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If You Hate Clowns, These 10 Bath Bombs Are Your Worst Nightmare

If Lush’s bewitching Halloween collection isn’t nearly scary enough for you, we’ve found an alternative that’s sure to get you in the spooky Halloween spirit – and possibly give you nightmares. Clown bath bombs are actually a thing that exist in this strange world, and yep, they’re just as creepy as you’d imagine. The sudsy bath fizzies are not for the faint of heart, but on the bright side, their scary appearance only lasts for a few seconds before dissolving in your tub water. Are you brave enough to share bath time with Pennywise himself? Shop a handful of clown bath bombs below – if you dare.

Hocus Pocus Fans Will Love These Spooky Cauldron Bath Bombs as Much as Max Loves Allison

Double double, toil and trouble – we’ve found the perfect bath bombs that fizz and bubble! You can sip all the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and light all the Fall-inspired candles you want, but are you truly in the Halloween spirit until you’ve bathed with with a spooky cauldron-shaped bath bomb? These festive fizzies aren’t actually filled with poisonous witches brew – just sudsy soap that gets frothy and dyes your tub various ghoulish colors as soon as it touches the water. The Sanderson sisters would totally use these while lighting a black flame candle and plotting their next spells from the comfort of their bathtub.

Image Source: Disney

If you’re a true Hocus Pocus fan, these mini cauldron bath bombs are the perfect way to celebrate the best holiday of the year. Grab your fellow “sistahhhhs” and shop some of our favorite Etsy finds below.