9 Unexpected New Ways to Use Your Favorite Drugstore Products

You’ve sauntered through enough drugstores in your life to become familiar, perhaps even bored, with what they have to offer. But what if we told you there is a plethora of unassuming drugstore products with purposes beyond their apparent function? No, we’re not talking about those coveted drugstore beauty dupes (bless them) that serve as alternatives to high-end brands. We’re talking about everyday items that not only help you out in a pinch but can also save you money and – dare we say it – nestle their way into Holy Grail territory.

Here, we’re giving you the DL on inexpensive drugstore products that can be used in ways you may not have thought to do before. For example, petroleum jelly can give your perfume a little more longevity, blister bandages can suck out the goo in those pesky pimples, and medical tape can catch runaway glitter.