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1 Woman Is Going Viral For Her Life-Saving Curly Hair Tips

Four year transformation, all from learning how to take care of my curls from curlyhair

Learning to properly care for and embrace your curly hair can be a bit of a struggle filled with endless trial and error. One woman finally has it down to a science, but it took her four years to get there. Reddit user capslockramen is going viral on Reddit for sharing the details of her dramatic hair transformation, along with her daily routine for keeping her luscious curls in check.

She posted before-and-after photos that show just how drastic her hair journey has been. The “before” snapshot was taken during her senior year of high school when she “hated” her curls so much that she “got a relaxed curl perm, bleached it blond, and straightened [her] hair five to six days a week, without using quality heat protectant.” But that all changed when she went off to college, where she decided to let her blond perm grow out and started experimenting with different products until she found exactly what works best.

Four years later, she’s mastered the art of taming her curls and finally loves her springy ringlets just as they are. “I’ve never felt more in love with my hair,” she wrote in the Reddit post. She also shared her step-by-step styling routine, which is detailed below.

  1. After shower, squeeze excess water from hair.
  2. Flip head upside down.
  3. Apply generous amount of Cantu leave-in conditioner. Run fingers through hair to ensure even distribution.
  4. Scrunch in generous amount of Miss Jessie’s MultiCultural Curls cream.
  5. Scrunch out excess water using a cotton t-shirt.
  6. Wrap hair in said t-shirt.
  7. Stand upright again and let hair sit in the shirt about 10 minutes.
  8. Flip head upside down again and remove t-shirt.
  9. Dry with hair drying facing toward the scalp. Use a diffuser! Put the heat settings on warm (not hot) with the speed on high.
  10. Scrunch hair with t-shirt while drying. This part usually takes me like 20 minutes (definitely have to take breaks so all the blood doesn’t rush to my head and make me pass out).
  11. When it’s close enough to completely dry, spray with medium-hold hairspray. Stand back up normally and fix where I want the part, hairspray that a little.
  12. Done!

Once her detailed routine went viral, amassing nearly 800 comments, the woman responded to other users’ questions with various other tips and tricks for managing curls every day.

  1. Make sure your hairstylist cuts your locks while they’re dry, and avoid using a razor to thin it.
  2. She opts for using a shampoo without sulfates three to four times per week.
  3. Worried about messing up your hair overnight? Try sleeping with a silk cap on or put it in a loose bun using an elastic ribbon as a hair tie.
  4. Brush out your locks before you shower, not after.

When celebrity hairstylist Oscar Blandi caught wind of this woman’s viral hair hacks, he gave additional helpful recommendations for gals with curly manes. Instead of using a t-shirt to dry your hair like the Reddit user suggested, Blandi told Yahoo Beauty how a Turkish towel, which is highly absorbent, may be a better option. “Press the towel on your hair, don’t rub it all over your hair,” he said. “Rubbing your wet, curly hair will create frizz.” After that, apply leave-in conditioner, and then a silicon oil-based product with just a dab of gel. “The combination will keep the hair soft and not crunchy,” he said.

At the end of the day, experimentation is key for people with curly hair, but this woman’s routine and tips seem like a great place to start if you’re looking to kick-start a journey to embracing your ringlets in their gorgeous natural state.

23 Styles That Prove Saying "I Do" With Your Natural Hair Is Beautiful

When it comes to picking out the perfect style for your wedding, the possibilities are truly endless, especially for brides with natural hair. Thanks to the incredible versatility of natural hair, women who rock their God-given kinks don’t have to resort to straightening tools for the big day if they don’t want to.

You can transform your hair into braided buns and stretched pompadours, or you can even let your curls roam free and adorn them with floral and bejeweled headpieces. So if you’re planning your look for your upcoming nuptials, we’ve rounded up some elegant hairstyles that might just be “the one.” Get ready to screenshot and send these to your stylist.

Tarte's New Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner Is Absolutely Purr-fect!

Tarte’s new sex kitten liquid eyeliner ($20) is a must have for your beauty arsenal, even if just for its adorable packaging! The liquid liner contains natural ingredients like castor oil and glycerin, but the best feature has to be the superskinny felt tip that will make your bold cat eye stand out in any crowd. It’s also waterproof and smudge-proof, so it’s everything you could possibly want in an eyeliner. Dare we say: it’s purr-fect! Read on to get a full look of the feline product you need ASAP.

