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10 Sunscreen Moisturizers That Are So Comfortable, You'll Never Skip SPF Again

For many, slathering on sunscreen doesn’t come as naturally as putting on moisturizer . (We get it – sometimes SPF formulas can prove sticky or heavy on the skin.) With the products ahead, you won’t have any excuse to skip sun protection.

Ahead, you’ll find gels , creams , and lotions that not only moisturize your face and neck but also keep the areas safe from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. An added bonus: they feel amazing as you put them on. See our picks for the best sunscreen moisturizers. We guarantee you’ll find one you’ll want to use every day.

These Cannes Beauty Looks Are Bringing Back Old Hollywood Glam in the Best Way

For a week in May, the world’s most famous models and celebrities make their way to the South of France for the Cannes Film Festival . And if you thought the Oscars were glamorous , just wait until you see the hair and makeup from Cannes.

This year was all about the red lip: Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez , and K-pop star Jessica Jung all wore the bright crimson hue, making for a striking first day of red carpet looks. The hair was equally elegant with chignons, twisted updos, and Hollywood waves.

If the rest of the week is anything like what we’ve seen so far, we’re in for some dreamy hair and makeup inspiration. (Here’s hoping there’s another new hair color moment as good as Iskra Lawrence’s rose gold hair last year.) Keep reading to see each and every one of the looks as they grace the red carpet.

13 New Makeup Products Our Editors Love For Summer 2019

This Summer, cosmetics brands are bringing their A game when it comes to innovative products we want to put all over our faces. We curated a list of our favorite makeup releases for you to consider, so get ready to fill up that virtual shopping cart. You’ll be the most luminous goddess on the block, and we commend you for it.

It’s one of our favorite times for makeup , because both warm and cool tones are popular – that means products are flattering on a variety of skin tones. If you’re looking to build your beauty arsenal for the season, you have come to the perfect place. We created the ultimate guide of must-have cosmetic essentials you need for the coming months. You name it, we probably have it on this list. Take a look at these products, and treat yourself to something special.

13 Fragrance-Free Face Masks For Those Who Are Sensitive to Smell

If your skin is starting to become a little more irritated than it normally is, you may consider eliminating fragrance from your routine and trying fragrance-free face masks. Some people with sensitive skin choose to make the switch and see their skin rapidly improve. Luckily, there are plenty of fragrance-free options on the market, including body washes , and even face masks.

We’ve rounded up the very best fragrance-free masks so you can add some much-needed TLC to your routine. If your complexion is starting to look dehydrated , try out a deeply moisturizing variety, or opt for a gentle clay mask if you’re breaking out .

Regardless of what complexion concerns and needs you have, you’re sure to find your ideal treatment without fragrance ahead.

15 Refreshing, Cool Takes on Summer Nail Art That You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Your nail art this Summer can make the next three months that much brighter – and it isn’t just because you’re using neon hues or painting on tropical patterns reminiscent of your last vacation to Miami.

Ahead, you’ll find unexpected ways to put those Summer nail polish shades to work, plaster on foils, and break out your dotting tool. After seeing these looks, you’re going to want to bring them to your manicurist, pronto.

Are You Sitting Down? We Found 13 New Makeup Palettes Perfect For Summer 2019

Getting a makeup palette is more exciting than receiving any other product, because you’re getting so many goodies in one lovely package. Whether you’re looking to perfectly highlight your face or create a killer smoky eye, there’s an option that can suit your needs. This Summer, brands are releasing plenty of fun options, both in bold hues and muted tones.

It was no easy task, but we rounded up our favorite palettes on the market right now. These picks range in price point and purpose, so you’re sure to find something ideal. Take a look at our roundup to see which ones you already own – and which ones you need.

We Found Amazon's 10 Top-Rated Skincare Products So You Don't Have To

When it comes to skincare products, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m picky. If a product isn’t top-rated or highly recommended, I’m not using it. I have problematic, acne-prone skin, and a lot of products break me out. That being said, I spent years perfecting my skincare routine , and for a lot of it, I always thought brand names and high prices meant they were better. I was totally wrong. In fact, a quick search for top-rated skincare products on Amazon offers endless affordable options.

The site is filled with tons of impressive skincare products, but finding the one that’s right for you isn’t always easy because there are so many choices to shop from. One way I like to narrow in on the best of the best is by reading customer reviews . Thousands of buyers constantly leave in-depth testimonials from their experiences and even post photos, and I could get lost reading them for hours. To make shopping easier, I curated a list of the 10 bestselling choices to help you find your match. From serums to eye creams, these hot picks all have over 2,000 reviews, some even up to 14,000. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find your match.

