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Challenge Accepted: How 1 Dude Beautified Like a Woman

Countless evenings at my Chicago apartment tend to play out the same way: I take roughly 10 minutes to get ready to go out and then proceed to wait nearly an hour as my wife of 17 months, Johanna, makes herself look (even more) beautiful. Mine is not a unique story: it’s a long-known fact that women tend to spend far more time beautifying than men. And when Valentine’s Day date night rolls around, that divide only increases.

Since my wife and I planned a fancy dinner at a supertrendy Asian fusion restaurant for V-Day, I wanting to look extradapper for the occasion. So when POPSUGAR Beauty challenged me to, essentially, get ready like a woman, I eagerly accepted. Plus, I secretly wanted to know what women go through behind the closed doors of a spa. (And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also believe that the whole ordeal might enhance my mental and physical well-being.) After 10-plus hours and more than $1,000 spent on facials, body scrubs, waxes (shudder!), and much more from some of the finest Chicago-area spas, I finally felt like I understood my wife, the other females in my life, and – perhaps – even myself better. But there’s only one real question: did I survive waxing my groin? Keep reading . . .

The Affordable Skin Care Products That Models Swear By

For models, it comes with the territory to take great care of their skin . So, when it comes to skin care products and a well-honed routine, they know what’s what . We talked to some of our favorite long-legged ladies backstage at Fashion Week during the Fall 2016 season to find out exactly which skin care products they swear by to keep their skin in check, even after a hectic day of shows (or let’s face it, months of them). They spilled on which products they love the most and why, so get that shopping list ready!

9 New Products You Are Going to Be Obsessed With This Year

One of the best things about going backstage at Fashion Week season after season is watching which products the makeup artists and hairstylists use to create their masterpieces. Many times, they are lipsticks, shadows and liners that haven’t even hit the shelves yet – which piques are interest even more. Plus, since we get a sneak peek to the latest and greatest in the hands of the pros , we also get to see exactly how they use it – not only making us want to add those products to our shopping carts immediately, but also actually giving us a great reason why.

Here are the hottest new products launching this year that were used for the Fall 2016 Fashion Week shows, so you can create your very own shopping list – plus, how each one was used on the runway.

The Advice You Need to Hear on Having Gorgeous Winter Skin

Chapped lips, raw and wind-ravaged hands, skin that’s begging for an extra hit of moisture – you know the drill. Winter always takes its toll on our skin . Some women, however, seem to stay in tip-top beauty shape all year long . Their secret is simple: they know who makes the good stuff, what skin care and body products stand up to cold-weather conditions , and when to make the switch to a more heavy-duty beauty arsenal that leaves them feeling protected, nourished, and pampered. Fortunately, these beauty bloggers are willing to share this wisdom by revealing what’s on their bathroom shelves when Winter hits. Ready to make a store run?

6 Brilliant Valentine's Day Hacks For Those Inevitable Date Snafus

Your blowout is done, you’ve taken care of business down there, you’ve spritzed yourself with your most tantalizing EDP, and your “something more comfortable” overnight tote is locked and loaded. You’re officially ready to report for Valentine’s Day duty , and your lucky date is about to be blown away. Cue impending V-Day snafus, an inevitability even among the most prepared . Here’s how to deal.

How Sex Can Give You the Best Skin of Your Life

That’s right, we’re talking about sex and skin ladies (which happen to be our two favorite things). While there are endless benefits to having a weekly orgasm when it comes to fitness and health , you can actually enlist your significant other in a wild romp for a clearer complexion, too. And did we mention bed head? Nothing gives a fresh blowout texture like a quickie. Now, we know it sounds too good to be true, so we’ve called upon a couple dermatologists to prove our point. Below you’ll find five fantastic beauty reasons to have sex tonight, and tomorrow, and yeah, you get the picture!

Blizzard Beauty: 9 Products to Transform a Snow Day Into a Spa Day

Despite the ludicrous wind chill and icy streets, we’re sitting pretty. How, you ask? Well, we’re staying home! We’re bypassing the serious stress of Winter (challenging travel conditions, hours of shoveling, and interminably cold feet) via an at-home spa day. Even if you’re not snowed in, stay in with us! Treat yourself – you and your dry, tired skin have earned it.

These New Target Beauty Brands Look So Luxe, You'd Think They Were a Fortune

There are countless reasons to shop at Target. Not only can you pick up a portable fireplace there (yes, that’s a thing ), but you also have the opportunity to discover some of the coolest, most affordable beauty brands on the planet. Though the shelves are already packed with awesome brands , there are three new ones that have just been added to the roster: Mayfair, You Are Amazing, and Marlowe (all available now).

Thanks to the affordable prices, chic packaging, unisex scents , and a mix of skin and body options, we bet you’ll find one product (or five) that needs to be added to your shower ASAP. Added bonus: every single item is tied to an amazing philanthropic cause, meaning you’ll look as good as you feel.

These Are the Products Beauty Editors Are Buying For February

February is all about feeling like your best self. As you work on last month’s beauty resolutions and get ready for Valentine’s Day , rely on the latest beauty launches to be at your service. This month, we are obsessed with nourishing hair oils, color-correcting concealers, and cheeky fragrances. Keep reading to see the purchases you need to make now!

10 Beauty Gifts For the Best Galentine's Day Ever

Who says you need a significant other to make you feel special on Valentine’s Day (or on any day, really)? Celebrating you and your best friends is a fabulous, feel-good way to embrace the holiday of love. To help you get started, we rounded up the Galentine’s Day gifts your whole squad will heart. From rose-shaped soaps to cocoa-infused products, these sweet beauty grabs are worth treating yourself or the lovely ladies in your life to on Feb. 14.

Hugh Jackman Has Some Very Important Advice About Wearing Sunscreen

Hugh Jackman is without a doubt one of the toughest men in Hollywood, but even Wolverine is no match for skin cancer. After having a basal cell removed from his nose, the actor shared a photo on social media to enlighten his fans about the importance of wearing sunscreen and getting routine check-ups.

An example of what happens when you don’t use sunscreen. Basal cell. The mildest form of cancer. PLEASE WEAR SUNSCREEN and get check ups regularly!

Posted by Hugh Jackman on Monday, February 8, 2016

Basal cells are the most frequently occurring form of skin cancer , but luckily they are the most mild. Keeping your skin protected is a must no matter the season, and we’ve rounded up the safest sunscreens you can use all year.