All of Your Summer Skin Needs Are in This Sephora Sun Safety Kit

Seriously, can Summer just get here already? While we patiently wait for Mother Nature to get her life in order, we might as well get a jump on some warm weather shopping. If you’re unsure where to even begin, start with your skincare . You’ll definitely want to drop the 16-piece Sun Safety Kit that just hit Sephora into your cart.

Allure gave us the initial scoop on the set that includes both full and travel-sized versions of beloved sunscreen brands like Lancôme, Supergoop, AmorePacific, Dr. Jart+, Drunk Elephant, Clinique, Tarte, and more. There’s a mix of mists, creams, masks, facial pads, and a lip treatment. It’s more than just a batch of sun protectors – think of this as your week at the beach skin survival kit. It also includes an after-sun soothing mask and a self-tanner, so you can get your (safe) glow on!

With such a star lineup of brands stashed inside of a cute tassle-decked carrying case, you’d expect to pay an arm and leg to protect your arms and legs, but this kit is only $36 – even though it’s actually worth $161. Twenty bucks of each kit sale will go to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and $5 from each will go to The Skin Cancer Foundation . So you can shop knowing that you’re doing both your skin and the world a whole lot of good.

Tatcha's New Launch Will Have You Looking Like You Got 8 Hours of Sleep

If you’re prayed to the genetic gods that, magically, your undereye would be freed from dark circles, you might just have a new product to obsess over.

Tatcha’s newest launch aims to take away all the issues when it comes to brightening your undereye. Introducing The Pearl Eye Treatment and Underlight ($48), a new skincare treatment that’s biggest task is treating under-eye issues, but also works to conceal them as the treatment works overtime. Think of it as a day time treatment for your delicate eye area.

Vicky Tsai, founder of Tatcha, explains that The Pearl was inspired by how pearls get their perfect luster. Mikimoto, considered by many as the #1 name in pearls, created what’s considered the “perfect pearl,” which has the perfect luster. Luster is the definition of how much glow an inner pearl has.

“Diamonds have clarity; pearls have their own metrics for what makes them beautiful. And what gives a pearl luster, because it’s built out of these layers of protein, really, but they have to be perfectly smooth for the light to penetrate and come back out in a true glow,” said Vicky. “So your skin is the same way. It’s made up of these layers, and if it’s smooth, and there’s no duskiness to it, the light comes into your skin, bounces off this layer of water, and come back out. It’s what gives people a true glow.”

Made with Akoya pearl extract, The Pearl does two things: it supports the natural collagen production in the skin, and then helps with the glycation in the skin, which is what causes the browning and yellowing of the skin over time. If you’re a fan of the brand’s Water Cream , the formula works similarly to hydrate, but also includes Akoya pearl extract paired with pearl pigments to underlight the skin. It also includes ingredients like Uji green tea to help with fatigue, silk powder to blur, and botanical extracts to protect against environmental stressors.

Candlelight, Moonlight, and Softlight

The product comes in three underlights to help create a no makeup-makeup look while treating the skin: Moonlight, Softlight, and Candlelight. In our opinion, Moonlight works best for fair to medium skin tones, Softlight is best for tan, olive tones, and Candlelight is best for dark and deep tones, although, admittedly, it may be too light to wear solo for deeper tones. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t a shade launch, or even meant to replace your concealer. The brand was quick to state that this is a treatment first and foremost. The way you wear it is up to you.

The product does the job, but isn’t overbearing. Here’s a photo I took immediately after using it. On the left eye, nothing; on the right, I dabbed Moonlight underneath. It’s brighter, but in a way that wouldn’t make you do a double-take. I feel like I look a bit more refreshed, yeah?

(Ignore my melasma, please!)

To apply, simply take a rice-sized amount onto your fingertip and apply three dots. Then, pat the product into the skin, working your way over and out toward the temple. It will feel similar to how the Water Cream “bursts” as you press it into the skin.

You can pick up The Pearl starting May 1.

