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I Hated Stick Foundations – but This One Changed My Mind

Very few foundations make it to my favorites list. My combination, acne-scarred skin has made me the world’s pickiest base-makeup consumer, and I’m guilty of approaching new foundations with an extremely critical eye (sorry not sorry). For years I’ve kept to the same criteria when deciphering a good one from the bad: Is it full-coverage? Does it have a matte finish? Will it actually match my skin tone?

Most of the time, only liquid formulas – rarely creams . . . and hardly ever creams in stick form – check all the boxes. You see, I have a love-hate relationship with stick foundations. I love that they are portable and won’t get swiped by TSA. But I’ve found most variations I’ve tried to be too greasy, too sheer, or not as easy to blend as my go-to Estée Lauder Double Wear ($42) – that is, until I met Flesh Beauty’s new Firm Thickstick Foundation ($18).

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think these sticks would perform like my favorite liquids. But boy was I wrong. It goes against all my criteria for a great foundation, but it does so much more for me that I don’t care. For starters, the formula is available in 40 (!) shades, and I was able to use multiple on my skin tone (which can be a feat for many people of color). That means I could use shades 26 and 28 (Toffee and Cafe) for my base, shade 25 (Salted Caramel) to conceal, and shade 34 (Pecan) to contour. If my sunscreen fails me at some point this Summer, I know I can use shade 29 (Cinnamon) too.

Here, I am blending in shades 26 and 28.

Plus, the colors didn’t look ashy or oxidize to an orange tint. I expected either to look like a greasy mess or to feel overly dry, as I do with most stick foundations, but the effect was exactly the opposite: the colors blended like a dream, and my skin ended up looking like, well, my skin – but better. It has a medium coverage but is easily buildable on areas you need it, which is perfect if you have dark spots like me.

I did experience some shine after a few hours of wear, but I don’t mind my natural glow peeking through for a change. If you have oily skin, I do recommend using a mattifying setting spray or powder. Thickstick is best for “no makeup-makeup” days when you want to enhance your complexion without completely covering it. As for me, I can’t say that I’ll ditch my liquid foundation forever, but hey – at least Flesh has helped me kick my stick foundation phobia to the curb.

10 Top-Rated Palettes From Sephora That Are Worth the Hype

If there were a makeup heaven, we think it would be Sephora . There’s nothing better than wandering around the store and ogling at all the beauty goodies we want. One thing that particularly impresses us about the beauty retailer is its huge selection of makeup palettes. Whether you like a soft, neutral look or a bold, colorful one, there’s something for you. We rounded up the top-rated eye-shadow and highlighter palettes that customers adore. Check out our favorite finds, and snatch one up.

Here's How I Wore Colorful Highlighter Every Day For a Week

With the popularity of highlighters soaring, many brands are starting to come out with unique hues that differ from the more common champagne shades that dominate the shelves of beauty stores.

After seeing a few orange, hot pink, and purple highlighters, I wanted to give the shades a try but wasn’t sure where to start. I headed to the Sephora Beauty Insider Community for some product recommendations and picked out a few of my own to wear for a week.

What I learned was pretty encouraging. Most of the hues are more wearable than I expected, but there are tricks to wearing each hue. Shop the products ahead and find out how to pull off orange, pink, and even rainbow hues.

Have You Heard? Watermelon Is This Summer's Hottest Skincare Ingredient

Summer is watermelon season. The fruit is fresh, juicy, delicious, and filled with good-for-you ingredients. It’s also, as the name suggests, a serious hydrator. So it only makes sense that beauty companies would want to use watermelon and watermelon extract to give a serious boost of hydration to their beauty products. From sleeping masks to lip products and even foundation , we’ve rounded up the best watermelon-infused products that your skin will drink up. Keep reading to shop our picks!

Every Product Kylie Jenner Used in Her $450+ Vogue Makeup Tutorial

It’s odd thinking that at one point, Kylie Jenner was not a part of the beauty zeitgeist. The 20-year-old cosmetics mogul has let us follow her through transforming everything from her lips to her hair and has given us a peek into her life as a new mom. With Kylie Cosmetics positioned to be a billion-dollar brand by 2022 , it’s apparent that everything she touches in the beauty world turns to dollar bills.

