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The 1 Instagram Beauty Hack You Should Avoid at All Costs

Deodorant & bio oil?! Before any accusations this is a brand new deodorant I bought 😊 Putting a stick of deodorant on your face may sound ridiculous, but the powdery ingredients can help mattify the face. Also, some natural deodorants include mineral salts that can help dry out zits and bacteria-fighting ingredients that can also curb breakouts. Bio oil- helps diminish the appearance of scars and also helps even out skin tone @clinique 2-1 foundation shade buttermilk @lagirlcosmetics beautiful bronze to contour classic ivory & porcelain mixed for concealer and highlight @benefitcosmetics hola bronzer @anastasiabeverlyhills glow kit that glow @urbandecaycosmetics naked lip pencil & back talk lipstick from there new vice lipstick & liner collection @hudabeauty & @shophudabeauty lashes in Carmen

A video posted by Shabnam H. Khawja đź’Ž (@s_hossine) on May 11, 2016 at 8:21pm PDT

We’ll admit it – there are plenty of sneaky beauty tips that we’ve learned from Instagram, and all with serious merit. There’s proof that onions can actually grow your eyebrows , garlic can quash a breakout , and mouthwash can stave off dandruff . But sometimes, you have to draw a line at some of the more ridiculous techniques, especially if there’s a risk of causing damage.

Instagram user s_hossine shared that she applies a bit of deodorant to her face to keep oil at bay. While this does make sense – and likely works well – it’s not something you should try. You see, deodorant works by clogging the pores in your armpits that are connected to sweat glands, thus preventing odor and wetness. But we all know that plugging up our facial pores leads to congestion and pimples.

If you really want to mattify your complexion, use a product designed specifically for this use: a primer. Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer ($45) can be used under and even over makeup to flatten shine and prevent oiliness. It even contains tea tree oil, which is an antimicrobial ingredient that prevents blemishes.

According to Beauty Insiders, These Are the Top Beauty Products For 2016

Every year, beauty pros (including artists, marketers, editors, and chemists) gather for the most exciting night in the industry: the Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Insider Product Demonstration. This invite-only event showcases all the hottest launches from the previous year , allowing experts to test the formulas, admire the packaging, and ask any questions they have about the item. Then, after lugging home (and playing with!) a huge bag of the products seen that night, everyone casts their votes on which items are worthy of being declared “best” in their category .

This is a highly prestigious award for a key reason – the people selecting the winners know beauty inside and out. Scientists take a break from their labs to examine other brands’ potions; CEOs compare and contrast their companies’ products with others. As a result, the champions are truly spectacular.

WWD announced the 2016 CEW Insider Award winners , and there was a refreshing amount of surprising victories. Who would have expected that the two award-winning antiaging products would be masks? We’re particularly impressed that a dry shampoo beat out traditional formulas in its category! Read on and shop the very best beauty swag from 2016.

5 Refreshingly Easy Ways to Detox Your Skin Before Summer

Your skin is your largest organ, so in order to properly detox it (i.e., get all of that gunk out of your pores), you need to start from within . You’ll notice clearer, cleaner-looking skin just from eating better, avoiding sugar, and drinking plenty of water . Once you have that part under control, then you can begin to really tackle the surface.

We spoke with a dermatologist, Dr. Mona Gohara , to find out how the latest “It” ingredients in skin care can help keep your face free of toxins and pollutants. And as gross as it all sounds, thanks to salt baths and charcoal masks, the skin detox is actually pretty pampering. Hello, Sunday night wind-down – aka Netflix and mask.

Kylie Jenner's Makeup-Free Selfies Reveals a Feature We Always Forget About

On her Snapchat, Kylie Jenner recently acknowledged a cute facial feature we rarely see due to the dramatic makeup she loves to wear: her freckles. Kylie paired the snap with a caption that read, “When everyone’s drawing on freckles but ur [sic] always covering yours.”