Here's the Difference Between Retinol-Induced Skin Purging and a Breakout

Anyone who’s ever been prescribed a topical treatment for a skincare concern has probably heard their derm utter the following cliche: “This will make things worse before it gets better.” One common culprit is retinol , an ingredient that’s beloved by many for its ability to treat everything from fine lines and wrinkles to acne, along with improving skin’s elasticity, stimulating collagen production, and smoothing out uneven texture.

I’m currently testing a new serum, Algenist Elevate Advanced Retinol Serum ($98), which I love more than most of the people in my life. But before completely eliminating my stubborn acne and pesky hyperpigmentation, this stuff reeked havoc on my complexion.

Turns out, “getting worse before it gets better” has an actual name: purging. And the title is apt – after seeing a uniform pack of pimples pop up on the left side of my face, I was so out for blood that I could have starred in The Purge 37, or whatever sequel number that horror film franchise is on by now. I reached out to Dr. Joshua Zeichner , Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research for NYC’s Mount Sinai Hospital, for everything I needed to know about this process.

First, a little science lesson for you: “Purging is the skin clearing blockages from the pores in a rapid manner,” Dr. Zeichner told me. “This usually occurs in the setting of using topical retinoids, which enhance cell turnover and help open blockages within the pores.”

“The breakouts should look similar to each other, as they tend to develop at the same time”

It can take anywhere from days to weeks, a time frame that depends on how much oil or gunk is clogging your follicles to begin with. Zeichner says if you have a fairly clear complexion and are using retinol to treat wrinkles rather than acne, “purging may be so minor that you do not notice it at all.” Translation: a retinol won’t create a pimple that wasn’t already budding underneath your skin.

So what makes purging different than just a normal breakout, or perhaps a bad reaction to your retinol of choice? A purge is just a rapid breakout that can occur all over the face. (But not always – mine was confined to the left side, as that has always been a problem area for me).

The key to self-diagnosing purging is making sure that your pimples are all uniform. “The breakouts should look similar to each other, as they tend to develop at the same time,” Dr. Zeichner said. “In the case of regular acne, breakouts occur at different times and individual pimples are usually in different stages.” My purge took form as multiple whiteheads that literally sprouted overnight – such a pleasant surprise to wake up to!

So why keep slathering a retinol on your face? “Once you clear the pipes, if you continue to use the retinol, you can keep them clean and prevent them from getting clogged again.” To quote Robert Frost (and also my dad during a particularly gruesome fourth-grade soccer game), “The only way out is through.” Luckily, if you continue using your product, it should not happen more than once. However, sometimes extreme aggravating factors like stress or hormonal change like switching birth control cause a rapid increase in oil buildup.

And if you’re going through a purge, just remember this: there’s nothing wrong with proudly rocking your acne .

Milk's New Lip + Cheek Stick Is the Perfect Summer Shade of Dusty Pink

Milk Makeup just added another member to its Lip + Cheek crew, and she’s named Werk ($24). No big deal or anything, but Werk is seriously the most perfect shade of dusty pink. As the product name implies, Werk is a multitasking stick that you can apply to your lips and cheeks (you could even go crazy and try it on your eyelids), making this product ideal for easy, on-the-go Summer travel.

It’s made with nourishing mango butter, avocado oil, and plant waxes, and per the Milk Makeup usual it’s 100 percent vegan and cruelty free. We love that you can build up intensity, and that it moisturizes while imparting color. We’re also digging the fact that it’s a light, solid cream formulation versus a heavy powder or matte, allowing your skin to breathe more as we head into higher temps. Wherever you’re heading this Spring and Summer, here’s to easy beauty and looking good.

Milk Makeup Is Unveiling a CBD Oil-Filled Mascara – and It's Vegan

Milk Makeup is the epitome of on-trend, cool-girl makeup, and the brand is releasing a new highly covetable mascara. The now 100 percent vegan brand is debuting the Kush Mascara ($24) on April 20 (we see what you did there, Milk), and it’s going to completely change your beauty routine.