Jenner went makeup-free in a 10-minute tutorial for Vogue , where she broke down her entire beauty routine. We got a look at one of the new Kylie Cosmetics eye-shadow palettes and glosses, which aren’t available online yet. Still, assuming that the new products retail similarly to her the others in her collection at $45 and $12 respectively, we’ve determined her entire look hits at around $450 of more.

The tutorial also comes with a few helpful tips. For starters, Jenner does her brows and eye shadow first (if you start with foundation, she argued, the pigment will fall from your eyes onto your cheeks), and she’s obsessed with blush – but she doesn’t just apply it to her cheeks, but to her forehead, nose, and chin, too. We also learned that the beauty mogul likes her freckles to show through her foundation, so she applies the product with a brush and then buffs it out with a BeautyBlender so it looks more natural.

Like many of us who throw caution to the wind, she puts mascara over her lash extensions, using black for the top lashes and brown for the bottom for a more subtle look. She takes the tip of her brow gel brush, which holds the most product, applies it, then brushes the gel out with the comb. Then, to finish it all off, she drenches her face in MAC setting spray so that her makeup looks its best in person.

The 1 Thing That Makes Lupita Nyong'o's Beauty Looks Different

You don’t need a Yale degree to know that Lupita Nyong’o always oozes glamour on the red carpet (though the drama-school-bred actress has one of those, too). Though the Black Panther star once told POPSUGAR that she uses makeup “always as a celebration of just naked me,” her go-to event looks are far from barefaced. In fact, Nyong’o’s best beauty secret is one she doesn’t like to hide: her colorful eye shadow.

Whether she’s glitter-fied her lids, had longtime makeup artist Nick Barose draw a literal rainbow onto them, or experimented with graphic green liner, Nyong’o doesn’t shy away from enhancing her big brown eyes. Her preferred shades are often blues, greens, or a cyan-y mix of both, but she’s also fond of deep burgundies and pinots. What’s more, she often likes pairing her bold shadow with attention-grabbing lip shades.

No one can ever accuse this Yalie of playing it safe, which is reason number a hundred billion why we love her. Read on to see her most out-there looks.

The 9 Best Texturizing Sprays That Will Give You Model-Off-Duty Hair

If you’ve always been hesitant to try a texturizing spray on your hair, now is the time to branch out. Summer is great time to experiment with styles without the rain and wind that comes with Winter. Consider the product a marriage between dry shampoo and hairspray – it’s meant to revitalize and give your hair a little extra oompf if it’s lacking body.

Texturizing spray can be used throughout the day: in the morning to create volume, as a midday pick-me-up to give life to flat hair and even to smell nice (depending on the brand you get, they usually have a perfume-like scent). Just spray it all over (not just at the roots), scrunch or fluff your hair to define it, and you’re done. You won’t believe how much of a difference it makes – the thickness is visibly noticeable. Take a look at our favorite texturizing sprays and try one for yourself.

Photoshop-Free Ads Are 2018's Most Empowering Trend – See How Dove's Doing It

If you prefer your beauty ads unaltered and Photoshop-free, 2018 is quite the time to be alive. Not only are brands such as Madison Reed and Overtone forgoing digital touch-ups in their imagery, but other big names like CVS Pharmacy and Suave are calling out how absurdly unrealistic beauty ad standards are. Specifically, CVS began putting a “Beauty Mark” icon over all of its unretouched photos. Now Dove is following suit, launching its own “No Digital Distortion Mark.”

The skincare brand, which sells 60 bars of its ubiquitous soap every second , has been Photoshop-free since 2017, per its Self-Esteem Project . Dove has long been known for its many inspiring commercials, even enlisting the great Shonda Rhimes to direct the short films . As Marketing Director of Dove Amy Stepanian told POPSUGAR, “For more than a decade, Dove has been dedicated to inspiring a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.”

Reps for the brand hope that this No Digital Distortion Mark will empower women to be more savvy when it comes to spotting unrealistic media standards. “It will help identify reality and relieve some of the pressure women and girls can feel to look a certain way,” Stepanian said.

She went on to say, “We know that globally, eight out of 10 girls opt out of key life activities when they don’t feel good about the way they look.” Stepanian hopes that steps toward transparency will aid young women to develop a healthier relationship with their appearance so that “beauty can be a source of confidence, not anxiety.”

