After Just 6 Months of Vlogging, This Mother Won the NYX Face Awards

The sixth Annual NYX Face Awards came to a close on Saturday, with an awards ceremony like no other. Hosted by vlogger (and Face Awards alumni) Patrick Starrr, the show kicked off with a performance by drag queen Alyssa Edwards, included a performance from Willow Smith, and ended with the crowning of the 2017 Face Awards Vlogger of the Year.

The honor went to Jessica A.M. Kalil, a mother of two and former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Jessica is a relative newcomer to the beauty vlogging scene, having started her YouTube channel only six months ago and with a smaller subscriber base than all of the other finalists. Her talent landed her in the top six, along with Colour Creep, ItsLikelyMakeup, AshGhotCakessTV, NSomniaksDream and Victoria Lyn Beauty.

The finalists were asked interpret the theme of “The Magic of Makeup,” and Jessica, who majored in musical theater and dance in college, transformed herself in stunning detail into two characters. Her video blew away not only the judges – Mykie from Glam & Gore, Chrisspy, Lex from MadeYewLook, and film makeup artist Ve Neill – but the entire audience with her take on the theme. These included a nostalgic ’90s moment that you’ll have to watch for yourself. Her incorporation of acting and singing, along with her meticulous attention to detail, was worthy of the overall trophy of the competition, as well as the Storytelling award.

The Face Awards have helped catapult many vloggers careers, from winners like Mykie to contestants like Kristen Leanne, Laura Sanchez, and Alex Faction. Before her win, Jessica had around 4000 Instagram followers; she’s since jumped to almost 9,000 overnight.

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