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After a Makeup Artist Used This Concealer on Me, I Bought It That Day – Bye, Dark Circles

You could call me a bit of a concealer snob . I have tried tons of different options, always hunting for a choice that meets my high standards. I want something that hides dark circles, covers acne, and stays on all day long. I found my new favorite when a makeup artist applied this Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème ($26) to my face for a shoot.

As soon as my full face of makeup was on, I audibly gasped. I looked wide awake and airbrushed. The concealer had covered all of my blemishes without making me look cakey – a tricky task. It melted into my skin for a natural-looking finish. But then came the real task – would the formula actually stay on all day long?

I was filming a video under hot lights for hours, and frankly, I was sweating a lot. The makeup artist never had to give my skin a touch-up. I stayed camera-ready all day long. I learned that the product is made with complexion-brightening pigments and hydrating ingredients that make the formula crease-proof. I noticed that my skin didn’t feel dry when I wiped away my makeup later on.

After just one day, I was so impressed that I immediately ordered the concealer online from Sephora. Thankfully, the product comes in an extensive range of shades so that most skin tones can have a perfect match. If you’re in the market for a new option, I highly recommend this pick.

This CBD-Infused After Sun Lotion Is SO Good, I Cried When It Was Gone

If I were to write an honest Tinder bio for myself, one of my top interests would include, “Weeping like a lonely banshee.” At weddings, after emotional McDonald’s commercials , when I see babies on the street wearing little baby pants – the tears start streaming. And apparently, I also cry about spilled beauty products. When I accidentally dropped the Felix & Ambrosia Sunny Daze CBD Sun Cream ($40) all over my sink, I watched it run down my drain in horror.

You may have heard about that viral CBD-infused glitter sunscreen , which combines three things we really love over here at POPSUGAR – skin care, cannabis topicals , and ways to make your body glisten . Well, this after-sun lotion comes from the same brand, but I never thought I’d need it, seeing as how I am an SPF 50-wearing beauty writer who never burns.

My first rule of curing a sunburn would be to not get one, but if you do, I’d recommend smearing this all over your fine self.

Cue the narrator voice: “But Alaina would get sunburned.” Alas, after a lovely day spent frolicking on a Long Island beach, I came home as red as an overripe tomato. I took out the relief lotion, which has more of a liquid texture than thicker moisturizers. It’s fragrance-free, and glides on like a grease. I don’t love writing that products provide “instant” relief (it’s a bold claim), but within seconds, I felt my inflamed skin chill out a bit. With just one application in the morning and another before bed, I stopped feeling the heeby-jeebies of irritation. I even took a page from Madonna’s playbook and popped the bottle in the fridge. Applying the gel while it was icy-cold further soothed my skin. No glitter appeared, but that was OK with me. I’m shiny enough.

Everything was great until the fateful night I (drunkenly) knocked the entire bottle open. Luckily, this snafu occurred when my burn was very close to being healed. I’m sure that was in no small part to this lotion, which kept me from scratching my skin right off. My first rule of curing a sunburn would be to not get one, but if you do, I’d recommend smearing this all over. Just make sure you put the cap back on afterward.

I Found a Concealer That Instantly Erases My Under-Eye Bags – Consider Me Addicted

When it comes to concealer, I’ve always had trouble finding a product that truly covers my under-eye bags. Most options crease, come right off, or just don’t have enough coverage. Then, a makeup artist applied Lancôme Effacernes Waterproof Undereye Concealer ($31) to my face. I was in total awe. With a few taps of the product, those pesky bags instantly vanished.

The long-wear waterproof formula stays on from morning till night – I never have to reapply. Its silky consistency melts right into my skin for a natural look that isn’t cakey or drying. Still not sold? Just check out the amazing reviews on Nordstrom. Of the 375 customers who reviewed the product, almost all of them give it a perfect five stars.

“To date the best full coverage concealer I’ve found,” one buyer wrote. “Does not crease or get blotchy as the day goes on. I have terrible undereye circles and this covers them almost perfectly. I have tried just about every high-end and drugstore brand concealer and this is by far the best.”

Consider your hunt over. Once you get your hands on this formula, you’ll never want to try anything else again. I promise.

Here's How I Wore Colorful Highlighter Every Day For a Week

With the popularity of highlighters soaring, many brands are starting to come out with unique hues that differ from the more common champagne shades that dominate the shelves of beauty stores.

After seeing a few orange, hot pink, and purple highlighters, I wanted to give the shades a try but wasn’t sure where to start. I headed to the Sephora Beauty Insider Community for some product recommendations and picked out a few of my own to wear for a week.

What I learned was pretty encouraging. Most of the hues are more wearable than I expected, but there are tricks to wearing each hue. Shop the products ahead and find out how to pull off orange, pink, and even rainbow hues.

I Discovered This Life-Changing Makeup Brush Cleaner (on Amazon!), and It's So Addicting

I used to clean my brushes by hand and leave them out to dry overnight; the whole process from beginning to end was a tedious task I dreaded. I recently found this genius Wloomm Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner ($30) on Amazon, and now I can’t imagine living without it.

