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These Sexy Palettes Are Perfect For Your Next Night Out

When you want to add a little smolder to your date-night look, the easiest thing to do is throw on a dramatic set of falsies and smoked-out eye shadow. When it comes to making the latter happen, you want to find a palette that fits a certain criteria: the shadows have to be pigmented, creamy, and easy to blend out, and come with a wide range of deep, sultry colors that grab all the attention. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the sexiest eye shadow palettes on the market that will make you feel hot.

10 Top-Rated Palettes From Sephora That Are Worth the Hype

If there were a makeup heaven, we think it would be Sephora . There’s nothing better than wandering around the store and ogling at all the beauty goodies we want. One thing that particularly impresses us about the beauty retailer is its huge selection of makeup palettes. Whether you like a soft, neutral look or a bold, colorful one, there’s something for you. We rounded up the top-rated eye-shadow and highlighter palettes that customers adore. Check out our favorite finds, and snatch one up.

MAC Is Launching Throwback Lipsticks in '90s-Fabulous Colors, and We. Are So. Excited.

The dream of the ’90s is alive in MAC’s latest collection, which will have fans of the decade screaming in their hair claws . The brand has launched a Throwbacks collection that’s bringing sexy back – and by “sexy,” we mean all your old favorite lipstick and eye shadow shades like Marrakesh, Bronx, Uninterrupted, and Kid.

Even better? This line is part of the brand’s permanent collection, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on reuniting with all your OGs. On the lip front, Throwbacks includes matte, frost, and satin finishes, which are all in retro shades that belong in an episode of Friends. Sans one metallic – the duochrome bronze Spanish Fly – the lippies lie in the red or pink color family.

Natural is the name of the game for the eye shadows, which come in a range of tan, beige, and brown to channel that Alicia Silverstone no-makeup look. Read on to see everything you can shop online at MAC now or in stores on March 1 – which is aptly a Thursday, aka prime #TBT time.

The Kat Von D Divine Palette Is Half Neon and 100% Fabulous

If Kat Von D’s Valentine’s Day Launch is any indication, Feb. 14 is going to be electric, funky, and fabulous. The brand just released more intel on its Divine Palette, which prominently features a bright green theme that is bound to make you smile.

This eight-pan palette is inspired by the legendary drag queen Divine, who is perhaps best known for playing Tracy Turnblad’s mother in the OG 1988 film version of Hairspray. Kat wrote on Instagram that the late performer is one of her “biggest muses.” The packaging prominently features Divine’s (perfectly winged) eyes, out-to-there false lashes, and famous arched brows.

Of course, it’s the palette’s interior that has us the most excited. Standout shades include Pink Flamingos, the aforementioned electric green; Baltimore, a shimmering midnight blue; and Hairspray, a metallic silver.

Also included in the launch is a neutral rose Studded Kiss Lipstick housed in neon lime packaging to match Pink Flamingos. Kat Von D fanatics probably know that the brand just released a new Studded Kiss formula , so the Divine Collection might be your first chance to try that out.

While we don’t know anything about pricing yet, we do know that the marketing for this campaign is going to be super rad. That’s because the brand posted an Instagram Story showing Kat Von D transforming into the spitting image of the drag queen for a photo shoot. It all looks so incredibly – wait for it – divine!

Charlotte Tilbury's Dreamy New Eye Shadow Palette Is Here – for 1 Day Only

I don’t consider myself much of an eye shadow girl. That may be because I’m totally clueless when it comes to expert blending, cut creases, and all that magic I admire on Instagram. But, as soon as I saw Charlotte Tilbury’s new Instant Eye Palette ($75) I knew even an amateur like me couldn’t get it wrong.

You see, the palette tells you exactly how to use it. The 12 shadows (half matte, half shimmer) are divided in four ways: Day Eye (light ivory and browns), Desk Eye (peach and bronzes), Date Eye (classic smoky eye), and Disco Eye (full-glam smoky eye). What’s more, they’re divided into three steps each, with each shade designated to “prime,” “enhance,” or “smoke.” How easy is that?
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kristina Rodulfo

It almost reminds me of the beloved Urban Decay Naked palettes with its super universal, neutral shades of taupe, brown, and black. After swatching them all, I am also impressed with their buttery, velvety feel and easily blendable formula. It takes a bit of building and layering to get a super pigmented color, but I take that as further proof it’s impossible for a beginner to screw up.

And, can we talk about the packaging? Charlotte’s signature art deco-inspired, gilded design makes the palette a must-have at any vanity for its looks alone.

You can shop the palette right now during a 24-hour flash sale running on through Sept. 21 – or until it sells out. If you miss out, you’ll just have to wait all the way until mid-October when it officially launches, so act quickly.

Check out swatches of the gorgeous palette, ahead.

You Are Better Than a Smoky Eye – So Don't Ask For It Again

After being a makeup artist for over a decade, I can pretty much size you up the minute I see you coming. I can quickly assess you by your outfit, your bag, your hairstyle, and your jewelry and know immediately that you want only a tinted moisturizer . I know that, even when you say you want something more than that, you won’t like it.

I know that you use retinol everyday without you telling me. I know that you have botox and fillers. I know that you only wear chapstick on your very chapped lips. When you say “Um yeah, I have an eye cream,” with hesitation, I know that you are referring to the free Clinique sample that has been in your drawer for at least a year. I also know that you are compulsively plucking your brows that “just never grow!”

I don’t judge. I really don’t care what you do at home. Please, I am asking you to just be honest.