In Defense of Having a Signature Scent

I haven’t been to the home of my childhood best friend since we were in elementary school, but I still know that her house smells like a specific kind of laundry detergent, and I can tell if someone around me has used it. That’s how powerful and evocative smells are. They can transport you back in time, and remind you so vividly of memories, thoughts, and people. Every woman I look up to has a signature scent, and it felt like a rite of passage that came with growing up. So when it came time for me to choose a perfume , I knew that I wasn’t going to have lots of different options. I wanted one signature scent, and I found it in Jo Malone’s Red Roses ($68).

“‘I enjoy having a signature scent because I love having something that just smells like me.”

A little bit about my personal taste; I’m not a fan of smoky, woody scents, and much prefer something floral, fruity, or clean . I also hate something that smells artificial or chemically, and I can’t stand anything powdery. Which made this quest challenging to say the least. It felt like I would never find exactly what I was looking for, until I stumbled upon the Jo Malone counter. When I sprayed Red Roses on my wrist, I knew it was the one, and I confirmed it an hour later when my wrist smelled exactly the same as it had upon first spritz. The scent is powerful but not overbearing; it smells mostly like, you guessed it, roses, but also has notes of lemon and honeycomb that make it crisp and fresh, like a real rose garden.

I enjoy having a signature scent because I love having something that just smells like me. In the middle of the day, when I flip my hair and catch a whiff of my perfume, it makes me smile. Plus, it’s incredibly comforting. My whole life, my mom only ever burned one candle, and whenever I smell it, I’m reminded of home. Plus, she and my grandmother both have their own signature scents, custom oil blends that I’ve never seen replicated. I love that no matter if my mom is cooking dinner or going to an event, she smells the same. It’s her way of bringing herself to everything she does, and it’s one of the things I love most about her.

The beautiful thing about perfume is that it reacts with your skin, so even though many people could be wearing the same product, it’ll smell slightly different on everyone. So, basically, everyone can have their own signature scent . I’m obsessed with mine, but I’m willing to share.

5 Hairstyles That Will Be Scorching Hot This Summer

This Summer, think big hair. The season’s most popular hairstyles will be larger than life, thanks to tons of texture and chunky accessories . New York City-based hairstylists Devin Toth of Salon SCK and Emely Miranda of Nexxus have taken us through what they foresee will be cool the next few months. Between the updated high ponytail, a bedazzled short haircut , and even fabrics woven into braids , you’ll want to retire your go-to high bun. Check them out ahead.

The Very Best Eyeliners of All Time That Will Pass Your Incredibly High Standards

When it comes to eyeliner, there are a few things you probably look for before committing. A superpigmented color, long-lasting wear, and smudge-proof formula are essential to creating a look you’ll love and for that pencil or marker to earn a permanent spot in your cosmetics bag.

Luckily, POPSUGAR beauty editors have tried dozens of eyeliners throughout their careers and have loads of favorites in gel, liquid , and pencil varieties. While the ones on this list are dark, inky black shades, many of them come in a bevy of hues .

Ahead, you’re sure to find an eyeliner that you’ll fall in love with and might even become your long-term pick.

11 Asymmetrical Bob Ideas That Will Take Your Short Haircut to the Next Level

While looking for your Summer haircut, you might have scrolled past the countless examples of classic bobs and shag haircuts on your favorite celebrities, but have you ever considered trying an asymmetrical bob haircut?

We tapped hairstylists Devin Toth and Irinel de León to take us through the look. “A classic asymmetrical bob has a shorter side and a longer side,” Toth said. It can be worn with any part, but shifting your part to one side can make the difference in length between the two sides even more dramatic.

Toth described one simple – and sneaky – way to take the look into 2019. “The modern take on this style is to have a perfectly balanced, even, and blunt bob and then tuck one side behind the ear,” he said. “When it’s behind the ear, it will visually look shorter and asymmetrical.” De León mentioned that this is also one great way to wear the look if you have more textured, coarser hair.

Ahead, see examples of and tips on how to wear the asymmetrical bob.

How 3 Celebrity Makeup Artists Would Spend $20 on Beauty Products

While it’s fun to covet Cardi B’s $295 makeup routine or the $401 worth of beauty products Nicki Minaj wore on her recent album cover, you probably have rent to pay and Uber rides to cancel. If you can’t drop triple the price of your air-conditioning bill on makeup, you might rely on your trusty drugstore beauty aisle.