Most mascaras use beeswax to thicken their formula, but vegans have to find alternative ingredients to help their mascara pack a volumizing punch. Milk went with CBD-rich cannabis oil for its ability to be whipped into a creamy, thick consistency. When you swipe the Puff Puff Brush through your lashes, the formula fills heart-shaped hollow fibers in the mascara to create thick, long, full lashes. The color is rich and pigmented, coating your with lashes an inky black hue.

If you’re an ingredient-conscious beauty-lover, you’re going to be completely obsessed with this product. It’s cruelty-free, paraben free, and gluten-free, all while being packed with hydrating oils and ingredients.

Make your 4/20 complete by picking up this dope mascara on Milk Makeup’s website or at Sephora .

17 Reasons I Am an Eternal Slave to My Long Hair

You all know the hashtag #LongHairDontCare. Well, for me, the saying is so much more than a fun rhyme to say and tweet – it’s a life motto. There was a time in my life when my mane was just another thing to experiment with, as inconsequential as painting your toenails a different color every week. However, as I grew older, it became startlingly clear that my hair is not a plaything, but more like another limb – as consequential as trimming your arm for a “new look”!

I’ve generally had long hair throughout my whole life. There were a few periods here and there when I decided to switch it up, fleeting moments of curiosity that were immediately followed by deep regret. My senior year of high school – a very important year in one’s life – I cut it so short that my shoulders would get breezy. Believe me, that was the least of my agony. The worst was feeling like a human mushroom for at least four months of my life.

Then there was that time during my punk phase when I tried out the rock ‘n’ roll mullet. Hey, Scarlett Johansson made the same mistake once , so I’m in good company. And just like any momentous life lesson, a mullet taught me to never go down that road ever again.

But then, just two years ago, I did it again. I felt the urge to subject myself to that rotating chair and have some grown man with better eyebrows than me chop it off. This time, it was only a few inches, and afterward, my length was still technically considered medium-long, but I still felt that excruciating pang of regret, and that’s when it was solidified. I have to have long hair. And I mean a mermaid mane that goes way past my chest, Miley Cyrus’s look from her “Party in the U.S.A” days .

I don’t care if it’s 104 degrees and humid out. I don’t care that my strands regularly get caught on things – dress zippers, random cracks in the wall, underneath my purse straps. I don’t care that it takes an inordinate amount of time to dry. I don’t care that having the same hairstyle is undeniably boring. I am a slave to my long locks, and I will do whatever it takes to make my master happy.

On the upside, having long hair has its benefits. Here are 17 reasons why I’ll always live by #LongHairDontCare.

Selena Gomez Just Shaved Her Head – Except Perhaps Not in the Way You Think

After trying out platinum blonde hair and wavy hair extensions , Selena Gomez is now experimenting with an entirely different hair trend. The 25-year-old singer recently wore her hair in a braided ponytail during a press trip in Germany. Though beautiful, the hairstyle was really just meant to accentuate her new addition: a bold undercut.

Selena revealed her shaved haircut with her Instagram followers in a post that read, “Always need a subtle change.” According to her hairstylist Marissa Marino, the big cut was done by Tim Dueñas , seemingly at the last minute. “When your friend calls you to give Selena Gomez an undercut,” Tim wrote on Instagram. Since she frequently switched up her look, there’s no guaranteeing Selena will stick with this particular hair length, however, the undercut certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I've Tried Every Face Powder Under the Sun, but This One Reigns Supreme

One of my first makeup experiences as a teenager was heading to my local department store, walking up to the first sales lady I saw, and asking, “What is the best powder foundation I can buy?” Without hesitation, she pointed me in the direction of MAC Cosmetics. A few minutes later, I was the owner of my very first MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation ($30).

Over 10 years later, I still use this product daily, but the journey wasn’t as simple as it sounds. Several times I thought to myself, “Is it really the best?,” and I let friends, ads, and salespeople constantly convince me to try something else. From drugstore brands to high-end names, I’ve tested it it all. Because I have problematic, acne-prone, oily skin (lucky me!), all these other options made those issues worse or just were never right on my face. Like clockwork, every single time I experienced a failed attempt at switching products, I headed right back to my holy grail trusty foundation.

