This Is the Trendy Gem-Colored Ingredient Your Skin Is About to Love

It makes for a gorgeous Insta photo and looks so pretty sitting on your vanity, but what exactly is blue tansy and – most importantly – what are the benefits of using it?

“Blue tansy is a botanical related to chamomile, and they share many of the same anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics,” explained Dr. Arash Akhavan, a dermatologist and the founder of NYC’s Dermatology and Laser Group.

“Its anti-inflammatory characteristics make it ideally suited for conditions of skin inflammation such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It also has properties that fight off oxidative stress from the environment, helping to combat premature aging.”

Typically, blue tansy is extracted into an oil, and it’s incredibly hydrating without leaving any sort of oily film on the skin. That makes it perfect for combination, dry, and oily skin types who want a boost of moisture. It’s very safe to use, said Dr. Akhavan, though you may want to avoid it if you have sensitivity to chamomile or similar botanical ingredients.

We’ve rounded up a handful of blue-tansy-oil-infused skincare products, including a couple of the doctor’s favorites!

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