin care brand Sunday Riley to see how they achieved the models’ effervescent, megabright skin.

Considering that many of us have spent the last few months hibernating in the dry, artificial heat of our homes and offices, all while indulging in a holiday diet that consists primarily of booze and sugar cookies, “fresh” and “plump” might not be the first words that come to mind when we see our faces in the mirror. But, it turns out, the glowing visages we saw at Stella are within reach. They weren’t the work of a crazy arsenal of products or hours spent at the sink. Instead, the dewy, healthy faces were achieved with five products over the course of about 10 minutes.

“It’s all about that really natural, glowing, refreshed skin,” Sunday Riley Account Executive Ryan Nelson told us. “When you’re cleansed, hydrated, and exfoliated properly, your foundation is just going to glide on so much easier, and when it doesn’t have anything blocking it from your skin, it won’t fall off as easily.” The secret weapon backstage was Sunday Riley’s yet-to-be-released Tidal moisturizer, a blue, faintly herbal-smelling cream that goes on rich but disappears just as quickly as 2015 did. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to stock our medicine cabinet with our own jar until March 4, when it hits shelves.

In the meantime, though, Nelson gave us a four-step regimen that basically works like CPR on skin that’s flatlined after a tough Winter. While we can’t promise that a modeling agency will sign you after following it, you’ll at least look and feel revived. 

8 Skin Care Tips to Know Before You Hit the Slopes

While many may opt for a tropical getaway during Winter months, snow bunnies are busy booking ski trips with their buddies. There’s lots to look forward to – brisk mountain air, shredding through the slaloms, and sipping on cocoa with a cutie in the chalet. But before you get excited about packing your favorite cold-weather accessories , focus on adjusting your beauty routine.

Winter – and specifically, skiing conditions – submit your skin to a crop of concerns you’ve likely never thought of, like awkward sunburns, frostbite, and extreme dehydration. We consulted Dr. Darrell S. Rigel from Schweiger Dermatology Group , who offered complexion solutions so you can hit the slopes with glowing (not ruddy!) skin.

  • Bring a stronger sunscreen. Did you know that the closer you get to the mountain’s summit, the more UV you’re exposed to? “You get six to eight percent extra UV intensity per every thousand feet, so it’s important to use an SPF of at least 50,” said Dr. Rigel.
  • Pack your products carefully. This is the reason we never stash our favorite beauty items in our checked luggage : high altitude can cause packaging to pop open. Make sure all lids and caps are screwed on extra tight to avoid making a mess in your kit.
  • Ask your hotel for a humidifier. The central heating in your room has a drying effect on your skin. Using a humidifier will add moisture back into the air (and your complexion).
  • Apply Vaseline to exposed skin to protect against frostbite. Before taking advantage of the fresh powder, slick on some petroleum jelly . According to Dr. Rigel, Vaseline acts as an insulator, meaning it will keep your body heat trapped behind the balm instead of seeping out through your skin, leaving it at risk.
  • Protect your neck (and chin). After smoothing on your sunscreen, add an extra layer to this area of your body. The sunlight bouncing off the snowy slopes increases your UV exposure by 40 percent! Wrap yourself up in a scarf for extra sun protection.
  • Avoid hot showers. While you may be chilly after a long day outdoors, go for a quick, warm shower instead of a luxuriously steamy one. Scalding water strips your skin of its natural oils, leaving you parched.
  • Cut back on alcohol. A hot toddy at the chalet sounds great, but limit yourself to just one. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating, especially at high altitudes.
  • Don’t forget to drink water! No matter how many times you’ve heard this, it’s worth repeating: consuming plenty of H2O will hydrate your complexion from the inside out.

These Photos of Freckles Will Make You Love Your Spots Even More

In a day when “fraxel” is the next word on the lips of every freckle-faced person I know, I’m delighted that British photographer Brock Elbank is celebrating these natural spots. In a photo series appropriately named Freckles, he is sharing stunning images via Instagram of those who have the skin specks.