When I received it, I was shocked by how great the quality of the product was. It comes with a spinner, clear cup, eight different brush holders, a stand for everything, and even a velvet slip cover for the wand. The rubber holders vary in size and work on all my tools.

I couldn’t wait to use it – I quickly filled the glass bowl with an inch of water and started cleansing. You simply stick a brush in the water, press a button to make the brush spin, and watch all your makeup seep out as the water changes color. I can’t describe how weirdly satisfying this is. You’ll also be grossed out when you realize all the grime that can come out of your tools. After spinning, you lift your brush out of the water and let it dry. Within minutes, it will be cleaner than ever!

Not only is it fun to use, but it was by far the fastest and most efficient process I’ve ever experienced. I can’t imagine cleaning them the old-fashioned way ever again. Get this and it will change your beauty game forever!

Why Microdermabrasions Are the Best Exfoliating Treatments For Your Skin

I am a really boring beauty editor. I don’t get Botox , fillers, or any fancy cosmetic dermatology treatments (sorry, I can’t give your mom a first-hand account of Fraxel). My hair is virgin , meaning I’ve never colored it. And my best tip for antiaging is to eat cleaner , because IMHO, beauty starts from within – as in the gut .

That said, there is one treatment I get every month at the dermatologist’s office, and that’s a microdermabrasion. It takes about 15 minutes total, it’s relaxing, and it leaves me with smooth, glowing skin. I’m talking about the type of face you only see a week after a facial or when you get back from a truly hypnotic vacation. And it garners me compliments from co-workers and family members.

If you’re a beauty connoisseur, you’re probably thinking, “What?!” It’s so unexpectedly old-school. And if you’ve never heard of microderms, then you’re probably also thinking, “What?” Let me answer your questions: To the former I prefer gentle, tried-and-tested treatments over trending, invasive ones. The photo above is not photoshopped and features my true skin at 31. And to the latter, a microdermabrasion is a machine used to exfoliate the skin.

Let’s get into the science! I interviewed my dermatologist, Dr. Amy Wechsler , for a deeper analysis. She’s actually the derm who worked with Chanel to create the brand’s first ever fragrance-free face lotion, La Solution 10 . And if you haven’t used it, you need to, because it will make your face feel velvety without any fragrance or irritating ingredients .

Dr. Wechsler explained what a microderm really does: “You gently remove all the dead cells on the top of the epidermis, which is called the stratum corneum. And in removing those cells all at once, it stimulates the cells beneath it to all renew at the same time. There are no chemicals involved, it’s a mechanical treatment.”

To help you decide if microderms are a suitable treatment for your skin, Dr. Wechsler broke down everything you need to know about them:

How your skin will look after a microderm

“Skin will look smoother, more even. There will be more of a glow or a brightness to the skin. All those dead cells on the top can make your skin appear a bit dull or gray. After the microderm, you’ll have an even skin tone without those dead, grayish cells on top.”

Microderms vs. peels

“I think microderms are the best, because there are no chemicals and there is no damage to the epidermis. I like chemical peels, but the main chemical peels that we use here are salicylic acid based. Those are great if you are very acne prone or have active acne, because it calms it down. But peels are drying. When you do microdermabrasion, you’re not drying someone’s skin out or putting a chemical on their skin that stings. And it’s relaxing – some people even fall asleep!”

Microderms vs. microneedling

“I don’t like microneedling. It tries to mimic what Fraxel laser does in making little micro openings down to the dermis; so that if you damage the dermis in tiny ways, it heals by laying down new collagen. Microneedling just doesn’t make sense to me – I’m not really quite sure what the goal is. I don’t think that it’s been studied enough, and it’s just this big fad that I’m not jumping on.”

Who can get a microderm

“It’s really for everyone other than those who have chronic acne. Any skin tone, any ethnic group, men and women – it’s really great in that way. It’s not invasive, and it’s safe. You can even do it during pregnancy, because there are no chemicals involved whatsoever. You can do it if you have a tan. I don’t want people to have tans, but there are some procedures that you actually cannot do when you’re tan, and this is not one of them.”

Why acne-prone people should avoid it

“I find that if you’ve got active acne, a microdermabrasion can stimulate it and make it a bit worse. There are some doctors who absolutely disagree with me and do microdermabrasion on purpose on their acne patients. I’ve seen those patients afterwards and they’re worse.”

When should you avoid them

“Before the treatment, I don’t want people to have just done a peel, microneedling, or laser. Skin should be untouched by other procedures for at least a week, if not two.”

What to know about your skin after a microderm

“Take care of your skin post-treatment by moisturizing and wearing sunscreen. After a microdermabrasion, the skin actually absorbs and accepts moisturizer or serum much better than if you didn’t get one. So your skin can get like extra moisturized, and it lasts for a couple weeks. Since your face accepts moisture so well, it will feel smoother. Makeup artists love people who get microdermabrasions – they put primer or whatever on, it looks great.”

How often you should get them

“If you can do it once a month, that is the best. More frequently than once a month doesn’t do anything. Many people don’t have the luxury of going once a month. I certainly don’t do mine once a month – I should – but I say that the minimum should be quarterly.”