16 New Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Shades Are Coming to a Drugstore Near You

Maybelline’s Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation is a cult favorite for multiple reasons. A few pumps of the liquid makeup conceals imperfections, veils pores, and keeps oily skin matte. Not to mention, the popular formula only costs eight bucks and can be picked up at the drugstore (steal!). But like many foundations, drugstore and high end, finding a flattering match isn’t always easy.

So to ensure that babes of all complexions can find the perfect fit, the brand is expanding its Fit Me! range with 16 new shades, bringing the total number of hues available to 40. The shades span a spectrum of skin tones from the palest ivory to deep, so women of all complexions can scan the drugstore beauty aisle and feel confident about finding the right foundation color. We’re excited to see a huge brand like Maybelline diversify its product collections with options for people of all complexions!

You can snag the new shades now at ($6), and watch out for them in the beauty aisle at your nearest drugstore.

Wonder Woman Nail Wraps Are Here to Make Your Manicure More Badass

Before you hit theaters for the premiere of Wonder Woman, wipe off your nail polish and replace it with these heroic nail wraps.

To celebrate the feminist superhero, Jamberry is launching a line of limited-edition nail decals that will make you feel glamorous and badass at the same time. The collection features 10 bold designs, including the iconic Wonder Woman logo, sketches of the hero, trendy stars and stripes, and more. They’re the perfect way to flaunt your love for the fandom, but they’re also stylish enough to rock beyond just the movies.

You can snag the collection now at ($18 per sheet) or through a local consultant. Get a closer look at the nail swag ahead!

Your Favorite '90s Middle School Scents Are Going on Sale at Bath & Body Works!

Bath and Body Works is answering our ’90s loving prayers by including all our favorite vintage scents in its Semi-Annual Sale. Starting June 5, you’ll be able to shop previously discontinued scents you loved as a child, all at a discount.

If you’re a fan of the cult-favorite Cucumber Melon scent, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the body-care emporium now sells the fresh fragrance in a 3-Wick Candle and Wallflower variety so your home can smell as good as your well-moisturized body. The retired scents are only available during June and are sure to fly off shelves fast, so make sure to get them while you still can.

If your favorite scent happens to be from the brand’s current lineup, you might want to stalk up on that fragrance, as well. The Semi-Annual Sale is notorious for being the last time you can get your hands on products before the company retires them for good.

Read on to check out the vintage scents available at your local Bath and Body Works on June 5.

Exclusive First Reveal of Huda Kattan's 12 Lip Strobe Metallic Glosses

jIn the midst of an over-saturated, holographic beauty world, Huda Kattan managed to launch a collection of metallic strobing lip gloss collection that feels fresh. The entrepreneur and Instagram star looked for inspiration from both the past and the future when she developed her Lip Strobes, a 12-shade range launching mid June ($18 each, The hues play into both the frosty shades of the ’90s and iridescent unicorn-inspired products of 2017.

“Right now people are obsessed with things that seem out of this world and give them some type of surprise,” she told POPSUGAR via email. “The idea of something iridescent or duo chromatic seems a little mysterious and unique. They are kind of super ’90s meets the future.”

The colors may play into the existing trend, but each feels unique. There are both sheer and full-coverage shimmer formulas. Expect a range that varies from Enchanted, a pale pink with a pearlescent finish, to Fearless, a sparkly pigmented fuchsia.

“I am obsessed with duo chromes and iridescence right now!” she said of how the concept was born. “We were inspired when we were creating our Melted Strobe for our 3D Highlighters. We were just playing with shimmers and glitters and somehow this was created.”

Huda went on: “For the colors we wanted something that would almost change in some lights or on top of certain colors. All of the glosses have serious shimmer, some are opaque and full of pigment and shine, while others are duo chromatic and iridescent.”

The vlogger admitted she is not always a fan of lip glosses, so she was extra careful when crafting these. Don’t expect the sticky, goopy ones you actually wore back when *NSYNC was together. “I hate gloss, and I am super fussy with what I wear,” she said. “This feels so luxurious and hydrating while wearing. It’s not sticky and the strobes feel super comfortable on the lips.”

“I hate gloss, and I am super fussy with what I wear. This feels so luxurious and hydrating.”

She even perfected the applicator to enhance the cozy wearability. “The strobes also have a precision, heart-shaped wand which glides on an even coat for a luminous finish giving you an extra smooth application,” she added.

When it came to naming, she simply picked adjectives that would cater to your moods. “The names were inspired by our Liquid Mattes – we thought of it as the next step to your pout,” Huda explained. “So we thought we would make it a way to describe the personality behind the Liquid Matte. So you could be a Ritzy (Lip Strobe) Trophy Wife (Liquid Matte), or a Shameless (Lip Strobe) Trendsetter (Liquid Matte) and really feel something towards the look you floss.”

