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16 Gifts to Upgrade Mom's Beauty Game

Even if your mom is a beauty fanatic, there’s a good chance she won’t loosen up the death grip she has on some of her favorite products . She’s probably been using a handful of items for decades. Take Mother’s Day as the opportunity to thank her for all that she taught you about beauty (inside and out)! Instead of just buying a new tube of her go-to moisturizer or lipstick, introduce her to the latest and greatest formulations . You’re guaranteed to be declared the coolest among your siblings.

15 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts Every Woman Will Adore

While we do appreciate gifts like chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day , that’s not quite what we want. As true beauty girls, we’re craving different kinds of treats . . . like chocolate palettes and rose-infused bubble baths. Can you relate? We dug up 15 pretty presents that any gorgeous gal would love to receive this year – we put them all in one place, so you can “accidentally” leave the browser tab open for your sweetie to find.

Darren Criss Picked Out the Ultimate Grooming Gifts For Dapper Dudes

You may just know Darren Criss as a Broadway star or Blaine from Glee, but in real life, he’s actually an entrepreneurial beauty guru. When I sat down with him earlier this year to talk all things grooming, he blew me away with his knowledge about everything from essential oils to not overstripping his curls of moisture. When it comes to looking and smelling fine, Darren knows what’s up.

That’s why the triple threat is the perfect person to help you pick a present for the guys in your life – be it your brother, boyfriend, or boss. Here, Darren rounded up his favorite gifts from the dapper men’s ecommerce site The Motley . (Darren is actually an investor in the cool-guy grooming site, founded by siblings Matt and Madison Ruggieri). Keep reading to find out which lotions, fragrances, and candles Darren is loving this season. Plus, there are a few bonus stylish picks (Valentine’s Day is coming up sooner than you think . . . ).

The Ultimate Gift Guide For the Selfie Queen in Your Life

We all have a selfie-snapping BFF in our lives whose Instagram feed of self-portraits could rival Kim Kardashian ‘s. She’s the one in the group who is always camera-ready, has killer makeup skills , and knows how to strike a pose with total ease. Finding the right holiday gift for the selfie queen in your life means you’ll have to start shopping ASAP to score some of the latest and greatest beauty finds to hit shelves this season. From a contour kit that will require #NoFilter in her next snap to a light-up mirror for her vanity , here are 10 picture-perfect presents that will ensure she continues to look flawless.

1 Real Dude Reviewed 14 Beauty Gifts That Guys Actually Want

Every holiday, you experience the same dilemma: what gift should you get your man? And not only that, but does giving him a grooming-related present sending the signal that he isn’t taking proper care of himself? The answer is a definitive no. And I say this as a dude who hasn’t always exhibited the most refined hygienic tendencies over the years. That’s why I was psyched to get my hands on some of the best men’s grooming products on the market and take each for a spin before offering my recommendations.

So without further ado, keep reading my list of the best guy’s beauty buys for this season. From fragrances to, yes, soap, these gifts are sure to be major winners come gift-giving time. Or, at minimum, they’ll make your man look and smell a bit better.

Kate Middleton-Approved Beauty Buys That'll Make You Feel Like a Royal

That bouncy chestnut-brown hair, those lovely smoky eyes, the radiant skin . . . it’s no wonder we’re all smitten with Kate Middleton . The Duchess of Cambridge has made household names out of the fashion labels she favors, and we think it’s high time her go-to beauty brands get the same treatment. As such, we’ve tracked down the beauty buys you’ll find in the royal’s makeup bag, from cult favorites we all know and love to lesser-known staples we’re dying to try. Scooping her beauty swag isn’t quite the same as, say, marrying a prince and having access to the royal jewels, but we can live with that. Keep reading to discover the Kate-inspired gifts, perfect for yourself or your princess friends.

35 Gorgeous Stocking Stuffers You Won't Want to Give Away

While we love pretty palettes and cozy candles , we have a special place in our hearts for stocking stuffers. The goodies often have fun and festive packaging for the holidays, are ultraportable because of their smaller size – and they’re just so darned cute! We rounded up some of the best, bitty beauty must haves for this Winter and arranged them from most affordable to most luxe (for your shopping convenience). We’re pretty sure you’ll end up keeping half of them for yourself . . .