The 1 Thing That Makes Lupita Nyong’o’s Beauty Looks Different

You don’t need a Yale degree to know that Lupita Nyong’o always oozes glamour on the red carpet (though the drama-school-bred actress has one of those, too). Though the Black Panther star once told POPSUGAR that she uses makeup “always as a celebration of just naked me,” her go-to event looks are far from barefaced. In fact, Nyong’o’s best beauty secret is one she doesn’t like to hide: her colorful eye shadow.

Whether she’s glitter-fied her lids, had longtime makeup artist Nick Barose draw a literal rainbow onto them, or experimented with graphic green liner, Nyong’o doesn’t shy away from enhancing her big brown eyes. Her preferred shades are often blues, greens, or a cyan-y mix of both, but she’s also fond of deep burgundies and pinots. What’s more, she often likes pairing her bold shadow with attention-grabbing lip shades.

No one can ever accuse this Yalie of playing it safe, which is reason number a hundred billion why we love her. Read on to see her most out-there looks.