How CoverGirl Pivoted From "Easy and Breezy" to Achieve the Ultimate Glow Up

Remember the morning you woke up and realized that the Olsen Twins were full-fledged adults? Us, too. The sisters went from cracking cases and the occasional “You got it, dude” to embodying fashion icons.

Their glow up was real, and so is CoverGirl’s. Subtly, over the past few years, the brand known for easiness and breeziness grew up. It rebranded as a chicer, more mature version of itself, offering a wider range of products and a new look. But it also offered something more important than upgraded packaging: inclusivity, before it was a commodity. CoverGirl named a male ambassador – a CoverBoy – in 2016, and the brand partnered with female engineers in 2014. The ambassadors the brand celebrates are diverse in age, race, and vocation, and much of the credit goes to CoverGirl’s powerhouse senior vice president Ukonwa Ojo, who comes from a long tenure in brand management, overseeing the marketing strategy for brands like Cheerios, Durex, and Betty Crocker before accepting the role with CoverGirl almost two years ago. Leaving her parents and Nigeria at 15 for America, Ojo went to college at the University of North Carolina, focusing on business and finance before deciding to return to school for brand management, something she felt more connected with. We discussed her eagerness to join the CoverGirl team, what she hopes to change for the better, and the future of representation in beauty.

POPSUGAR: Did you have any reservations coming into an industry that’s perceived as surface level and superficial?
Ukonwa Ojo: For me, no. Not at all. My mom was a fashion designer, so fashion and beauty have been a part of my life for so long. And if anything, I feel like I’ve been lost. I’ve been working 20 years, and I’m like, “Beauty, where have you been all my life?” I can be a businesswoman, I can run a profit and loss statement and make my numbers and all that, but I can wear lipstick, I can get glammed up, I can have a stylist, I can have my makeup done.

“This is such a fun industry, because it really challenges me intellectually.”

This is such a fun industry, because it really challenges me intellectually. It’s really hard to win in this industry. It’s very fragmented, it’s lots of innovation all the time. It’s very fast-paced, and digital is important – it’s even more important here. You have to be constantly moving and innovating, so I love the intellectual challenge of that. But then it also appeals to my inner girl in terms of my love of fashion and color. I really feel like I can bring my whole self to work. That’s been amazing for me.

PS: Thank you for saying that, because I don’t think our industry gets enough credit, especially when you said “intellect.”

UO: Oh, this is a hard job. To win in beauty is really, really hard. I don’t know how many industries you go to where you’re launching collections every five minutes. You’re always thinking, “What’s the next big thing?” You’re always trying to stay ahead of the game from a consumer standpoint, staying relevant for every generation. Because all people participate in the category; it’s not just a section of society, especially for a mass brand like us. There’s nothing at all easy about playing and winning in this industry, and I love that. I love the intellectual challenge of that.

Model Maye Musk

PS: That’s so refreshing to hear, because a lot of times with brands, they focus on one group of people. I know my mom personally feels left out, and I just absolutely love Maye Musk . She’s a stunning woman, owning her age. And my mom sees her and is like, “Oh, I can wear CoverGirl still.”

UO: Yes you can, exactly. And that is so important that we never, ever, ever, ever, ever walk away from that.

PS: What impressed you about CoverGirl before you got started with the company? And then, when you got there, what did you know needed to change? What were your hopes for the company?

UO: What impressed me was the brand. It’s iconic. This is a brand where I’ll get into an Uber and you’re chatting and then, it’s like, “What do you do?” And you’re like, “I’m SVP at CoverGirl.” They’re like, “CoverGirl!” Everybody knows this brand and loves this brand. I personally live that because I get DMs all the time of people wanting to be CoverGirls. It means something to be a CoverGirl. The brand stood for inclusivity way before inclusivity was the cool thing to do. And I think people really give the brand credit for that.

That goes back to our founder who was very visionary, right? In 1961, calling the brand CoverGirl because he wanted the makeup of CoverGirls to be available to every girl. That’s the DNA that empowers this brand. Every year, because we introduce new CoverGirls probably on a yearly basis, we’re always asking ourselves, “Who has been part of this category but has never been celebrated before?” That really pushes us to introduce new narrative, new dialogue, to celebrate different types of beauty – not the idealized standard of it.