My favorite thing about it: the coverage! I’m not a huge fan of heavy liquid foundations. I prefer lighter BB-cream-like textures, but they aren’t enough when covering my flaws. I strictly rely on powder for coverage, and this one does the job! I even use tiny brushes for spot treatments if I have a breakout. The consistency and finish are simply unbeatable.

It comes in a variety of shades ranging in neutral, cool, and warm tones. The brand also suggests that you can use it in combination with other heavier liquid foundations or setting powders, or just as is. If you haven’t already, give this cult classic a try.

Exclusive: Wet n Wild Is Soaring to New Heights With the Flights of Fancy Collection

Wet n Wild is celebrating Summer in the best way: with a new limited-edition makeup collection that you’re going to want ASAP. The iconic beauty brand just debuted a brightly hued collection that is inspired by the colors of exotic birds, and it features the Allen’s and Costa hummingbirds on its packaging, both of which are native to California.

To celebrate the launch, Wet n Wild is donating $10,000 to the Los Angeles Audubon Society to restore habitat to the endangered Allen’s hummingbird. “Knowing that the Allen’s hummingbird is a climate-endangered species, which means the habitat needed to support its population is quickly lessening, we wanted to shine a spotlight on this beautiful bird and see what we could do to help its plight,” Senior Vice President of Marketing Evelyn Wang told POPSUGAR. “As an animal-loving brand, we feel a lot of compassion for our furry and feathered friends, and the Allen’s hummingbird holds a special place in our hearts,” she explained.

The collection includes eye shadows, liquid eyeliners, baked blushes, nail polish, and more, and nothing in the collection costs more than $5. Like all Wet n Wild products, the collection is entirely cruelty-free, which makes it perfect for the animal-loving beauty obsessed. If you’re totally in love with this collection (and let’s be real – who wouldn’t be?), Wet n Wild is offering a $35 bundle of absolute essentials from it.

Be sure to head to your local drugstore or to Wet n Wild’s website on May 2 to purchase everything in the collection. In the meantime, check out the products below and start taking note of the ones you need to add to your stash.

Amal Clooney's Hairstylist Might Do Meghan Markle's Wedding Day Look

The countdown is on until royal wedding 2018, which takes place on May 19 . Like any average bride-to-be, Meghan Markle is solidifying her big-day beauty plans. Just kidding, there’s nothing average about these nuptials, especially when you consider who’s rumored to be doing her hair. You’ve likely seen his work before – perhaps on the cover of this month’s Vogue ?

Celebrity stylist Miguel Perez cut and colored Amal Clooney’s strands for her recent cover shoot , and according to Us Weekly, the celebrity stylist also does Meghan’s hair . He hasn’t confirmed that he’ll be on hand for the royal wedding , but Perez has said he will be there in some capacity – either as a stylist or a guest. (So will the Clooneys!)

Perez works at Salon Sloane in Chelsea, London , where his work costs around $200 a cut. There’s no word on the pricing for his messy bun styling , but whatever style Meghan picks for her big day, we’re sure it will be chic and memorable.

If You Don't Love 1 of These 12 Foundations, We Give Up

As a makeup artist, every day I explain to my clients that foundation is not a one-size-fits-all product. It needs to be the right fit for your coverage needs and your skin type, should make your skin better after applied. And no matter the price, it should have the right ingredients that won’t change the nature of your skin or worsen any conditions you may have.

I’ve had years of experience to test all types of foundations on clients, so scroll down to your skin type and find out what to add to your makeup bag!

This Is When Experts Say You Should Really Start Dabbing On Eye Cream

There’s no time like the present to start preserving your beautiful skin , so let’s not waste another minute. Whether you’re 16 or 60 (or anywhere in between), we can all reap the benefits of a little extra TLC around our extrasensitive eye area. We talked to top skincare experts to find out when you should really start using under-eye cream, what to look for in a product, and how to apply it for maximum benefits. Read on to see what they said, then go grab some eye cream to add to your lineup.