Though we knew it would be like choosing between children, we asked which color is her favorite. “This is so hard but I’d have to say that I am obsessed with Snobby,” Huda revealed. “It’s one of the shades which took the longest to create, and I’d bathe in it if I could! It’s a semi-sheer pink shade with gold and pink big shimmers!”

According to Huda, the best way to wear the Lip Strobe is to glide it across your pout, and then take some off with a tissue. “You can remove the gloss by blotting off the excess, which will leave you with a glistening shimmer without the gloss.” She also recommends layering it on thoroughly for an intensely pigmented, shiny style, or dabbing it in just the center of your pout for a subtle contoured effect.

Huda even tried wearing them on her eyelids, which she teased on social media! “I never realized this would work so well until a day before our campaign shoot!” she enthused. “They look ahhhmazing on the lids, and you can wear them on top of a shadow or just as is. For easy application, a small flat brush works nicely or even your fingers will do the trick. I would only recommend adding a small amount and for short periods, since it is a gloss and will move around.” Basically: do it for Instagram, and then wash it off before you attend a rooftop soiree in the heat.

Before you worry about removing these buzzy lip glosses, start planning how you’ll get your hands on them when they launch later this month! And as you count down the minutes until you can hit “add to cart,” see every shade and swatch – exclusively here first!

These Are the 21 Hottest June Beauty Launches You Need to Own

As we embrace June’s warmer weather, our beauty routines are getting way lazier – and we mean that in a good way. We will be air-drying our hair with sea salt sprays, dabbing on a bit of sexy, musky, ocean-inspired perfume oils, and keeping it minimally chic when it comes to makeup. Here, we’re sharing the just-launched hair, skin, fragrance, and makeup products we plan to use down to the very last drop (#empties).

18 Ways to Simplify Your Beauty Routine With Vaseline

Though we’re always obsessed with the latest and greatest beauty products, there’s a reason why some items in our routines are tried-and-true classics. One of our favorite iconic formulas is probably in the back of your medicine cabinet: Vaseline. It’s been around for 150 years for a reason – Vaseline is a multitasking miracle cream, and it’s time it got its due diligence. It’s not just meant to be used for burns, as a lip balm, and as a diaper rash! Rather, it can be relied on for a slew of time- and money-saving tricks – that will keep you hydrated from head to toe. Read on and learn beauty hacks featuring petroleum jelly.

How NYX Became THE Mass Brand at the Top of the Social Media Hierarchy

NYX Professional Makeup, a budget brand with the payoff of higher-priced alternatives, started as a line that catered to professionals in the industry. And it still does. But now, the power of social media has allowed it to appeal to a vast market of influencers and their makeup-loving fans. It’s done this by creating affordable products for artists of all levels and by focusing on diversity within the makeup community.

You may know the brand’s story, but if not, here are the Cliff Notes: NYX Professional Makeup was founded in 1999 by Toni Ko in Los Angeles, catering to the burgeoning makeup artist community in SoCal. Ko sold the brand to L’Oréal for $500 million in 2015, left her post at the cosmetics company, and is the brain behind millennial-centric brand Perverse Sunglasses. (She’s clearly got a knack for creating successful brands.)

The brand sold to L’Oréal for $500 million in 2015

NYX provides professional, trend-driven products at a price point that won’t break the bank. Think liquid lipsticks for $7 a pop, glitter pigments for $6, and eye shadow palettes around $15. Tribe Dynamics, a marketing technology company for lifestyle brands, reports that NYX was in the top five cosmetics brands for March 2017 when it comes to earned media value – a benchmark metric which determines the earned publicity through digital word-of-mouth. In layman’s terms: people are talking up a storm about NYX online.

NYX (pronounced “niks”) was initially only sold in CVS, Target, and Ulta Beauty before opening its first retail location at Westfield Santa Anita in Arcadia, CA, in 2015. In the past 18 months, the brand has opened over 100 retail locations, including shops in France and Thailand, and it just added a storefront at The Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas. The stores were created with social media in mind, featuring large vanities with digital tutorials led by influencers, so consumers can follow along while testing out products before they purchase. Lines for store openings frequently round the block and start overnight.

“What we wanted to do was bring the ultimate expression of brand to our fans,” said Nathalie Kristo, global marketing manager of NYX. “What we were noticing, of course, was how they were interacting on social media and digital in this makeup world. We thought, ‘Why don’t we bring a place where we combine digital and social media with our 2,000 products and create a place where we can play with makeup, discover new looks, [and] follow tutorials on how to create the latest makeup looks?’ We aimed to translate all of the energy that we’ve had with our online community into a physical place.”

