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I've Switched to Aerosol Nail Polish Remover, and I'm Never Going Back

I, like many of you, would prefer to get my nails done professionally 10 out of 10 times. That’s unfortunately not always a possibility, which is why I’ve built an at-home manicure kit to give me the closest thing I can get to salon-fresh nails. One of the most important products is nail polish remover.

I’ll be honest: I truly have always had a hate/hate relationship with polish removers. I find many of them irritate the skin around my nails or severely dry out the skin on my fingers, from even the smallest contact. Not to mention, I have spilled polish remover on so many of my own surfaces . . . and others’ (sorry, Mom/Dad – I still can’t afford to buy you a new dining table).

Recently, however, I discovered Spray Away . It’s an aerosol nail polish remover, which may sound like a disaster, but after testing it, I can confirm it’s amazing! It’s 100 percent spill-proof and didn’t dry out my skin, and I didn’t have to go through 100 cotton balls trying to remove dark nail polish. Check out the pictures of my at-home test and see for yourself.

Charlotte Tilbury's Dreamy New Eye Shadow Palette Is Here – for 1 Day Only

I don’t consider myself much of an eye shadow girl. That may be because I’m totally clueless when it comes to expert blending, cut creases, and all that magic I admire on Instagram. But, as soon as I saw Charlotte Tilbury’s new Instant Eye Palette ($75) I knew even an amateur like me couldn’t get it wrong.

You see, the palette tells you exactly how to use it. The 12 shadows (half matte, half shimmer) are divided in four ways: Day Eye (light ivory and browns), Desk Eye (peach and bronzes), Date Eye (classic smoky eye), and Disco Eye (full-glam smoky eye). What’s more, they’re divided into three steps each, with each shade designated to “prime,” “enhance,” or “smoke.” How easy is that?
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kristina Rodulfo

It almost reminds me of the beloved Urban Decay Naked palettes with its super universal, neutral shades of taupe, brown, and black. After swatching them all, I am also impressed with their buttery, velvety feel and easily blendable formula. It takes a bit of building and layering to get a super pigmented color, but I take that as further proof it’s impossible for a beginner to screw up.

And, can we talk about the packaging? Charlotte’s signature art deco-inspired, gilded design makes the palette a must-have at any vanity for its looks alone.

You can shop the palette right now during a 24-hour flash sale running on through Sept. 21 – or until it sells out. If you miss out, you’ll just have to wait all the way until mid-October when it officially launches, so act quickly.

Check out swatches of the gorgeous palette, ahead.

After Using This $5 Reddit-Famous Mascara, I Didn't Recognize Myself

In a results-driven beauty world, mascara tubes can often read like alcohol bottles. In my wild youth, I’d scavenge liquor stores for 101-proof whiskey (oh, how my liver aches just from the memory), but now my vice is “-proof” mascara. When it comes to lash lifting, products promise to be smudge-proof , sweat-proof , sleep-proof, and – oh yes – sex-proof .

In an era of such high-tech mascara, we can often forget the product’s original purpose: to make your lashes as sweepingly gorgeous as possible. This week, we got a beautiful reminder of what bare-bones, no-frills mascara can do, courtesy of reviews of a $5 cult product lurking in your drugstore aisle.

On Sept. 17, Reddit user EllieDaisyLouise created a thread celebrating her recent Essence Lash Princess ($5) purchase. The side-by-side comparison of her lashes with and without this product drew double takes from around the internet. The people needed to know: how the heck does a drugstore mascara do this?!

Can’t believe this mascara was only £3.30! Sorry for the shocking picture quality but this is the Essence Lash Princess mascara and I HIGHLY recommend it. from MakeupAddiction

As with any viral sensation, Lash Princess quickly drew more attention. Further reviews praised the tube , but others bemoaned it . In hopes of contributing to a healthy debate – and looking pretty while doing so – I decided to test it out for myself.

After requesting a sample of the mascara, I arrived at my office to see the tube on my desk. The first thing I noticed about it was its bodacious, eye-catching shape. If I was lazily perusing through an Ulta mascara aisle and saw this cheeky black-and-green tube with its crown design and (very trendy) fake-lace corset string-sealed cap , I would surely reach for it out of sheer aesthetics alone.

This mascara is truly the best thing to happen to swiping since Tinder.

The thin applicator confused me at first. How was I supposed to get next-level lashes via such a puny brush? I also noticed ample clumps lurking around the bristles, but they came off easily enough with a little scraping.

After seeing so much residue, I was a little nervous about sweeping it all over my lashes. I took a deep breath, applied it to my lashes, and . . . didn’t recognize myself! The amount of volume, after just one application, had completely transformed my lashes – and opened up my eyes.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Alaina Demopoulos

With such dreamy results, I kept on applying it, over, and over, and over again. Each brush drew my lashes out even farther than before . . . the volume just wouldn’t quit. This mascara is truly the best thing to happen to swiping since Tinder.

This wand is not immune to clumpage, but it was nothing a quick touch-up with my fingers couldn’t fix.

When POPSUGAR Beauty Editor Kristina saw me from across the office, she said, “Those look SOOOO good!!” That is truly the response I aim for every time I enter a room.

While you’ll have to sacrifice some of the luxuries that come from a pricier option, like a fancy wand or shower-proof results, this product does not disappoint in the OG intention of mascara: to make your lashes look damn good. I also noticed that Lash Princess literally opens up my eyes to make them appear bigger. We’re talking straight Bambi status.

Since you’re supposed to throw out your mascara every three months, a drugstore option is truly the most economical one. I’ve always been a firm believer that you can be thrifty with your beauty purchases and still look good while doing so, and Lash Princess is further proof that I’m right. (Thanks for the ego boost, Essence!).

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Alaina Demopoulos

Lush's Latest Face Masks Feel Like the Slime You Played With in the '90s

Lush consistently entertains us with new, fun, brightly colored beauty products. Now, with the launch of the brand’s newest product, the Jelly Face Mask, Lush is taking us back to our childhoods.

The new masks are inspired by some kickass women in Lush’s history (including the creator of the Bath Bomb herself!). The products are also packed with mineral-rich seaweed to nourish your skin. Perhaps best of all is that the masks have the same consistency of the squishy slime you made at camp as a kid and probably now watch videos of on Instagram to de-stress.

To use the mask, pinch off some of the jelly and rub it between dry hands. Apply it to the skin and leave on for 10 minutes before washing off. Read on to find out which masks you should pick up in select stores or online when the line launches Sept. 1.

100 Iconic Products You Need to Check Off Your Beauty Bucket List

If you call yourself a beauty addict, you know that there are just certain products you need to try at least once in your lifetime. They’re just that iconic. You also know that once you test them, your life is much easier – and way more fabulous. Snagging these cult products adds you to a long, prestigious list of fans. For example, owning Erno Laszlo’s Sea Mud soap puts you on the same beauty level as Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. L’Oréal’s Elnett hair spray inspired legions of stylists to travel to France just to bring it home. And Bioderma makeup remover is the favorite of supermodels across the world.

If you look at your own family, there’s a chance that you’ve been using the same moisturizer that your great-grandmother has been using, but you’re rocking a new lipstick that you hope your grandchildren will love as much as you do. That’s the beauty of cult products. They’re established, reputable, and completely worthy of their following. There are more than you realize, though! Read on to discover all the products you need to try, starting . . . now!

– Additional reporting by Lauren Levinson and Jessica Cruel