Attention: Your New Favorite Highlighter Is Hiding at Walmart

I wrote an article last month about people who abuse their highlighter. As a professional makeup artist, I have seen many people overdo it with their “glow,” and many were irate that I called them out on it. Even though in that article I spoke with disdain about people that highlight too much, the fact remains that I am in love with highlighter when used properly. There is nothing greater than finding the perfect product that accentuates your bone structure and shaves years off of your beautiful face.

I recently was in a store consulting with a makeup artist at a very high-end luxury makeup counter. I noticed that her highlighter was absolutely amazing and noted sadly that I would love to splurge on the high-end $80 highlighter from her brand, but it seemed overpriced. She raised her eyebrows in surprise and leaned in to tell me a secret. “I am not wearing this brand’s highlighter . . . don’t tell anyone. It’s Wet n Wild.”

I took a step back and stared at her glistening cheekbones again, to be sure that my well-trained professional eye was in fact seeing things properly. Yes, her cheekbones and face was glistening with a creamy glow that was just the right tone, texture, and shine. Admittedly, I have enjoyed some NYX and Maybelline items as a professional makeup artist, but I have not purchased or used something from Wet n Wild since my teen years.

She went on to tell me that the Wet n Wild MegaGlo™ Highlight Powder($5) is available in seven gorgeous shades, each for less than you might spend on your daily latte. I could buy all seven and would be spending less than I normally do on one luxury brand highlighter or highlighter palette! The peachy gold shade that she was wearing was called Precious Pearls and is especially ideal for someone with an olive complexion, like her . . . and me. I was on a mission.

I headed to my local drugstore the next day to pick up my $5 “gold” and found that the shade was sold out. The next drugstore didn’t carry the line at all. A Google search revealed that Target carried the product, but was sold out in Precious Pearls in every store in my area, and the closest store that had it was a cool two hours away. All of this information only made me want my Wet n Wild highlighter more than ever.

Lo and behold, an internet search revealed that a Walmart just one town over from me had what I was looking for. Even then, I had to search. I carefully went up and down the cosmetics aisles three times before I found the Precious Pearls nestled inconspicuously amidst the other drugstore brands.

I scooped up Crown of my Canopy, which I intend to wear when I have a tan, as it is a more golden, richer version of the Precious Pearls. I grabbed Botanic Dream for those fairer-skinned clients that enjoy a pinkish-glow to their highlighter. And a real find – for those of you who are about to spend on the latest and greatest lilac-toned highlighter – the Royal Calyx shade. This light, purple-blue toned highlighter will keep you on trend without breaking the bank.

I have been wearing this product every day since I found it. I have received endless compliments, and I have noticed that my selfies look better than ever. There is just something magical about this highlighter. Part of it might be the price, but anyone who knows anything about highlighter can recognize a good one when they see it. The other day at the end of a long photo shoot, feeling tired and weary, I sat down outside, and a friend snapped my picture. None of my exhaustion was evident; instead I looked simply glowing and happy to be alive. I attribute this to my favorite new highlighter.

These products are the just the right amount of shimmery delight (without hard chunky glitter), and each one of the seven shades available are flawless. The textures are just the right amount of creamy without being too dewy or wet and surprisingly for just under five bucks, the packaging is quite delightful and luxurious with floral patterns baked into the product.

The glow can be applied with a fan brush or packed on with cream cheek brush, and it will never make you look like a glazed doughnut (unless you want it to.) I find that using a fan brush is best, as it allows you to gently apply the glow and gives you the control you need to add more product, without getting too shiny. I even had a client last week who is known for “abusing her highlighter” and was doubtful about my new find. I packed on several layers with my fan brush, and she was pleasantly shocked at how beautifully the product sat on her skin.

I always say splurge or get your thrills from items like mascara or lipstick that won’t put you in the red. Highlighter is something that is hard to find, and often you will find that you are willing to fork over $40 to $60 when you find just the right one. This $5 find from the drugstore won’t destroy your beauty budget, and your cheekbones will be the envy of all!