I asked him how this project came about. He said: “When we lived in Sydney in early 2012, I played for a Saturday football team. My teammate John Lloyd’s 10-year-old lad Eddie came to watch a match. Eddie had this face full of freckles like I’d never seen before. They were very intense. He was great-looking character, so I asked John if I could shoot a portrait and that was the start of it. I then become obsessed with the subject, searching out for the most diverse mix I can to document the subject. When we moved back to the UK, I had to put the series on hold while I shot my #Project60. It was an idea for Beard Season’s melanoma charity, and it was exhibited at Somerset House as Beard in March 2015. But now I’m in full production of Freckles, and luckily I’m receiving the same feedback as I did with #Project60 through Instagram and other social media. Subjects are travelling from all over, including Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Norway, amongst others, to be photographed.”

Keep reading to see more of these gorgeous faces of freckles ! And if you are living in the UK and think you could be a good candidate for this photo series, email Brock at

If You're Addicted to Beach Vacations, You Need L'Oréal's New Product

I am very fair – like on the level of “are you related to any vampires?” paleness – so my Summer sunscreen applications always end up being an exercise in futility. No matter how many times I reapply or check to see if I am turning red, I transform from alabaster to lobster practically in the blink of an eye. It’s a fact that one sunburn is dangerous enough to put you at risk for skin cancer, so it’s quite important to stay aware of UV levels and how much exposure you’ve received. Now, there’s a device that allows you to do just that.

According to Women’s Wear Daily , L’Oréal brand La Roche-Posay announced its partnership with global tech company PCH at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where the brand demonstrated a new form of wearable technology called My UV Patch. Instead of a bracelet, watch, or pendant, the item is a superslim, stretchable silicon sticker that adheres directly to the skin.

It features a color-changing image of a heart on its surface. When you use an iPhone or Android app to take a photo of the patch, the heart provides the software with information on how much UV exposure you’ve been subjected to, based on the changes in hue.

This product is completely revolutionary. Consider: most people constantly keep their phones by them, even at the beach. By scanning this sticker, you’ll be able to know whether or not you should reapply your SPF or just head inside for the day, all thanks to the UV-level-sensing technology.

My UV Patch will be available at the end of this year and is reported to be free of charge, as an act of educating consumers about skin health. Like most people, I love free stuff, but this is especially exciting; once I get my hands on it, the sticker will act as my personal skin savior. And while I often joke that my favorite brow products are “lifesavers,” this patch actually could be.

9 Unexpected New Ways to Use Your Favorite Drugstore Products

You’ve sauntered through enough drugstores in your life to become familiar, perhaps even bored, with what they have to offer. But what if we told you there is a plethora of unassuming drugstore products with purposes beyond their apparent function? No, we’re not talking about those coveted drugstore beauty dupes (bless them) that serve as alternatives to high-end brands. We’re talking about everyday items that not only help you out in a pinch but can also save you money and – dare we say it – nestle their way into Holy Grail territory.

Here, we’re giving you the DL on inexpensive drugstore products that can be used in ways you may not have thought to do before. For example, petroleum jelly can give your perfume a little more longevity, blister bandages can suck out the goo in those pesky pimples, and medical tape can catch runaway glitter.

How to Know What Face Mask Is Right For You

Once you’ve mastered your skin care routine , the best way to keep your complexion glowing is to add in a mask treatment. Skin expert Kate Somerville recommends using a mask once or twice a week depending on your skin’s needs. To find out what you should be using for your skin type, read on.

Sensitive: For sensitive skin types that experience redness, Somerville advises looking “for something with minerals to calm any inflammation.” Try Avène’s Soothing Moisture Mask ($26), a creamy option that features natural minerals from the thermal waters in the Cévennes mountains.

Acne-Prone: “If you’ve done a lot of extractions, a clay mask is a great choice, because it will pull any remaining infection out of the pores and close them down,” Somerville explains. A clay mask is also a wonderful option for oily complexions, because it will also help to absorb any excess sebum. Try the Kate Somerville Clearing Mask ($45), which is formulated with kaolin clay to combat oily skin.

Dry: Add moisture back to a parched complexion with a hydrating treatment, like Caudalie’s Moisturizing Cream Mask ($39). You can also use an exfoliating mask that will dissolve away dry, dead skin cells, such as Ren’s Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask ($55), which contains glycolic acid to smooth roughness.

Combination: If your skin is truly combination – think: an oily T-zone matched with a dry complexion – then try one oil-absorbing mask where you need it and a moisture-rich option on the dry areas of your face.