That said, the stacked shelves of your drugstore can be an intimidating place. Rather than wander the maze of $7 foundations and $4 lipsticks forever, you can opt for the following items celebrity makeup artists rely on when they’re feeling thrifty.

Related: These Are the 10 Best Foundations, According to Celebrity Makeup Artists

I Got Hypnotized to Cure My Longtime Nail-Biting Habit – but Did It Work?

It isn’t every day that I find myself in a dark conference room at work, my eyes closed, repeating things like, “Good job, little Kelsey.” But alas, this is precisely where I was one month ago, intermittently talking to myself as a voice on my computer guided me deeper, deeper, deeper . . .

I can assure you I’m not crazy; rather, I was getting hypnotized via video call to cure a compulsive nail-biting habit I picked up at age 5 – one that’s defied 23 years of gross-tasting polish , gloves, and hand-sitting. (OK, maybe the notion is a little crazy, but hear me out.) Hence why Grace Smith , master hypnotherapist and author of Close Your Eyes, Get Free , had me address my younger self, when I first adopted the fixation.

Most people experience 90 percent improvement after six hypnotherapy sessions.

To be clear, I had never tried hypnotherapy before. My first session took me by surprise, mostly because it was completely unlike the movies. There was no waving a pocket watch in front of my face; no zombie-like trance. I simply shut my eyes and relaxed, while Smith cooed me to an altered state of human consciousness. It’s highly effective too: she assured me most people experience 90 percent improvement after six sessions alone. So was I hopeful it would work? Yes. Hesitant? Hell yes.

The first course of action was to make my nail-biting conscious, which followed pinpointing the root of the problem (stress) and addressing when I tend to bite (during deadlines or after one too many cocktails). Then, we designated a replacement I could bring to my mouth whenever I get the urge (water). “The body thinks that by biting your nails, you’re releasing stress and anxiety, which isn’t actually true,” Smith said. “The water is there to relax you.”

If video conferencing a hypnotherapy session sounds weird, that’s because it is. Yet, in between floods of email pings to my inbox and shoddy internet service that interrupted my thoughts, I did reach a relatively relaxed state of mind – almost as if I were watching a movie directed by Smith and I was the lead. “Repeat after me,” she echoed in the background. “I am safe. I am calm. I choose to be here.” And so I did.

Later that night, I bit the nails on my pointer and pinkie fingers until they nearly bled.

We covered the same basics: breathe deeply, find your happy place, instruct 5-year-old Kelsey to sip on water at every urge to bite.

“Everybody is different,” she explained during our next video call the following week. Some people find success after a single session, while others need more. Frankly, by the time we had our second – which took place at 9 p.m., while I was lying in bed – I had already been awake for 16 hours. I was just worried I’d fall asleep when I was asked to close my eyes.

Still, we covered the same basics as our first session: breathe deeply, find your happy place, instruct 5-year-old Kelsey to sip on water at every urge to bite. Surprisingly, however, my overtired state actually helped me relax: by the three-minute mark, I found myself sinking into an alternate universe, floating around as I so pleased.

I must have fallen asleep when the call ended, because I woke up two hours later, confused. It’s hard to say whether it was the result of the hypnosis or my lack of sleep from the night before, but that evening I slept more soundly than I ever had before.

The next day, I opted to get my nails done in an effort to boost my odds of kicking the habit – not that I truly needed it. Over the next three weeks, any time that I found myself reaching my hands up toward my mouth, I’d pause. It wouldn’t stop me from nibbling on the nail, of course – and I certainly never thought to reach for water, probably because I can barely remember to keep a bottle at my desk – but I never bit down, and I think it’s because I was finally becoming aware of what I was doing.

I’m also aware that curing a long-standing habit won’t happen overnight, so I’ll be booking another session should I ever fall off the nail-biting wagon. Like building meaningful relationships or growing a plant, all good things in life take time. As long as it’s not another 23 years, that sounds just about fine to me.

"Flannel Hair" Is the Coziest Fall Color Trend You Didn't See Coming

From your standard L.L. Bean button-up to trendy shirt dresses, flannel is a Fall mainstay . But the warm fabric is not reserved for fashion only. In the waning days of Summer, many celebrities are showing off what’s to come via flannel-colored hair.

The subdued, slightly burnt copper shade looks all kinds of cozy, and it’s a great gateway look to try before going all-out Winter wonderland with mulled wine hair .

