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34 Nail Art Ideas So Subtle, You Can Wear Them Anywhere – Even at Work

In some work environments, nail art is considered the beauty equivalent of stilettos – distracting by sheer existence, and therefore must be worn in moderation in a professional setting. That doesn’t mean you have to skip the manicure altogether, of course, but you’ll want to find a subtle nail art design that means business . . . without making anyone else butt into yours.

The first, and perhaps most obvious, option is to keep it simple. Swipe on a clear or nude nail polish as your base, then top it off with a hit of color or sparkle to give it an office-appropriate edge. Or, nail artist Jessica Washick has another idea: bring back a classic.

“I’d suggest you play around with a basic french tip manicure, but make it not-so-basic depending on how conservative your office is,” she said. “There’s a lot you can do, but keeping with the french tip design helps to add some boundaries to play in. One idea is to use a sheer, light pink base and just paint on a tinted pink tip. It still reads professional, but the bit of pink helps punch it up.”

No need to brainstorm on design ideas (leave that to your day job, and ours); just keep reading for nail art you can wear to every type of office setting – then get to work.

Kendall Jenner Finally Tried the Hairstyle All Her Sisters Have Been Loving

When you think of the superlong hair trend, chances are your mind goes to a handful of celebrities, many of whom are members of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Khloé Kardashian have been known to wear the trend frequently, and now Kendall Jenner is getting in on the fun.

The model posted an image to Instagram as part of an album of snaps from a disco-themed party. In true Kardashian-Jenner family style, she showed fans her extralong, sleek hair. While it’s too soon to tell if this style will become a new go-to, it looks just as good on her as her typical lob length.

Check out how the rest of her sisters have worn the trend ahead.

Get Ready: Deciem's The Ordinary Is Finally Hitting Ulta Next Week

Deciem’s The Ordinary is set to launch at Ulta Beauty next week, making it even easier for you to get your hands on the skincare line.

The skincare brand gained popularity due to its focus and transparency when it comes to ingredients and its affordable pricing. Regarding the latter, it’s those under-$10 price tags that make it easy to stock up on your favorites, test out new products, and introduce your friends to different ways to pamper their skin.

Ahead, check out some of our favorite The Ordinary products, which will be rolling out on Ulta Beauty’s website on July 1 and into more than 400 Ulta stores on Aug. 5.

Alison Brie Is Back to Her Zoya the Destroya Hair Color (With a New Blunt Bob To Boot)

Alison Brie’s Summer look combines one of this year’s biggest haircut trends with her “Zoya the Destroya” hair color. The GLOW actress debuted a blunt bob with straight-across bangs and a fresh chestnut-brown dye job.

“And just like that…baby was brunette again,” she captioned her Instagram photo revealing her new hairstyle, tagging Juliana Hoyos Seyedi as the hairstylist behind the new look. Brie’s hair change comes just two months after she presumably went blond for an upcoming role.

Check out Brie’s Summer hair transformation ahead.

You'll Be Screaming Like Meryl Streep Over These Big Little Lies Beauty Secrets

Should you boast the remarkable ability to think about anything other than Meryl Streep’s epic premiere as Mary Louise Wright on Big Little Lies (in which case, reveal yourself, warlock), you may have noticed that a lot has changed since season one – even on the beauty front. Jane has bangs! Tori got her breasts done! Bonnie is one freak-out away from developing full-blown stress acne!

This also applies to the cast’s makeup. “There are some aesthetic changes for the ladies of Monterey you can expect this season,” said Michelle Radow, the show’s makeup department head. “Some are subtle, while others will be more obvious to viewers. You’ll see some shifts in color palettes, makeup deconstruction, and sometimes the addition of more makeup to help visually tell the story.”

From hidden tattoo meanings you never saw coming to the mascara that holds up to Streep’s cry-screams, the behind-the-scenes beauty secrets ahead may not center around the murder of Perry Wright, but they are pretty killer.

