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The Best Foundations For Covering (and Healing) Blemishes

Why just hide your skin concerns when you can treat them? Our friends at Charlotte’s Book found seven foundations that will not only cover your blemishes and blur wrinkles, but will correct them, too!

Every product that makes it through the judgement phase and onto your skin is part of a well-considered balance: whether sensitive, oily , dry, wrinkling, or fresh as a daisy, the skin can only take so much.

And because skin health = beauty, we’re starting to think of makeup as working with our skin care routine, not just as something we need to strip off every night. New breakthrough products (BB, CC creams) are fusing skin care with makeup, and ultimately changing the way we feel about our foundation – for the better.

These hybrid products pack all the skin-loving ingredients needed to treat, not just cover, our biggest beauty ailments while giving our faces a flawless finish. But they’re not all perfect, so Charlotte’s Book tested the best and came up with seven fusion products we love.

How to Get Sexy, Glowing Skin Like a James Bond Femme Fatale

It’s no secret that Bond girls are always killer beauties (pun intended), so we’re not surprised to learn that these ladies take skin care very seriously. Now, thanks to our friends at Charlotte’s Book , you too can have the complexion of a Bond babe.

The Bond Factory

For 53 years and counting, moviegoers have adored James Bond and every iteration of his muscly, action fury-glory.

And yes, blame it on his charm, chivalry, impeccable taste, and knack for getting out of impossible situations – it’s no surprise this franchise has grossed close to $6 billion worldwide with a total of 23 films. Spectre, the newest (and last) James Bond film featuring Daniel Craig , broke official box office records when it opened last week in the UK.

But to give all the credit to Bond would be a bit one-sided, wouldn’t it?

The It Factor

That’s right – we’re talking about the other half: the beautifully dangerous Bond girls, the ultimate femme fatales. Amazing actors with commanding presence and irresistible allure (see Ursula Andress), they’re sexy, bold, and powerful.

And every one has great skin and a deadly bod , of course.

In celebration of the stateside premiere of Spectre, we’ve gathered a slew of skin care and beauty secrets from our favorite Bond girls. For advice on how to be (or at least emulate) the ultimate femme fatales, read on.