My job is incredibly fun for me personally because it really is aligned with my values. And I’m such a girl’s girl. I love the whole thing. Then, to be a part of a brand that has an impact on culture. I can change the way that people define beauty, can change the way people feel about themselves. I’ve had emotional conversations with people that said, “When you made this person a CoverGirl, I felt like I was part of the beauty dialogue for the first time. And I’ve been a part of this country forever. I’ve been a part of this culture forever. But for the first time, I felt like I was part of it.” To be a part of a team that does that and has the opportunity to do that, I honestly don’t know what other job you would have that would tick all those boxes. So it was an easy yes for me, to be honest.

PS: When I think of CoverGirl, I think you are usually at the forefront of who is going to be the hot CoverGirl or CoverBoy. Obviously, Katy Perry, you guys got her early.
UO: Rihanna, Taylor Swift. If you literally go through the list.

PS: I loved seeing the commercial last year with Nura Afia .

UO: She was the first ambassador to wear a hijab.

PS: Is there one category that you guys are hoping to tap into this next year that you haven’t yet?

UO: I wouldn’t say we haven’t yet, but I think we’re just scratching the surface. We’ve always stood for ethnic diversity, we’ve always stood for age diversity. And I think now, nobody really embodies that more than Maye. I personally love her, but she just really embraces her age and allows us to be able to talk to all women.

The third piece that we’ve been really been trying to establish, and I see us doing more of, is vocational diversity, which is particularly important for girls. Historically, in the beauty industry, we only celebrated entertainers. You had to be an actor, a singer, or a model. Literally, almost 100 percent of the CoverGirls in the entire industry came from those three vocations. So what happens to all those other millions and millions and millions of women? Vocational diversity is one area where I think we’ve led the charge on.

We continue to push, so that’s why in our slew of CoverGirls, we have a model, we have a singer, but we also have a businesswoman in Ayesha Curry. We have a motorcycle racer and a fitness enthusiast with Shelina (Moreda) and with Massy (Arias) . We have a director and an actor with Issa . With the Clean Matte collection, we were able to launch with Girls Who Code for female engineers and females in science. Once again, so many women who participate in that never, ever thought they would be part of the beauty conversation ever. So we’ve gotten so many positive responses from females in science who are like, “Oh my God. I’ve never seen myself as part of beauty. This is first time ever.” I think there’s so much more that we can do.

PS: Let’s talk about I Am What I Make Up. It spoke to me when I first saw it on television. I’m sure that was a huge task when you guys were thinking about the rebrand. What were the goals, and what was important to achieving that?

UO: It was a blessing for me that I wasn’t a part of the beauty industry before. I joined a year and a half ago, and when you join, you get the opportunity to listen a lot. You listen to the people who love your brand. You listen to the people who don’t love your brand. You listen to your team. You listen to your retailers. You listen to all your partners.

One thing that we realized was makeup was not getting as much credit as it deserved. A lot of women don’t realize this, but every day with their makeup bag standing in front of the mirror, they are creating a version of themselves they want to show the world that day, and with that came the confidence that they needed to take on the world. We talked to so many people. They were like, “If I have a big presentation, I need my red lipstick.” The only other thing that they talked about that was even close was high heels. She would talk about how her makeup for a wedding was very different than her makeup with girlfriends, versus if she’s going to the club and it’s like, “Well, why is that?” “Well, because I want to project different aspects of myself and different aspects of my personality to different people.” That was the insight really underneath it all. And in the spirit of what I wanted to change, because our slogan was “Easy Breezy Beautiful,” it was a handcuff, because when she’s navigating all of those different dimensions of her personality, she needs different types of makeup for all of those. And they’re not always easy.

“Because our slogan was ‘Easy Breezy Beautiful,’ it was a handcuff, because when she’s navigating all of those different dimensions of her personality, she needs different types of makeup for all of those. It’s not always easy.”

PS: Amen.

UO: CoverGirl in the past would make the choice not to participate [in certain looks or events] because we would say, “That’s not easy and breezy, so that’s not CoverGirl.” And our perspective was like, “We should never judge that.” If that same woman says, “I want that look for this occasion,” we should give that to her. Because we’re her partner, and we’re her ally, and we want her or him to have everything that they need to succeed. When we looked at our portfolio, we realized that we had gaps. That’s why in our Spring collection, we launched 114 new items. There are lot of products that I have on my face that we literally didn’t have before Spring, and now we do. So in the morning, when I just wanted to lay low in a hotel, I could do that. But if I’m talking to Kirbie and I know she’s going to come in with a beat face, I better show up, right?