This isn’t the first time Kylie’s highlighted her beauty spots . In another makeup-free selfie from a few months ago, she shared a “freckle appreciation post” after a fan claimed she doesn’t embrace them enough.

When POPSUGAR Beauty spoke to Kendall Jenner , she revealed that she too has freckles – although she admitted they’re really slight and practically unnoticeable – so it seems to be a shared characteristic among the sisters. She went on to share a second fresh-faced selfie the next day.

For the record: we are so here for your freckle appreciation posts , Kylie. Just saying.

This Photo Will Change the Way You Think About Psoriasis

Aspiring actress and artist Ciena Rae Nelson is sparking thoughtful conversation about psoriasis with a recent before-and-after shot that’s since garnered a lot of attention. Psoriasis is a skin condition that materializes in itchy, dry patches and can also worsen one’s immune system. While many people suffer from the condition, including Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne, its effects are often underestimated.

In an Instagram post , shown above, Nelson addresses this disconnect between how psoriasis looks and its actual, far-reaching impact. To demonstrate the way the issue has affected her both on the outside and on the inside, she enhanced the before photo’s saturation.

In her caption, she explained, “Most people looked at the left in person and didn’t notice much but dry spots here and there, not noticing what was really underneath.” Nelson then went on to highlight the condition’s invisible ailments, such as chronic itchiness and fatigue.

In an interview with HelloGiggles , Nelson elaborated on the buzzy photo and the meaning behind it. She said, “People think I’m flaky (no pun intended) because I don’t want to go out last minute depending on how I’m feeling. They don’t understand that I have to judge it day by day, and that they may not always SEE my disease but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

While Nelson has learned to temper her psoriasis by hydrating, eating healthy , and getting lots of sleep, her ongoing battle with it should serve as a powerful reminder that these types of conditions can cause strife that’s more than just skin deep.

20 of the Hottest Drugstore Launches of Summer 2016

Summer is just around the corner, which means beauty routines are being switched up to better deal with everything from sun protection to frizzy hair. It’s a great excuse to try new products and edit your makeup bag – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, a lot of our favorite beauty finds can be found at the local drugstore, which means two things: convenience and low prices. And who doesn’t love the sound of that? From a Katy Perry-curated line of matte lipsticks in the coolest colors to a new iteration of a cult favorite skin care product, here are 20 drugstore beauty launches coming your way this Summer.

You Have to See How Birth Control Made This Woman's Acne Disappear

When we hear about a “magical cure” to any beauty ailment, be it wrinkles, enlarged pores, or breakouts, we only have one question: where are the before-and-after photos? Imgur user seventytimes generously shared selfies of her journey through acne treatment with the internet, and the simple treatment she used shocked us: it was your run-of-the-mill birth control pill.

Seventytimes bravely revealed many photos of herself bare-faced, showing off her cystic acne . She explained that much of it was caused by ceasing her use of Prednisone, a powerful corticosteroid that treats everything from lupus and asthma to Crohn’s disease. One of the unfortunate side effects of withdrawal is blemishes. “My dermatologist was convinced I’d have to go on Accutane,” she said.

For those of you unfamiliar with Accutane, it is the strongest acne medication on the market . Many have seen incredible results from taking this treatment, but it is not without risks. Not only is it severely drying to the skin, but Accutane can cause terrible birth defects, and you must commit to using two forms of contraceptives while taking it. Many women elect to use birth control pills during this time, including Imgur user seventytimes.

“I started the pill a month in advance,” she remarked. “Five months later, my skin has never looked better. No Accutane necessary.”

If you guys are wondering what else birth control can do…

According to NYC dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz , host of and creator of BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz, oral contraceptives decrease your skin’s oil production. This is one of the primary causes of acne. While this treatment isn’t for everyone, it could certainly be a good option to try before Accutane, which is seen as a “last resort” by many dermatologists due to the severity of its side effects.