How Indie Lee Went From Working in Accounting to Running a Bestselling Skincare Line

Switching careers might seem like a daunting life decision with countless unknown factors and risks. Switching to something completely unrelated to the field that you’re currently in might seem even scarier. Indie Lee’s career is an example of how possible it is – even in the face of adversity. The founder discussed how she started her eponymous skincare brand during POPSUGAR Play/Ground’s “Finding Purpose Through Passion” panel.

“I don’t actually come from the beauty industry,” she said, before explaining that she started out as a CPA. “[I] really had a phenomenal career. I realized something really important about my life – I don’t like accounting.”

Lee explained that after her realization, she was faced with a slew of health concerns. In 2008, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis; within the next year, she began to lose her vision. Lee said that her most “impactful day” was when she was told by her doctor that she had a tumor.

“I realized, on that day, I was one of those people who was truly a passenger in their own life and not actually living it,” she said. “And I said, ‘I don’t know what this is. Something good will happen from it. I just have to allow it, and every day from this day forth, I’m going to live with purpose, passion, and be fully present.'”

Lee said that when she was told that she had six months to live, she went back to her doctor and asked how it was possible – since “no one in [her] family had anything like this.” Her doctor noted that more of these things are linked to the environment and asked her, “What do you put on your skin?”

That’s when it clicked for Lee. “I said, for whatever time I have left, I’m going to dedicate it to creating a skincare line that was clean, effective, beautiful in the shower, and more importantly, I wanted to educate and empower others to live the healthiest version of their lives, whatever that looks like,” she said.

Ultimately, Lee survived the surgery to remove her tumor, but her passion remained – and her career is proof that it’s never too late to start over. Ahead, check out some of her bestselling products.

Kiss Product Buildup Goodbye With These 12 Clarifying Shampoos

If you’ve been noticing your hair looks lackluster, lacks volume, or is just plain greasy, you could benefit from a great clarifying shampoo. These heavy-duty formulas dissolve build-up from your hair caused by products, dirt, chlorine, and minerals from your water, and allow it to spring back to its beautiful self.

Once you’ve found the perfect clarifying shampoo, you’ll never want to be without it. Using one just once a week can add volume and shine to your hair, so you can keep going through those bottle of dry shampoo (we hate washing our hair, too).

Ahead, you’ll find the best clarifying shampoos around, so you can fall in love with them, too.

10 Sunscreen Moisturizers That Are So Comfortable, You'll Never Skip SPF Again

For many, slathering on sunscreen doesn’t come as naturally as putting on moisturizer. (We get it – sometimes SPF formulas can prove sticky or heavy on the skin.) With the products ahead, you won’t have any excuse to skip sun protection.

Ahead, you’ll find gels, creams, and lotions that not only moisturize your face and neck but also keep the areas safe from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. An added bonus: they feel amazing as you put them on. See our picks for the best sunscreen moisturizers. We guarantee you’ll find one you’ll want to use every day.

13 New Makeup Products Our Editors Love For Summer 2019

This Summer, cosmetics brands are bringing their A game when it comes to innovative products we want to put all over our faces. We curated a list of our favorite makeup releases for you to consider, so get ready to fill up that virtual shopping cart. You’ll be the most luminous goddess on the block, and we commend you for it.

It’s one of our favorite times for makeup, because both warm and cool tones are popular – that means products are flattering on a variety of skin tones. If you’re looking to build your beauty arsenal for the season, you have come to the perfect place. We created the ultimate guide of must-have cosmetic essentials you need for the coming months. You name it, we probably have it on this list. Take a look at these products, and treat yourself to something special.

13 Fragrance-Free Face Masks For Those Who Are Sensitive to Smell

If your skin is starting to become a little more irritated than it normally is, you may consider eliminating fragrance from your routine and trying fragrance-free face masks. Some people with sensitive skin choose to make the switch and see their skin rapidly improve. Luckily, there are plenty of fragrance-free options on the market, including body washes, and even face masks.

We’ve rounded up the very best fragrance-free masks so you can add some much-needed TLC to your routine. If your complexion is starting to look dehydrated, try out a deeply moisturizing variety, or opt for a gentle clay mask if you’re breaking out.

Regardless of what complexion concerns and needs you have, you’re sure to find your ideal treatment without fragrance ahead.