A Real French Girl Reveals Her Top Beauty Secrets

Dear French pharmacies,

If only you knew how much I miss you. You seem so close and yet are so far away. Rummaging through your old shelves for hours and finding new treasures was something that used to bring me joy, and leaving you for Boots is one of my biggest regrets . . .

OK, that might be a little dramatic, but I do miss French pharmacies. Luckily, the time when you had to beg your boyfriend to stop by one during your romantic weekend in Paris is now over – thank you, worldwide shipping! However, there’s a catch. Sticking a label to a product does not guarantee its quality, and I do believe that, even though some of those products have been described as essentials by websites and beauty bloggers, most of them actually don’t deserve that title. So as a French woman who has spent more hours than I care to admit in pharmacies, here are my six can’t-live-without-them French skin care products.

PS: Am I the only one who doesn’t understand why package tours to Parisian pharmacies still don’t exist?