Just like Accutane, birth control pills can also have disadvantages, including weight gain, migraines, mood changes, and melasma . No acne treatment is one size fits all, so be sure to ask your doctor what’s right for you before starting any new medications.

In addition to taking birth control pills, seventytimes also swore by a few changes to her beauty regimen. She now always washes her face before bed, preferring to cleanse in the shower (she declares her face, neck, and chest get cleaner this way). Once weekly, she uses face masks and switches her pillowcase to a clean, fresh one. She also got all new makeup brushes and cosmetics and uses a special towel exclusively on her face.

These are all excellent variations to her routine. Many people fail to realize how dirty their pillowcase can get – it’s not just old makeup remnants and face grease that are soaking into the fabric, but oil from your scalp, hair products, and other blemish-causing bacteria. By purging her beauty stash and starting fresh, she can ensure that all her products are hygienic, too. See more of seventytimes’s amazing pictures when you read on.

When your face is birth control enough..

10 Safe Sunscreens For Kids (Including Some You Can Find at Your Drugstore)

Slather on the lotion! If you thought the breast vs. bottle debate was polarizing, wait until you talk to fellow playground moms about sunscreen. Though lotions and sticks protect little ones’ skin from cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays, doctors advise new mamas to use physical barriers – SPF clothing, umbrellas, and shades – rather than lotions on babies younger than 6 months old.

Once tots reach the 6-month mark, though, we need to keep them protected from the sun without harming them in other ways. The Environmental Working Group’s recommendations for the best sunscreens for tots – products that do not contain potential hormone disruptors – is considered the definitive list of safe options. According to EWG Senior Scientist David Andrews, it’s inactive ingredients like retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) and oxybenzone that parents need to look out for. “By and large, the ones that do well in our database are the ones that are mineral-based products with a higher percent of zinc oxide, as well as some of the products with titanium dioxide,” he said.

While parents have been getting the message about switching from chemical sunscreens to mineral versions, one of the group’s biggest concerns is how parents are using them. “[Consumers] are looking to buy higher and higher SPF values,” Andrews said. “When people use higher SPF values, we’re concerned that it leads to a change in behavior and an increased time in the sun and that you apply less of it. Those products may not be as effective in blocking both UVA and UVB radiation. So we steer consumers toward SPF 30 to SPF 50 products and lower and we really think those are the sweet spot of the products that are available in the marketplace.”

He went on to explain, “The active ingredients in SPF 30 and SPF 100 products may be quite similar. So we’re going to be doing more over the course of the next year, investigating the inactive ingredients like the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that may be reducing redness in the skin, but may not be reducing how much hits your skin. The way the SPF test is done is in changes in skin redness.”

So what’s a parent to do when trying to choose a safe sunscreen? First, check the EWG’s site and app for a list of the safest and least safe options for your family. If you don’t have that at your fingertips, Andrews recommends:

  1. Steering away from SPF products over 50. SPF 30-50 products depending on the situation are OK.
  2. Seek out products that use three percent avobenzone if they are chemical sunscreens or the ones that use zinc oxide as the active ingredient in natural versions. “[They] do the best job of filtering out UVA radiation across the spectrum of UVA radiation. Seek out products that use a higher percentage of zinc oxide – typically you’ll find 15 to 20 percent, or three percent avobenzone.”
  3. Look at inactive ingredients on the label. If possible, avoid products that use retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) and avoid products using oxybenzone.
  4. Avoid spray products – they’re convenient but not the best choice. Why skip the convenience of spray lotions? “You don’t get a uniform coating on the skin,” Andrews says. Plus, “Given the concern about the ingredients in these products, we really don’t want to coat the inside of our lungs with sunscreen.”

Read through to see 10 of the EWG’s top picks (many of which can be found at your local drugstore – not just at specialty stores).