Where to get them

“I love when people do it in a doctor’s office, because then you know the instruments are sterile. If you’re doing it somewhere else and they’re using wands, I like people to be shown that the wand is in a sterile package. It’s like when you get your nails done, and they have those sterile packages.”

Why it’s more than just a facial treatment

“Getting a microdermabrasion feels good, and it’s relaxing. It doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t sting. Your eyes are closed, and you’re not on your phone. Someone is taking care of you, and I think that’s such a good way to de-stress. It’s 15 minutes once in a while, but it’s so good for your brain and your cortisol levels to just take a little break. Whereas there are some procedures that, because they hurt, don’t give you that same relaxing, cortisol-dropping, stress-relieving feel.”

This Rosewater Face Mist Is the Genius New Way to Self Tan

It’s perfectly natural to be wary of self-tanner – especially if you’re pale . One false move and you could transform from porcelain goddess to uncomfortably Oompa-Loompa. Even worse, faux tans last for days, so once you’re orange, you’re stuck that way.

Luckily, bronzing products have seriously evolved in the past few years. Today’s instant self-tanners are much more natural-looking on the skin, and gradual formulas (which you apply daily for up to a week to build up your sun-kissed appearance) are better than ever before.

Personally, my only gripe with self-tanners is that they can be something of a hassle to use. Many require you to shower, apply, then shower it off. Lotions are less time-consuming, but are often streaky and challenging to put on evenly. Now, James Read, founder of his eponymous bronzing line, has created a genius, gradual facial tanner that is impossibly easy to use with no risk of tiger stripes or staining clothing. But my favorite part is that it’s something I think a model would use – and considering that Read has tanned Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, it’s entirely possible that models do use it.

James Read H2O Tan Mist ($31) is the first rosewater facial spray that is actually infused with DHA, the active bronzing ingredient in self-tanners. The liquid in the bottle is completely clear and is loaded with powerful ingredients like acne-fighting zinc, nourishing coconut oil, and (of course) refreshing, hydrating rosewater.

When testing it, I found that it had a clean floral scent, but I couldn’t smell any trace of DHA (which can often give off a “sweaty” aroma). It was designed to be used over or under makeup, so I spritzed it on my made-up face. The superfine mist felt supersoothing, and I could feel a bit of the coconut oil after touching my skin.

It’s very gradual, so you don’t have to fear overusing it. I’ve been keeping my bottle on my desk and applying it intermittently throughout the day to give my complexion a boost, as I would any facial mist. All I see is a light, subtle hint of color that looks perfectly realistic on my pale skin.

According to Read, it can be used as a makeup primer and setter, too, making this product a true multitasker. And as I’m always interested in adding some life to my tired face without the risk of looking dirty, this is essential for my makeup bag. If you’re a fellow pale girl, you’ll want to try this one out!

This Is the Biggest Mistake You're Making With Your Clarisonic

While I’d like to think that there are quite a few characteristics Oprah and I have in common, one in particular is that we both love the Clarisonic ! I’ve been a devotee of the cleansing brush since it first appeared on the market in 2004. (Granted, I was unable to get one until after I graduated college – as I tell everyone considering the device, it is a skin care investment.)

I’ve seen Clarisonic evolve from what could have been a gimmicky tool to an absolute necessity for a clear, radiant complexion . I am actually shocked when I talk to friends, co-workers, or even complete strangers who do not own one – how has their skin survived without it?

In all seriousness, it’s clear that I love the product – I feel cleaner when I use it. My skin glows. I don’t have to spend 10 minutes removing my makeup with a wipe, then a face wash, then another wipe, only to find foundation on the towel. It’s a convenience and a luxury wrapped into one tool. Because I’m such a fan, many of my friends consult me about which model to purchase. That’s when I realized how confusing it can be: the brand offers seven models, as well as a variety of brush heads to choose from!

Recently, I visited Clarisonic headquarters in Seattle to learn about their new launch, the Mia Fit ($189) While there, I chatted with Dr. Robb Akridge (lovingly known to beauty editors and his colleagues as “Dr. Robb”), one of the inventors of the device. He clarified which device and brush head you should start with based on your needs. Read on to learn which one you should grab first . . . or, if you’re as addicted as I am, pick up next!

Glossier Is Giving the Skin Care Game a Run For Its Money

Glossier may be new to the skin care world, but with a pretty big social media presence, along with an obsessed and excited group of fans, the brand is getting major buzz in the beauty industry. The ShopStyle team dug deeper and tested out the products to find out if the quality really lives up to the hype. The results? Impressive and nothing short of amazing. From the ultrachic packaging down to how the products leave your skin, check out what we had to say about some of Glossier’s best items , then try them out for yourself. We have a good feeling they’re going to do wonders for your skin.

Pumpkin Products For Flawless, Bright Skin

Pumpkin isn’t just for pie. When used in skin care, it helps boost cellular turnover to brighten your complexion – a bonus during dry Fall weather. Our top choices will leave your skin smooth, flake-free, and illuminated. See what you’ll be picking up in today’s Beauty Review. On Kirbie: Kendra Scott earrings.