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Stop, No! 10 Ways You're Using Your Clarisonic Totally Wrong

Dermatologists, beauty editors, and celebrities alike swear by the Clarisonic cleansing brush ($199). We had a chance to talk to Clarisonic cofounder Dr. Robb Akridge and discovered something horrifying . . . we’ve been missing some crucial steps in our daily Clarisonic routine! Sure, we know how to clean it , but these tips will help you get the most out of your favorite skin-care device.

This Is the Biggest Mistake You're Making With Your Clarisonic

While I’d like to think that there are quite a few characteristics Oprah and I have in common, one in particular is that we both love the Clarisonic ! I’ve been a devotee of the cleansing brush since it first appeared on the market in 2004. (Granted, I was unable to get one until after I graduated college – as I tell everyone considering the device, it is a skin care investment.)

I’ve seen Clarisonic evolve from what could have been a gimmicky tool to an absolute necessity for a clear, radiant complexion . I am actually shocked when I talk to friends, co-workers, or even complete strangers who do not own one – how has their skin survived without it?

In all seriousness, it’s clear that I love the product – I feel cleaner when I use it. My skin glows. I don’t have to spend 10 minutes removing my makeup with a wipe, then a face wash, then another wipe, only to find foundation on the towel. It’s a convenience and a luxury wrapped into one tool. Because I’m such a fan, many of my friends consult me about which model to purchase. That’s when I realized how confusing it can be: the brand offers seven models, as well as a variety of brush heads to choose from!

Recently, I visited Clarisonic headquarters in Seattle to learn about their new launch, the Mia Fit ($189) While there, I chatted with Dr. Robb Akridge (lovingly known to beauty editors and his colleagues as “Dr. Robb”), one of the inventors of the device. He clarified which device and brush head you should start with based on your needs. Read on to learn which one you should grab first . . . or, if you’re as addicted as I am, pick up next!

5 Unexpected, Brilliant New Ways to Use Your Clarisonic Brush

If you’ve only ever used your Clarisonic brush to cleanse your face, then you’ve been missing out. The launch of the Smart Profile ($265) device has made the Clarisonic fit for body and feet, too. All with the same handle! We spoke with the brand cofounder Dr. Robb Akridge to get new ideas on how to use your classic cleansing tool.

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1. Longwear Makeup Removal

Drop the wipes. You can use your Clarisonic to remove your foundation and eye makeup. First coat your face in an oil cleanser like Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Oil Cleanser ($42) and then use your brush to remove all the makeup. You don’t want to pour any oil-based product directly onto the brush head or it will drip down into the bristles. Also make sure to cleanse the Clarisonic with shampoo or soap afterwards.

2. Self-Tanner Solution

While you’re not supposed to use a physical exfoliant with the Clarisonic on your face, you can get away with the extra scrubbing power on your body. Make sure to select a scrub with fine granules (like sugar or salt based ones). Use the body brush to massage the exfoliant into your skin from the neck down. Using the skin care tool before using self-tanner is the best way to get a streak-free tan.

3. DIY Pedicure Tool

OK, this tip comes with one caveat. You’ve got to have the right pedicure attachment ($32). Please don’t put the same tool you use on your face on your toes (gross)! Using the smart head gives the handle an extra boost of power to get rid of calluses and dead skin.

4. Multimask Removal

Whenever we use a mask, there’s always a smear of clay left behind the ears (doh!). Use your Clarisonic to get every little bit off. Wet the brush and run through the regular four-step cycle to remove every trace of your skin care treatment.

5. Matte Lipstick Pretreatment

Fine-tuning your Clarisonic to fit into small spaces is the best way to get more uses out of a singular device. You can remove the outer ring in the classic brush to get a concentrated exfoliation or click in a premium attachment like the Satin Precision Contour Brush Head ($30). Scrub your pout with the smaller brush head before applying your favorite matte lip color. It will help the lip color go on smoother without settling into ridges.