9 Colorful and Affordable Makeup Items to Transform Your Look This Halloween

One of the best parts of Halloween is the ability to transform yourself into whatever character or creature you’d like using makeup. Unfortunately, this wonderful holiday only comes once a year, so you probably won’t want to spend a fortune on the beauty items you’re using to complete your costume. The good news is there are tons of affordable options available with rich pigments and easy-to-work-with formulas that will help you achieve your spooky goals. With these tools, you’ll look like Pennywise the clown from It in no time.

Ahead, you’ll find some of the most vibrant and incredible makeup available that are perfect for Halloween (or any time you feel like trying out a daring hue) all under $20.

After a Makeup Artist Used This Concealer on Me, I Bought It That Day – Bye, Dark Circles

You could call me a bit of a concealer snob . I have tried tons of different options, always hunting for a choice that meets my high standards. I want something that hides dark circles, covers acne, and stays on all day long. I found my new favorite when a makeup artist applied this Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème ($26) to my face for a shoot.

As soon as my full face of makeup was on, I audibly gasped. I looked wide awake and airbrushed. The concealer had covered all of my blemishes without making me look cakey – a tricky task. It melted into my skin for a natural-looking finish. But then came the real task – would the formula actually stay on all day long?

I was filming a video under hot lights for hours, and frankly, I was sweating a lot. The makeup artist never had to give my skin a touch-up. I stayed camera-ready all day long. I learned that the product is made with complexion-brightening pigments and hydrating ingredients that make the formula crease-proof. I noticed that my skin didn’t feel dry when I wiped away my makeup later on.

After just one day, I was so impressed that I immediately ordered the concealer online from Sephora. Thankfully, the product comes in an extensive range of shades so that most skin tones can have a perfect match. If you’re in the market for a new option, I highly recommend this pick.

See the New Lip Gloss Shades You Won't Leave the House Without This Fall

As you start stocking up on Fall beauty products , make room for new lip gloss in your stash. Our namesake brand, Beauty by POPSUGAR , recently added three new shades to its Be the Boss Lip Gloss collection (which already has four stars at Ulta), and they’re perfect for the transitioning seasons.

These new additions have the same moisturizing, non-sticky feel as the original formula, but these shades are infused with fine flecks of shimmer. Fetish is a cabernet red with gold pearl; Drive Me Crazy is a deep raspberry with gold pearl; and Take a Bow is a baby pink with gold pearl. We swatched the glosses for our weekly Instagram Series Swatch With Us so you can see them up close before you add ’em to your cart. Check out the shimmery shades ahead, and be sure to follow us on Instagram to see swatches of buzzy beauty products every week.

The Latest Sex-Themed Mascara Comes From Nars – and Oh Baby

Relationship goals: date whoever works in product development at Nars. The brand that gave us blush with a shade name that will make you, well, you know, has long been known for pushing the boundaries. The brand’s latest mascara is no different: meet Climax ($24). This tube is just the latest in a storied tradition of brands communicating their thirstiness via mascara names. (See: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and Urban Decay’s “sex-proof” Troublemaker.) But is Climax just faking it?

The red tube is ribbed for your pleasure, and the wand itself is thick. The formula looks and feels as soft as whipped cream paired with strawberries, which means it doesn’t translate to stiff or flaky lashes. It swipes onto lashes like someone you actually want to slide into your DMs. Climax is supposedly voluminous, but I didn’t feel as though it gave me a lash lift. Rather, it lengthened my lashes as if I’d put on pricey extensions and left behind an alluring curl. You can see the results in my before and after photo, below:

A pro of this mascara is that no matter how many times you apply it, it will. not. clump. This is helpful when you want to pull a Shakira and redo your eye makeup whenever, wherever, without having to worry about spider lashes. That makes this a great everyday, apply-on-the-subway-without-poking-your-eye-out type option.

Am I completely enraptured by Climax? No, only Adam Driver and Panera Mac and Cheese can give me those kinds of feelings. That said, sex sells – and I have a feeling Climax will, too.

Does Having Acne Impact Your Job Prospects? The Answer Might Surprise You

Much to the dismay of anyone with atychiphobia, the truth about job hunting remains: in interviews, like in life, there are only so many things you can control. Even when you’ve fine-tuned your résumé, researched the company, and concocted a decidedly thoughtful response to the wild card “What kind of animal would you be?” question, sometimes there are other, far less obvious factors playing into your odds of getting hired – like the condition of your skin .

It isn’t always conscious, but for some interviewers, the bias is real. Studies have shown that people with facial acne are discriminated against in the job market, with one survey revealing that 78 percent of respondents thought people with blemishes or acne scars were less likely to be hired based on their appearance.

