Dermapen – Micro Needling

Clinical Effects:

  • stretch mark flattening and smoothing
  • skin tightening, lifting,
  • skin rejuvenating
  • acne scars
  • wrinkle and fine lines
  • scar remodeling

An alternative; holistic, non-ablative therapy that stimulates collagen and repairs damaged skin.  Micro needling is a unique; FDA approved technique that can be used for various skin conditions. These include aging, scars, hyper-pigmentation, large pores, and uneven skin tone and texture. Chinese medicine has long known the anti-aging benefits of “needling”.
The micro-pen has eleven micro-needles that are used to penetrate the surface of the skin and this naturally stimulates collagen production. This process leads to new collagen, resulting in healthy, glowing, tighter skin!

This exciting procedure can be performed on almost all skin types with little to no down time! Major advantages include improved appearance of skin; it is non-ablative, cost effective and safe!