PS: You better show up.

UO: That’s why we love I Am What I Make Up, because it allowed us, as a brand, to really stand for equipping her for whatever version of herself of himself they wanted to project to the world that day.

PS: You came to America as an immigrant when you were 15. What advice do you have for the 15-year-old right now that wants to fill your shoes and thinks, “I can do it, I just don’t know how to get there.” What is your best advice?

UO: I would say when you’re younger in your career, you wonder if you can really do what you love as your vocation. I spent my first five and a half years in finance. While it taught me a lot, and I got really good at managing a business and running a profit and loss statement, I realized I didn’t want to wake up and do that every day. It just wasn’t me. I took a risk to quit my job at the time and go back to business school and study brand management.

It was a huge risk because I had a good-paying job, and I was doing really well in it, but I just didn’t see myself doing that for the rest of my life. So I would say take the risk to lean into who you are, because I wholeheartedly believe that your gift is wrapped up in that. I don’t think you can separate the two of them. And I don’t think you can show up as your best self if you’re doing something that is not core to who you are, who you want to be. I wish I had known that a little bit earlier, but I’m glad I realized it, and I made the choices that I wanted to make.

When I was at 15, my dad was a pilot. He said, “You can go anywhere in the world to study in a university.” I said, “Well, I want to go to America because I want to run a business, and it’s a capitalist country.” He said, “OK, go.” I came here without my parents or anything, and it was a risk, but it worked out. I took another risk when Coty [CoverGirl’s parent company] came knocking and said, “Do you want to run CoverGirl?” I’d never worked in beauty before, but it sounded like it would be a heck of a lot of fun. And it turned out to be a heck of a lot of fun! So, I think just being superopen to just leaning into that piece that you feel like, “This is totally wrapped up in who I am, and I think I’ll do well there.”

Here Are the 5 Products You Should Finally Try From Briogeo

My friends are always asking me for my thoughts on different beauty trends, products, and brands. When the discussion turns to hair care, one brand that always comes up is Briogeo. The brand has rapidly increased in popularity since its launch in 2013, and the pretty white packaging with colorful typography make it an approachable line everyone wants to know about.

While the brand is still relatively new, I am thoroughly impressed by the effect the products have had on my hair and scalp. I tend to have hair that only looks good in the exact right conditions (a nourished scalp, moisturized ends, and minimal product) but I find this line to be foolproof. The products are silicone-, sulfate-, and cruelty-free, and my hair is absorbing the moisture like it is in the middle of a drought.

Keep reading to find out which products you should try out first.

These Are the Best – and Least Expensive – New Beauty Products of July

We get it – your two-week-long soul-searching trip to Phuket, Thailand, won’t pay for itself. Luckily, you can still keep up with the latest beauty launches without maxing out a credit card. We tested hundreds of new makeup, skin-, and haircare items and hand-selected the ones worth your precious moolah.

The '90s Called, and They're Bringing Back the Scrunchie

It’s a fact: scrunchies are back . If you thought that Sex and the City episode had ruined the accessory forever, let us convince you that they’re better than ever this time around. Forget the days when scrunchies were strictly meant for pulling your hair into a messy bun for a night of TV and pizza. Now, they’re cool, nostalgic, and surprisingly chic – and they’re about to become your new everyday staple. Whether you’re looking to spice up a simple ponytail , make it the centerpiece of your half-up look , or incorporate it into braids , Instagram is full of inspiration.

The 2018 versions are also more functional. If you disliked scrunchies because they’d slip throughout the day, fear not: Invisibobble (the brand that finally made your hair elastics stay put) just launched a spiral scrunchie – aka the Sprunchie ($8) – which won’t leave your hair once you put it on. Ahead, see how others have styled their scrunchies. You’ll wonder why you didn’t dig yours out years ago.

Gasp! Sephora Is Discounting Benefit Cosmetics, GlamGlow, and More – For Just 1 Week

Sephora’s Weekly Wow sale is here, and it includes some especially impressive goodies this time around. We’re talking about favorites from Benefit Cosmetics, GlamGlow, Kat Von D, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, and more. Check out our favorite picks, and snag them as quickly as possible – these deals only stick around for seven days.