“We live in a society that socializes us to have certain stereotypes that might exist outside of our conscious awareness,” said Alison Green, an ex-hiring manager and columnist for the popular career blog Ask a Manager . “These biases can be about race, gender, age, religion, disability, socioeconomic class, physical attractiveness – all sorts of things.”

“Whether consciously or unconsciously, we assume that attractiveness is associated with competence, even though we know that it’s not true.”

From a legal standpoint, no federal law has been passed to protect people based on their appearances, at least not without the evidence of a disability. But that last part – a bias based on someone’s physical attractiveness – has been widely researched.

“Whether consciously or unconsciously, we assume that attractiveness is associated with competence, even though we know that it’s not true,” said Matthew Traube, MFT, a psychotherapist who specializes in the psychological impact of skin conditions. “I have had clients tell me that they felt that they would have gotten a job if they did not have acne.”

In some cases, this bias can vary depending on the actual open position; Green notes that more managers will put weight on a candidate’s appearance if the job is a client-facing one. “They’ll often frame it as looking for candidates who are ‘well-groomed and polished,’ but in practice that’s sometimes more about a particular physical look than it is about polish,” she said. “And to be clear, employers should recognize that you can have acne and still be well-groomed and polished.”

As for the reason behind the bias, Traube theorizes it could be due to the misguided perception that acneic skin is a result of poor hygiene – an association that, again, the interviewer might only be partly aware of. Dr. Josie Howard, MD, a psychodermatologist and expert for Abreva , agrees: “Blemishes, cold sores, and even psoriasis and eczema are often seen as a source of contagion. Society can have a negative perception of blemishes, especially on the face, even when the condition is common.”

In an ideal world, all employers will have trained hiring managers on how to identify, and then guard against, every type of unconscious bias. Still, acne bias can also be self-inflicted. Going into an interview already worried that others will think less of you because of your skin, Traube says, could then negatively affect your performance.

“People become acutely aware of any visible blemishes, and their self-consciousness is intensified.”

“Having any visible skin condition – especially one that is on the face, like acne or a cold sore – can have a profound impact on self-esteem,” Dr. Howard said. “By definition, job interviews are a time where you are presenting yourself to be evaluated and trying to put your best face forward, so to speak. People become acutely aware of any visible blemishes, and their self-consciousness is intensified – taking their mental and emotional focus off the content of the interview and interpersonal interactions and onto worrying about their skin and appearance.”

To make matters worse, if you’re prone to hormonal breakouts , the stress that comes with prepping for an interview could also trigger flare-ups . “For skin conditions that are exacerbated by anxiety, this can become a vicious cycle,” Dr. Howard said. “Stress can impair the immune system and in turn make you more vulnerable to acne. Then, the stress of a visible outbreak increases stress , further worsening the blemish.”

When you feel stress acne coming on, the most important course of action is to stick to your normal skin-care routine . Don’t add an extra step or spend too much time in front of a magnifying mirror – that only makes it worse, she says. Keeping a fast-acting spot treatment or hydrocolloid bandage in your purse can give you peace of mind. More importantly, though, wear your confidence as if it were included with purchase of your Cole Haan loafers.

“The single most important factor is presenting yourself as comfortable in your skin,” said Dr. Howard. “You might have a visible blemish, but focusing your attention on your excitement about the job will quickly shift your interviewer’s focus as well. As Sophia Loren said, 50 percent of beauty is believing you are beautiful.”

Is That Line on Your Face a Wrinkle?

I have an unhealthy relationship with my magnifying mirror, which sometimes causes me to wonder, “Is that a wrinkle on my 25-year-old face?” I try to reassure myself that I’m being dramatic, but I decided to talk to a dermatologist to find out what those lines on my forehead are once and for all. “A line on your face does not mean you have a wrinkle,” dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman , MD, explained. “It could be a fine line, which are normally one to two millimeters deep. A wrinkle, however, is anything more than two millimeters.” She added that if the lines on your face have crinkled or crosshatch appearances (which mine do not), you probably have a wrinkle.

The best way to fight fine lines, if you so choose, is simple. “Keeping your skin hydrated will plump your skin and those lines will look less visible,” she explained. That said, not all lines are fine lines. If you arose one morning to creases on your face, it could also be your pillowcase. “If you wake up and see lines that you didn’t have before, your skin probably folded and crunched up against your pillowcase,” Dr. Jaliman said. She recommends swapping out your traditional cotton for a silk pillowcase to prevent getting these “sleep lines.”