Fidget Spinner Nail Art Is Here – and We’ve Officially Reached Peak 2017

ICYMI, fidget spinners have become quite the polarizing craze this year, with some parents praising their focus-increasing qualities while teachers denounce their tendency to disrupt the classroom. Regardless of which side you’re on, one beauty YouTuber just introduced the world to a new trend that’s sure to blow your damn mind: fidget spinner nail art. I can honestly say I never saw this coming (like, ever), but hey, it’s 2017, and apparently nothing is off limits these days.

Natasha Lee expertly crafted her tiny fidget spinner using nail acrylic, which she formed with a brush, nail drill, and hand file. After painting the doll-sized gadget with a cool galaxy pattern, she adhered it to her nail using acrylic (although regular nail glue would work as well). Watch her video tutorial above to see how she got the job done.