Jonathan Van Ness' Summer Cooling Hack Will Actually Change Your Life

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness is the hero we never knew we needed. Hilarious, kindhearted, and unapologetically himself, he lights up the screen and warms our hearts with every episode . But between the quotable words of affirmation and the Instagram feed that makes you want to cheer , he’s an all-around grooming expert. And when the Fab Five appeared on the Today Show , he shared a Summer tip that just about blew our minds.

Basically, if you’ve just blown out your hair, the back of your neck can get sweaty, especially in the Summer. The last thing you want to do is ruin your gorgeous look, so Van Ness recommends dabbing a touch of peppermint or spearmint oil on the back of your neck, which will keep it cool for up to an hour. His exact pick? This Aveda Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate. ($22) She comes in both an oil and a rollerball, so you can take her wherever you want and stay flawless on the go. Armed with this priceless tip, we can conquer Summer with our blowouts intact! All hail Queen JVN!

9 Top-Rated Foundations From Sephora – Get the Flawless Skin of Your Dreams

Finding a foundation that fits all of your specific skin needs is as easy as applying eyeliner in a car. Yeah, it’s hard. That’s why looking through Sephora’s top-rated section is a smart way to discover options that other customers are loving. We curated a list of five-star foundations worthy of your attention. Find your perfect match!

The Only Body Bronzers That Pass the Sex Test

“Need an excuse to have sex this week?” my cringe-worthy subject line to POPSUGAR’s 300+ staffers last week read. I was desperate; I needed more limbs – at least, more than the four I’ve got – to try the latest and greatest instant self-tanners and body bronzers . My only rule: volunteers must put the formulas to the elusive Sex Test.

You know, the X-rated version of an infomercial demo, where – instead of proving that apples, almonds, and chicken don’t stand a chance against your Slap Chop – you discover a landmine of one-day-only formulas that won’t smudge onto your partner’s leg at the first sign of sweat during horizontal tango. (Obviously, no on-screen show necessary.)

In any case, the response could have made crickets blush. (Shout-out to Chris from the copy-editing team for taking the bait; I appreciate you.) So I’ll say this loud, and I’ll say it proud: Ahead are the self-tanners that I can personally attest will leave your skin with a kiss of color, while ensuring that the actual kissing going on will not also ruin your white 300-thread count bed sheets – satisfaction, guaranteed.

18 Classic Beauty Products Our Editors Will Buy Over and Over

There are two types of beauty products in the world: the cool, new ones we buy to try out the latest trends, and the classic ones we buy over and over because they’re just that damn good. Some of-the-moment items go in and out of style, but some brands have managed to create effective formulas that’ll have our hearts forever. From SPF concealers to mascaras to drugstore moisturizers, these are the editor-approved beauty buys we’ll never kiss goodbye.

Read This Before You Start a Prescription-Strength Acne Product

We all have that friend who credits their clear complexion to one miracle skincare product. (Damn you, Becky.) The rest of us might have to turn to prescription-strength treatments. And while it’s now trendy to know what buzzy ingredients are in your skin products, learning the ins and outs of the hard stuff can feel like studying for a chemistry exam. That’s why we enlisted NYC dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz to break down every type of blemish-bashing prescription product out there, so you can know what you’re getting into before you jump on the Clindamycin or Accutane train.

Every Product in Madelaine Petsch's $332 Summer Makeup Routine

Madelaine Petsch might rock the hell out of a red lip as Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale, but her Summer makeup look is a lot more au naturale.

In a recent tutorial, the actress opted for a sheer base, beige matte lips, and lots of highlighter – a look we’d wear from the office to the beach – courtesy of a variety of cult-favorite products and underrated gems. Ahead, you’ll find all the impressive swag used in her Summer routine so you, too, can look (and feel) like a glowing queen bee.

11 Celebrity Lob Haircuts to Screenshot Before Your Next Hair Appointment

The shoulder-sweeping lob haircut is here to stay. The proof? Every time we open our Instagram feed, it seems like another one of our favorite stars has taken their hair shoulder length – not that we could blame them. There’s something effortlessly edgy about the choppy cut, which also flatters a variety of face shapes. If you’ve been debating the style, you’ll be running to your stylist with shears once you see the celebrity looks ahead.

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