I can also tell as soon as you sit in my chair, if you can handle a lot of makeup or not. But without fail at least once a day, a preppy, non-makeup wearing woman will sit down and look me straight in the face and say “I think I would like a smoky eye.”

I don’t know who came up with this clever term, but if I ever meet him I will punch him in the face.

You don’t want a smoky eye . You like the idea of it. You see Kim Kardashian on Pinterest and you fantasize about having this sultry look the next time you are attending a wedding or bar mitzvah. You imagine yourself as a much younger, sexier version of yourself, and you think that at the ripe age of 37 you are now ready to look like that sexy woman on Instagram with fake eyelashes and “contour” and black eyeliner rimming every inch of your eyeball.

Sometimes you have a Naked Palette from Urban Decay so you think you are edgy, but if you were to be honest you would admit you only use the lightest shades in the palette and the darker colors are untouched. You may have watched the tutorials on YouTube on “how to create a smoky eye,” so you think you are ready for it.

You’re not.

I know it.

You will have to learn the hard way.

“So do you normally wear a lot of eye makeup?” I ask innocently, while I prep your skin. I start with a soft fleshy tone on your lid and then I add a little bit of a darker tone. Never a true smoke color, because I don’t want you to cry or run away. You will clutch the hand mirror and ask if you can look. I will let you.

I know. Please stop saying this. I don’t even know how to make someone look like a clown. If you hired me to do clown makeup I would have to decline the job. I am not in the clown business. I am simply attempting to do what you requested me to do.

PS. We haven’t created any “smoke” yet.

You will clutch your mirror and try to watch what I am doing, as you give me permission to proceed. I will add some dark brown or smoky color in your crease. I add some smudgy black liner and some mascara. You don’t even have two layers of fake lashes on yet like a Kardashian . I see that you are clutching your hand mirror and your knuckles are white so I let you take a peek.

You don’t. But you also don’t look like yourself.

I ask if you would like me to take off some of the makeup and gently remind you that you are nowhere near the amount of makeup featured in the Instagram photo that you showed me when you first sat down. You sheepishly say that you would like to take off some of the liner . . . and maybe some of the dark shadow.

I take off the makeup.

You say “Maybe just do what you think looks best?”

Now we can get along.

I suggest a more realistic “eye look” that will allow you to feel comfortable while still making you look good. I say “Let’s create a look that shows off your eye color and makes you look like a better version of yourself.” The tension in your shoulders lessens and the grip on the hand mirror relaxes a bit.”Yes, let’s do that.” you say with relief.

Because you are not Kim Kardashian, nor do you want to be. You will not be followed by the flashbulbs of the paparazzi and you will not spend your days taking selfies. You simply want to look like a better version of yourself and a “smoky eye” does not do that for most women.

You will leave with hydrated glowing skin and makeup that makes your blue eyes pop and your cheekbones glow. You are simply a better version of yourself, and you will walk out the door with your head held high and a little bit of a skip in your step.

You are better than a smoky eye. So don’t ask for it again.

Match Your Summer Makeup and Your Rosé With the Perfect Pink Eye Shadow Palette

Summer is coming and that means it’s time to move our all-black outfits to the other side of the closet and replace our dark eye makeup with something a bit lighter. Dose of Colors has released a brand-new eye shadow palette filled with five ultrapigmented matte shades to help you achieve the perfect pink eye for warmer months ahead.

Whether you’re opting for a rosy pink to day drink with friends or a dark berry shade for a night out on the town, the Marvelous Mauves Palette ($32) has you covered. Brighten up your smoky eye by mixing the colors together, which we’ve heard “blend like a dream” and look stunning on all different skin tones. The cruelty-free, paraben-free palette lets you match your eye shadow to both your Rosé and your red-wine sangria , because we know that’s what you’ll be drinking all Summer!

Keep reading to see photos and swatches of the Marvelous Mauves palette.

Wonder Woman Beauty Makes a Triumphant Return to Walgreens

Just as we’re trying to calm down from the excitement of the Wonder Woman Jean-Paul Gaultier fragrance , we find out that Walgreens has a new line of cosmetics based on our favorite heroine.

We loved when the drugstore debuted a line of Wonder Woman makeup last year , and we’re thrilled to see the retailer is collaborating with the comic book hero again. This time, the collection features the superhero on cosmetics bags, stunning red-bristled makeup brushes, and lip and eye products inspired by the character.

These items are sold exclusively in stores, and prices may vary from store to store. If you’d like to get your hands on this collection, you may have to rummage through a few different Walgreens before you find them. Luckily, excited beauty mavens have been posting images of the affordable products to Instagram and Twitter so we know what to look for.

Keep reading to check out the new line.

Sunset Eye Shadow Is Trending on Instagram – Just in Time For Summer

Summer is almost upon us (*cue excessive cheering*), and I’m doing everything I can to welcome the warm season with ready, open arms. I’ve stashed away my Winter coats, started stocking up on beach-ready swimsuits , and even have some of my go-to sunscreens at the ready for when Mother Nature decides to grace us with the sun’s powerful tanning rays. But nothing is getting me in the Summer mood quite like the latest makeup trend to take over Instagram: sunset eye shadow.

Inspired by the gorgeous colors that fill the sky as the sun dips below the horizon, these eye shadow looks are actual masterpieces. Some makeup artists mix a few of our favorite bold eye shadow hues like bright pink and zesty orange , while others mimic the trend by adding shimmery coppers and sultry purples. Below we’ve gathered our favorite sunset eye shadow looks from all over Instagram, along with a helpful video tutorial so you can DIY the trend at home. Take one look at these stunning eyes, and you’ll instantly feel transported to an island getaway. I’ll take one piña colada, please!