See the Bohemian-Chic Sephora x Mara Hoffman Collab Before It Hits Stores

If you’ve ever been to Coachella, you’ve probably worn one of Mara Hoffman ‘s abstract-printed dresses or bathing suits , and this Summer, you can bring that same free-spirited vibe to your beauty routine. The designer has teamed up with Sephora on her first-ever, limited-edition makeup collaboration dubbed Kaleidescape. The news was announced in February during New York Fashion Week , as Sephora provides the makeup for Mara’s runway shows. And now, we finally have a first look at the makeup, brushes, and cosmetics cases, which launch in July.

“I don’t want you to look like you’re wearing makeup,” Mara told us of her influence. “I’ve never really related to that. I think now as I get older, too, I love seeing a woman who is even more pared down.”

The minimalist products she choose were also inspired by her own hippie-chic beauty routine. “I feel like I’m my natural most comfortable state of being when I look – it’s not disheveled – but like I’ve been in nature on some level,” she explained. “That beach look is a really comfy space for me. A bit of salty, crusty hair. And sort of sun-kissed skin – but not really, because nobody needs a tan anymore.”

The offering reflects this with three do-it-all cheek trios in bronze, blush, and highlighter shades ($28); five slightly pigmented lip glosses that range from beige to coral ($28); and a tinted lip balm in a sheer rose hue ($18). A stand-out is a multitaking balm for face, body, and hair ($30) with the loveliest lavender scent. There are also Mara Hoffman–printed makeup brushes ($24-$64) and cosmemetics cases ($20-$110) that double as clutches.

What makes these items so exceptional is that they contain mostly natural and organic ingredients, such as sunflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter, lavender and rosemary leaf extract, and coconut oil. “When we sat down to talk about it, I said I wanted to be able to use my fingers,” Mara noted. “And whatever we made, I wanted it to be safe enough to use on my kid. Anywhere we could, we used organic or natural ingredients instead of synthetics.”

The packaging is Earth friendly, as well. Not only does it showcase her Spring 2016 prints, but it is also mostly made from sustainable materials. The brushes, cases, and makeup contain feature-coated organic cotton canvases and FSC–certified sustainable wood, and utilize low-impact printing.

Keep reading to see close-ups of the buzzy Summer launch!

10 Places to Put Deodorant Other Than Your Armpits

While our armpits are definitely the sweatiest places on our bodies, that’s not the only place we need protection. Have you heard of something called boob sweat? The average perspiration-stopping stick can actually reduce friction, stop perspiration, and kill bacteria from head to toe (especially toes). Keep reading to discover 10 other spots to apply deodorant before the Summer temperatures hit a peak. If you’re going to slather your skin with product, we recommend using a natural formula that is aluminum free .

3 Kitchen Staples That'll Transform Your Beauty Routine

The following post was originally featured on HipLatina .

A well-stocked pantry isn’t just a plentiful source of delicious and healthy meals – it’s an endless supply of at-home, do-it-yourself beauty that won’t break the bank. Here are a few ways to produce your own concoctions in su cocina, one pantry ingredient at a time.

Want Better Skin? Here's What to Do For Gorgeous Skin in 1 Day

When my skin is dull or breaking out, I want a fast fix. (I’m impatient, OK?) And although as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less obsessed with the idea of perfection, I still wish there was a way to ensure my skin could look good in a matter of hours, if needed.

So, the bad news: there’s not an instant way to get clear skin, unless you have immediate access to a dermatologist, and still, it takes time to see the positive side effects of what they might administer. The good news: there are certain things you can do within a 24-hour time frame to help make your skin glow, from creating a DIY sleeping mask to changing up your morning routine. Check out each step in the 24-hour regimen, and let me know if you have any tips for making your skin look instantly better.

8 Natural Beauty Buys That Celebrity Makeup Artists Love

Celebrities have access to the best beauty treatments in the industry, and they know something not all women do: natural products are really, really good. For years, many of us have believed that you need to choose between intense pigment or healthy ingredients, but this is just not true! In the past few years, brands have developed natural products that both look good and do good for your complexion.