Psst: Here's How to Score a Free Ulta Swag Bag

A post shared by Ulta Beauty (@ultabeauty) on Feb 18, 2018 at 11:16am PST

The powers that be at Ulta have given the makeup community a righteous gift: $88 worth of beauty swag with a $20 purchase. All you have to do to get in on the action is shop the Ulta beauty line between now and March 17. (And FYI, the collection has recently been given a makeover with new packaging, formulations, and products.)

After hitting that $20 threshold, you’ll be gifted a 14-piece makeup bag that’s loaded with $88 worth of goodies. The bag includes a mini eye shadow palette, blush, mascara, lip oil, lipstick, lip liner, eyeliner, brow-shaping gel, face primer, illuminator, tinted eye primer, blush brush, pencil sharpener, and a $5-off-$15-purchase coupon. You can find the specific details here .

The bag is a great (and FREE) way to check out Ulta’s new goods. Just note that there’s only one free bag per customer and the promotion only lasts as long as supplies do!

Real Techniques Just Launched Glittery New Brushes and, Well, There Goes Our Money

Real Techniques is kicking 2018 off with a glittery, shimmery, holographic bang – and we’re not complaining. The brand responsible for some of our favorite brushes just launched a limited-edition set of colorful tools that deserve a spot in your makeup bag (and on your Insta feed).

Founders and badass sister-duo Sam and Nic Chapman were inspired by the latest holographic trends and decided to create glitzy brushes with the same Real Techniques quality we know and love. The Brush Crush collection features eight pieces all outfitted in shimmery purple and pink packaging. You can pick up powder, foundation, contour, blush, fan, shadow, and kabuki brushes all in the holographic designs.

If you’re a fan of RT’s marble blending sponge , then you’ll also be excited to learn that a new pastel pink iteration of the cult-favorite blender is now available.

You can purchase the brushes now at and online at , so whatcha waiting for? Go on and spruce up your brush collection. Get a better look at the pretty new RT swag ahead.

10 Powerful Leave-In Conditioners to Pamper the Heck Out of Your Hair

If your everyday facial moisturizer had a haircare equivalent, it would be a pampering leave-in conditioner. Just as your skin enjoys daily hydrating benefits, so does your hair, and these conditioning, silkifying, frizz-fighting leave-ins are the easiest, hassle-free ways to deliver exactly that. Sprayed, spritzed, or combed through damp (or dry) hair, these souped-up formulas give your hair the daily boost and refresh it deserves. Go ahead, spoil your overworked strands with one of these indulgent, hair-smoothing, leave-in conditioners.

The Secret to Emma Stone's Oscars Glow? A New Kiehl's Product!

Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz

OK, Emma Stone , we see you at the Oscars looking fierce as ever in your satin Louis Vuitton pantsuit ! Last year’s best actress winner totally dominated the red carpet, oozing confidence and an overall badass vibe (which no doubt peaked during the brilliant shade she threw while presenting the award for best director ). But here’s one thing that you may have missed, no matter how long you stared at Emma’s all-over winning look: the fact that she debuted a new Kiehl’s product!

According to a rep for the brand, Emma’s makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, used this totally casual, normal night to showcase Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator, a moisturizer that promises to visibly improve your “natural glow” over time. It’s made with illuminating materials and antioxidant protection such as pomegranate extract, which provides hydration for 24 hours. That’s a whole dang day of great skin, y’all.

You could smear this all over your face as you would with any moisturizer, but Rachel chose to mix it in with Emma’s base, which happened to be Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation in Gobi ($49). This made her foundation easier to blend while leaving behind a soft, dreamy dewiness.

The one catch? Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator ($38) won’t be available until May, but you can preorder it on the brand’s website and have it sent just in time for a vanity made clear by Spring cleaning.

12 Stunning Makeup Looks Inspired by All of the Zodiac Signs

We bet Mercury wasn’t in retrograde when makeup artist Kimberly Money transformed herself into 12 characters inspired by zodiac signs. To live out horoscopes IRL, she rocks multiple hair colors, from fiery red to icy periwinkle, and makes over her eyes in mesmerizing ways (seriously, just check out Aquarius’s glitter tears).

