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This Giant Waterslide Is the Most Fun Way to Apply SPF This Summer

We know how important it is to religiously slather on sunscreen , but actually adhering to an application schedule can be challenging. When we’re out frolicking in the sun, we often forget to reapply SPF until hours later – when we’ve gotten some serious overexposure to UVA and UVB rays . And, of course, we miss those little random spots, including behind our ears and those hard-to-reach patches on our back.

However, Nivea has a genius solution to all of these woes: a sunscreen-dispensing waterslide. According to AdWeek , the iconic skin care brand developed the “SunSlide,” which is loaded up with gallons of waterproof SPF 50+ and features hundreds of spray jets to coat riders from head to toe. Just one trip down the SunSlide provides 100 percent coverage! And, each person is provided with goggles, so they can enjoy the view as they glide down without the risk of getting SPF in their eyes.

The only bad news is that you’ll need to head to South Africa to try out the invention. It was developed in partnership with FCB Cape Town, a local advertising agency, after discovering that the country has the world’s highest rates of skin cancer . We hope the SunSlide comes stateside soon, as this would be a genius installation at any Summer music festival. Watch the video to see how it works!

Keep Your Skin Clear and Glowing With This Blogger-Approved Routine

Achieving clear skin is nearly impossible without finding an effective routine and sticking to it. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular facial treatments are all a core part of stellar skin care, but the two work even better when used in conjunction with a religious regimen.

If you’re on the road to clearing up your skin and need some effective tips on where to begin, beauty blogger Shani Grimmond shared her nighttime skin care habits, which she calls “the most important five minutes of the day.”

Shani’s steps to caring for her skin are fairly simple. First, she frees her face of makeup with a double cleansing ritual. She follows with an exfoliating cleanser and mud mask to treat her skin and lightweight lotion to moisturize. After completely cleansing and treating her skin, Shani’s face is left visibly clean and beaming. Her routine is perfect for women with sensitive skin, and it covers all the essentials of a basic yet effective routine.

Watch her tutorial to see the products in action, and keep reading to shop her picks and incorporate them into your beauty regimen.

Want Better Skin? Here's What to Do For Gorgeous Skin in 1 Day

When my skin is dull or breaking out, I want a fast fix. (I’m impatient, OK?) And although as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less obsessed with the idea of perfection, I still wish there was a way to ensure my skin could look good in a matter of hours, if needed.

So, the bad news: there’s not an instant way to get clear skin, unless you have immediate access to a dermatologist, and still, it takes time to see the positive side effects of what they might administer. The good news: there are certain things you can do within a 24-hour time frame to help make your skin glow, from creating a DIY sleeping mask to changing up your morning routine. Check out each step in the 24-hour regimen, and let me know if you have any tips for making your skin look instantly better.

6 Japanese Beauty Secrets You'll Want to Start Using Immediately

Japan is a treasure trove of unique beauty products and experiences. We have them to thank for the massive popularity of cleansing oils, and they produce some of the best sunscreens on the market. Without a doubt, they also have some bizarre products, too, like eye drops that sting (but produce the whitest eyes of all time), plus lip and brow tattoos. But here’s the thing: they actually work and look great, too.

One popular item in Japan is facial essence . To us, it looks like a toner with its watery consistency. But while most toners are astringents that can dry out the skin, these Japanese essences are known for making the skin glow. They have many types of vitamins and acids that help turn over dead skin cells, which in turn makes your skin appear brighter. When do you use it? Think of it as a serum. Apply four to five drops of it on your palm and press into your skin. Then apply your favorite moisturizer.

Check out the six products Japan has bestowed upon the beauty world, and let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of them!

Why Shay Mitchell Used to Hide Her Filipina Heritage

I’d like to believe Shay Mitchell and I would be best friends. Aside from the fact that I’m not a big pizza person (and Shay is obsessed!), we have a lot in common. Our favorite esthetician is Shani Darden . We both create content for YouTube. She’s really into skin care and makeup, as am I! And she’s a total girls’ girl but can get down with the boys, too. (Plus, she’s on one of the most scandalous and morbid shows on the tube, Pretty Little Liars, and I love anything creepy or horror-genre related.)

Shay joined us on this week’s episode of #PrettyUnfiltered while promoting her new partnership with Bioré , and having interviewed her once before, I knew that she was going to be fun but also genuine – something that’s absolutely necessary for our series. After an outfit change on her part, we kicked off our shoes and got to talking.

Shay is half Filipina, and growing up, she felt like she didn’t fit in. She explained that she felt insecure in school, which most of us can relate to, but her insecurities were mostly due to the fact that she didn’t look like most of her friends. She had darker skin and features; everyone else was white and blond.

I was also totally blown away to hear that Shay used to dye her hair blond and wear contacts in an effort to alter her image. She explains how she came to embrace herself and how she built up her confidence, and she told us an amazing quote her mother shared with her as a kid. Check out the interview with Shay, and then let us know what empowers you by hashtagging #PrettyUnfiltered.

On Kirbie: Rebecca Vallance top and skirt
On Shay: Hair by Rod Ortega , makeup by Mario Dedivanovic

Want Better Skin and Hair? Grab the Champagne

We recently learned that Champagne can help with memory loss , which is an amazing benefit to drinking some bubbly. Turns out, there are plenty of other benefits the beverage has to offer, including better skin and gorgeous hair! Use it to clarify your skin like a toner; add it to your hair for a fuller, shinier mane; or incorporate it into a DIY clay mask for a weekly detox treatment. Check out all the uses and let us know your favorite thing to do with Champagne in the comments – outside of drinking it, of course!

On Kirbie: Rebecca Taylor dress.