Hold the Phone! A Ring Light With Cat Ears Exists

By now, we all know the importance good lighting plays in capturing a fierce selfie. You may have even pulled a Kim Kardashian and invested in a flashbulb iPhone appliqué. One brand (fittingly) named Flawless Lighting produces products that are meant to perfectly illuminate your face, and we found one in particular that just might turn us all into cat people. That’s because the Cat Ear Selfie Light ($45) is the cutest dang accessory we’ve seen all day.

Available in soft pink, baby blue, and jet black, this rechargeable attachment has three levels of brightness. It can be placed on both Apple and Android products, along with laptops and tablets, because you never know when and where your photo-shoot inspiration might strike.

We like to think of it as a portable, affordable, mini-Diva Ring Light Nova that’s fit for a feline. True cat ladies can use it to make their their Hello Kitty Body Glitter shine even brighter. However you selfie, this whimsical Cat Ear Light is sure to make you smile right before your phone’s shutter clicks.

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