“I grew up in Vietnam where the zodiac signs are very popular, so I always wanted to make a series out of it since I love doing makeup and photography,” Kimberly told POPSUGAR via email on what inspired this stunning project.

Though she is not an astrologer, a lot of thought went into crafting each look. “I choose the looks based on my experience with people around me with the signs,” she said. “I also do some research online on which colors fit with the looks most. This series represents how I see these signs in my imagination and bring it to reality.”

She looks gorgeous in all of the horoscope looks, but we still had to know which one was hers. “I’m a Libra,” she admitted. “I feel like it represents me very well. I always looking for balance in life and love spending time alone working on things that I love, such as makeup. Also, this look I chose especially for this sign is my favorite combo, and smoky eyes are my go-to!”

Keep reading to see every beautiful style, and tell us: does your month represent you?

Gina Rodriguez's Red Carpet Hair Looks Basic – Until She Turns Around

Gina Rodriguez always looks fantastic – but she took our collective breath away on the Oscars red carpet. The Jane the Virgin actress walked the red carpet looking like a princess with pastel-hued makeup and a sleek ponytail.

Gina’s eye makeup featured lavender eye shadow paired with a pale pink lip and flawless skin. Her makeup was done by makeup artist Carissa Ferreri using Burt’s Bees makeup.

The most intriguing part of Gina’s look, however, was revealed when she turned around to smooch her boyfriend, Joe LoCicero. Gina’s sleek, low ponytail was wrapped with hair at the base and wrapped with more hair a few inches down. The result was a gorgeous and interesting take on an otherwise simple red carpet look.

Keep reading to see her look at every angle.

Step Right This Way, Ladies: MAC's Newest Palette Is Inspired by Girl Power

In 2017, MAC released its hilariously but trivially named Basic B*tch Palette , but this year the brand will celebrate a very different type of woman. That’s because MAC dropped a MAC Girls Risk Taker Palette ($40), which celebrates badass beauty babes and on-point shadow looks all at once.

This bundle contains eight berry- and shimmer-tinted eye hues, along with one bronze-pink highlighter. We’re obsessed with Risky Business, an ultraviolet-gray mix; Fashion Fanatic, an attention-grabbing fuchsia; and Free Ride, a ’90s-esque muted mauve.

We’re also cheering for the palette’s packaging, which is decorated with bold florals and thin, orange-toned stripes. If you’ve tried any MAC Girls Personality products , you know that the charming palettes contain satiny, pearl-infused powders that glide over your skin like a goshdarn dream. This puppy is sure to be the talk of your vanity, so don’t take the risk of waiting to purchase this one.

Nicole Kidman's Oscars Hair Came Courtesy of This New H&M-Owned Beauty Line

If you haven’t shopped at & Other Stories , click on the link to the site, call in sick today, and cozy on up to a bona-fide fashion girl’s fantasy . The affordable brand, which is owned by H&M, offers trendy pieces that retail for under $200. Every item comes from three different ateliers based in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles and features striking silhouettes that are both chic and cutting edge.

Until now, the brand has stuck with making clothes, but Nicole Kidman debuted its hair products at the 2018 Oscars. We feel confident enough to call it now: by the way Nicole looks, the line is going to become a beauty mainstay.

While looking like a literal present in her sealed-with-a-bow Armani gown , Nicole kept her hair sleek and sexy. Her uberstraight strands were a delightful contrast to the sweet dress, and the style came courtesy of four new items from & Other Stories.

Hairstylist Kylee Heath codeveloped the new line (which launches this Summer) and worked her magic on Nicole. She began by applying her Universal Blowout Lotion and Fullness Thickening Cream to Nicole’s damp strands. Then she combed through everything and used a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($399) on its highest heat and speed settings. After that, Kylee added & Other Stories Fullness Volume Powder, which gave just a touch of volume around her client’s roots. Then, she straightened Nicole’s hair and topped off everything with & Other Stories Universal Hairspray.

So yeah, safe to say we’ll be heading straight for an & Other Stories store come Summer, so we can find our inner Nicole Kidman.