After all, your skin is your largest organ, and it needs nourishment in order to naturally glow. Products packed with face-feeding vitamins and botanicals can make you look even more radiant. Since what you put on your skin absorbs into your body, the cleaner the ingredient list , the better!

We spoke with the makeup artists of stars like Claire Danes , Kate Mara, and Camilla Belle to find out what natural beauty buys are essentials in their kits – and which items their clients are actually requesting. From nontoxic hydrators and smudge-proof liners to latex-free lash glues, here are their coveted finds.

How Adopting a More Natural Beauty Routine Simplified My Mornings

Busy mornings are not a walk in the park, especially when it takes upwards of 30 minutes to do my makeup every day. With countless items I’d somehow accumulated over the past few months cluttering my a.m. beauty routine, I decided it was time for a change. I vowed to purge unnecessary products and use this as an opportunity to begin using all-natural ones that pack a punch in beauty benefits and truly care for my skin.

After discarding my questionable cosmetics, I began thinking about brands that are known for their wholesome and trustworthy ingredients. Burt’s Bees is a brand that my family and I know well, so with this familiarity in the back of my mind, a trip to Walmart was all I needed.

I spotted the new Burt’s Bees BB cream , which is composed of 98.9 percent natural ingredients and contains SPF 15. I also needed a great lip color for Spring. I noticed that the new Burt’s Bees lipstick is 100 percent natural, so that was a no-brainer. Finally, I grabbed a volumizing mascara to round out my new regimen.

Every morning I start with the lightweight BB cream, which protects against harmful sun rays while keeping skin moisturized. It conceals and perfects my complexion and provides the coverage I need, but without the thick texture many creams tend to have. As the weather warms up, I’m confident that this product won’t clog my pores and leave my face streaky, plus it’s an easy way to incorporate SPF into my daily routine.

I apply a few swipes of mascara and finish off with the hydrating lipstick, which comes in 14 full-coverage, satin-finish shades. It’s formulated with moringa oil, which offers benefits like antiaging, exfoliation, and anti-inflammation.

Not only does it take me significantly less time to get ready before work, but I also feel better about what I’m putting on my face. The benefits of chemical-free makeup go way beyond the surface by supplying skin with nutrient-rich vitamins and oils. My goal of adopting a simplified beauty routine is on its way to becoming one of my best decisions yet. Finding natural, quality products is the cherry on top.



More From Burt’s Bees

6 Japanese Beauty Secrets You'll Want to Start Using Immediately

Japan is a treasure trove of unique beauty products and experiences. We have them to thank for the massive popularity of cleansing oils, and they produce some of the best sunscreens on the market. Without a doubt, they also have some bizarre products, too, like eye drops that sting (but produce the whitest eyes of all time), plus lip and brow tattoos. But here’s the thing: they actually work and look great, too.

One popular item in Japan is facial essence . To us, it looks like a toner with its watery consistency. But while most toners are astringents that can dry out the skin, these Japanese essences are known for making the skin glow. They have many types of vitamins and acids that help turn over dead skin cells, which in turn makes your skin appear brighter. When do you use it? Think of it as a serum. Apply four to five drops of it on your palm and press into your skin. Then apply your favorite moisturizer.

Check out the six products Japan has bestowed upon the beauty world, and let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of them!

It's Happening Again! Bath & Body Works Is Reviving Your Favorite Scents

Remember when?! They haven’t aged a day! #FlashbackFragrance #FBF

A photo posted by Bath & Body Works (@bathandbodyworks) on Jun 26, 2015 at 7:26am PDT

Nineties babies, if you had to sit down when Bath & Body Works announced its #FlashbackFragrances campaign last year, then prepare to pull up a chair: the brand is bringing back eight of its iconic scents later this month. Last year’s relaunch included six limited-time-only releases of nostalgic scents, including Cucumber Melon, Plumeria, and Juniper Breeze. This time around, the masterminds behind Bath & Body Works have decided to add two more fragrances to the revival collection.

