According to Beauty Insiders, These Are the Top Beauty Products For 2016

Every year, beauty pros (including artists, marketers, editors, and chemists) gather for the most exciting night in the industry: the Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Insider Product Demonstration. This invite-only event showcases all the hottest launches from the previous year, allowing experts to test the formulas, admire the packaging, and ask any questions they have about the item. Then, after lugging home (and playing with!) a huge bag of the products seen that night, everyone casts their votes on which items are worthy of being declared “best” in their category.

This is a highly prestigious award for a key reason – the people selecting the winners know beauty inside and out. Scientists take a break from their labs to examine other brands’ potions; CEOs compare and contrast their companies’ products with others. As a result, the champions are truly spectacular.

WWD announced the 2016 CEW Insider Award winners, and there was a refreshing amount of surprising victories. Who would have expected that the two award-winning antiaging products would be masks? We’re particularly impressed that a dry shampoo beat out traditional formulas in its category! Read on and shop the very best beauty swag from 2016.