Bringing Democracy to Makeup

It’s rare that a brand appeals to professional artists and also caters to YouTubers and the regular makeup junkie alike. For NYX, the focus has always been to create a space that celebrates artistry of all calibers.

“For us, it stems from the mission this brand has: artistry for all. This idea that everybody can have access to professional makeup products,” said Kristo. “That everyone can have access to the latest makeup looks. And that’s what social media has done. They’ve really helped democratize makeup artistry. It used to be a pretty closed circle – you used to have to go to school and gotten a certificate or certification. With social media, it’s allowed people to teach each other and to learn and to become more DIY. It’s about bringing creativity, artistry, and the passion for makeup to everyone.”

Part of that passion led to the founding of The Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites Awards, or FACE Awards for short. “The NYX Face Awards is like the Olympics of makeup,” said Nikita Dragun, whose YouTube channel has over 550K subscribers, and who appeared at the opening of the Miracle Mile Shops location.

“The NYX Face Awards is like the Olympics of makeup.” – Nikita Dragun

The socially driven competition pits artists against each other through a series of makeup challenges. Many top YouTube talent are alumni of the awards, and semi-finalists and finalists from previous years have re-entered the 2017 competition. New talent is also welcomed into the pool – and it can help catapult their careers. The Top 20 were just announced for this year’s competition, which culminates with a live event on Aug. 19, where the winner walks away with $50,000 and title of beauty vlogger of the year.

“The Face Awards, for example, has been a platform where a lot of upcoming makeup artists or influencers of today are alumni. We’ve known them since they’ve been starting out,” said Kristo. “We’ve done what we can to advance them and their careers and we’re really proud of that. We’re really happy to see them grow and flourish.” 2015’s winner, Mykie of Glam & Gore, had 350,000 subscribers when she was announced as a Top 30 contestant; two years later, she currently touts over 1.98M subscribers and has worked with studios like Lionsgate.

Innovation Based on Consumer Hacks

NYX prides itself on producing trend-worthy products at a moment’s notice, which allows them to easily get in on major social media moments while the iron is still hot. “When we see something brewing online, we quickly go into product development, and then we bring it to market as fast as possible. If we see people using products in interesting, different ways, it maybe tells us “Oh, there’s a need for this,'” said Kristo. For example, the creation of Macaron Lippies, which feature vivid neon and pastel shades, were created after the team saw consumers using the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk ($4) and layering bright eye shadow shades on top to create a pastel pop.

“[If] they’re using a product in a way it’s not meant to be used in order to do something else, it gives us an idea that maybe there’s something we need to bring to market,” said Kristo.

Inclusiveness in Product and Social Media

NYX, while mass market, isn’t overshadowed by prestige brands. Tribe Dynamics reports NYX as ranking within the top five brands on almost all digital social channels (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Blogs) in terms of earned media value, and it is the only mass brand within a sea of prestige like MAC Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Tarte, and Urban Decay. In fact, no other mass brand is in the Top 10 ranking companies. According to Statista, NYX ranks as the No. 4 beauty brand in Instagram followers, thanks to its 11.1 million fans to date.

“We’ve built this community over many years. We were one of the first brands to understand the power of social media through makeup,” said Kristo. “What we’ve done on social media is really celebrate the artistry of everyday people. Our Instagram account is a platform to celebrate, whether it’s really sophisticated makeup artists, influencers, or everyday people that are interpreting makeup in different ways.”

“What we’ve done on social media is really celebrate the artistry of everyday people.” – Nathalie Kristo

The brand focuses on inclusivity and diversity, offering a variety of shades that caters to all races. The Lip Lingerie line features 24 shades of “nude” matte liquid lipstick; the Total Control Drop Foundation also features 24 shades, including fair, light, medium, and deep with varying undertones.

“NYX as a brand embodies every woman, every boy, anything – everything in between. That’s what’s made them so successful, lending to their creativity and self-expression. I’m a trans girl, coming from Virginia, and I found myself resonating with the brand and what they stand for. They cater to everyone,” said Dragun, who came out on her channel as transgender in 2015.

This mission of inclusivity has helped take NYX to the top. “We’ve always been a social media brand. We know that our audience is everybody,” said Kristo. “We are one of the brands that is one of the most well developed with every ethnic group. We’ve taken care of the products to have strong pigment load, to have all of the colors available in the different shades and undertones so people know that the product will work for them. And we’ve always represented diversity well on all of our platforms and social media.”