There are no details yet regarding which signature products will be brought back, so you’ll be in for a surprise when you visit stores on May 27. Until then, it’s time to play the guessing game . . . and make room on your vanity.

16 Gifts to Upgrade Mom's Beauty Game

Even if your mom is a beauty fanatic, there’s a good chance she won’t loosen up the death grip she has on some of her favorite products . She’s probably been using a handful of items for decades. Take Mother’s Day as the opportunity to thank her for all that she taught you about beauty (inside and out)! Instead of just buying a new tube of her go-to moisturizer or lipstick, introduce her to the latest and greatest formulations . You’re guaranteed to be declared the coolest among your siblings.

12 Sheer Sunscreens That Blend Right In

Listen, I get it. I have dark skin, too. But not being easily able to find a sunscreen that doesn’t leave a gross white residue on your skin isn’t an excuse to skip the SPF . Sunscreen formulas have gotten lighter and sheerer, and there are now more options than ever to try.

Yes, it might be annoying to have to date your way around different SPF to find “the one,” but with sun rays getting stronger and a rise in skin cancer cases among Hispanics , it’s worth it. This list of 12 sheer formulas is a great start. They promise to blend right in, and from my experience, they do just that. Scroll ahead to find your Summer shopping list, and don’t forget to reapply every two hour !

6 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy Around the Clock

As the largest organ in our bodies, our skin needs extra care and attention all day every day to keep it glowing and nourished. Ensuring it’s in its optimal condition can help reduce things like dryness, swelling, breakouts, and even ingrown hairs. Watch the video for six things you can do throughout the day – from limiting your shower time in the morning to expertly wicking away oil from your face in the afternoon – to keep your skin in check from dawn until dusk.

This Rosewater Face Mist Is the Genius New Way to Self Tan

It’s perfectly natural to be wary of self-tanner – especially if you’re pale . One false move and you could transform from porcelain goddess to uncomfortably Oompa-Loompa. Even worse, faux tans last for days, so once you’re orange, you’re stuck that way.

Luckily, bronzing products have seriously evolved in the past few years. Today’s instant self-tanners are much more natural-looking on the skin, and gradual formulas (which you apply daily for up to a week to build up your sun-kissed appearance) are better than ever before.

Personally, my only gripe with self-tanners is that they can be something of a hassle to use. Many require you to shower, apply, then shower it off. Lotions are less time-consuming, but are often streaky and challenging to put on evenly. Now, James Read, founder of his eponymous bronzing line, has created a genius, gradual facial tanner that is impossibly easy to use with no risk of tiger stripes or staining clothing. But my favorite part is that it’s something I think a model would use – and considering that Read has tanned Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, it’s entirely possible that models do use it.

James Read H2O Tan Mist ($31) is the first rosewater facial spray that is actually infused with DHA, the active bronzing ingredient in self-tanners. The liquid in the bottle is completely clear and is loaded with powerful ingredients like acne-fighting zinc, nourishing coconut oil, and (of course) refreshing, hydrating rosewater.

When testing it, I found that it had a clean floral scent, but I couldn’t smell any trace of DHA (which can often give off a “sweaty” aroma). It was designed to be used over or under makeup, so I spritzed it on my made-up face. The superfine mist felt supersoothing, and I could feel a bit of the coconut oil after touching my skin.

It’s very gradual, so you don’t have to fear overusing it. I’ve been keeping my bottle on my desk and applying it intermittently throughout the day to give my complexion a boost, as I would any facial mist. All I see is a light, subtle hint of color that looks perfectly realistic on my pale skin.

According to Read, it can be used as a makeup primer and setter, too, making this product a true multitasker. And as I’m always interested in adding some life to my tired face without the risk of looking dirty, this is essential for my makeup bag. If you’re a fellow pale girl, you’ll want to try this one out!