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10 Top-Rated Palettes From Sephora That Are Worth the Hype

If there were a makeup heaven, we think it would be Sephora . There’s nothing better than wandering around the store and ogling at all the beauty goodies we want. One thing that particularly impresses us about the beauty retailer is its huge selection of makeup palettes. Whether you like a soft, neutral look or a bold, colorful one, there’s something for you. We rounded up the top-rated eye-shadow and highlighter palettes that customers adore. Check out our favorite finds, and snatch one up.

Here's How I Wore Colorful Highlighter Every Day For a Week

With the popularity of highlighters soaring, many brands are starting to come out with unique hues that differ from the more common champagne shades that dominate the shelves of beauty stores.

After seeing a few orange, hot pink, and purple highlighters, I wanted to give the shades a try but wasn’t sure where to start. I headed to the Sephora Beauty Insider Community for some product recommendations and picked out a few of my own to wear for a week.

What I learned was pretty encouraging. Most of the hues are more wearable than I expected, but there are tricks to wearing each hue. Shop the products ahead and find out how to pull off orange, pink, and even rainbow hues.

Highlighter Addicts! Too Faced Released the Magic Rainbow Brush of Your Unicorn Dreams

If you love rainbows, highlighter, and all things magical, you’re going to need to sit down for this one. Too Faced just released its new Life’s a Festival line filled with lots of vibrant, colorful makeup. But that’s not the best part – they also created a Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush ($34) for applying your highlighter like the mythical creature that you are.

The brush features an iridescent lilac handle and densely packed bristles intended to pick up lots of product. It’s the perfect choice for giving your face the luminous glow it clearly deserves. If you’re as in love with this brush as we are, we recommend buying it ASAP. Special items like this tend to sell out lightning fast. We love this design so much, we might need to get two!

Attention: Your New Favorite Highlighter Is Hiding at Walmart

I wrote an article last month about people who abuse their highlighter. As a professional makeup artist, I have seen many people overdo it with their “glow,” and many were irate that I called them out on it. Even though in that article I spoke with disdain about people that highlight too much, the fact remains that I am in love with highlighter when used properly. There is nothing greater than finding the perfect product that accentuates your bone structure and shaves years off of your beautiful face.

I recently was in a store consulting with a makeup artist at a very high-end luxury makeup counter. I noticed that her highlighter was absolutely amazing and noted sadly that I would love to splurge on the high-end $80 highlighter from her brand, but it seemed overpriced. She raised her eyebrows in surprise and leaned in to tell me a secret. “I am not wearing this brand’s highlighter . . . don’t tell anyone. It’s Wet n Wild .”

I took a step back and stared at her glistening cheekbones again, to be sure that my well-trained professional eye was in fact seeing things properly. Yes, her cheekbones and face was glistening with a creamy glow that was just the right tone, texture, and shine. Admittedly, I have enjoyed some NYX and Maybelline items as a professional makeup artist, but I have not purchased or used something from Wet n Wild since my teen years.

She went on to tell me that the Wet n Wild MegaGlo™ Highlight Powder ($5) is available in seven gorgeous shades, each for less than you might spend on your daily latte. I could buy all seven and would be spending less than I normally do on one luxury brand highlighter or highlighter palette! The peachy gold shade that she was wearing was called Precious Pearls and is especially ideal for someone with an olive complexion, like her . . . and me. I was on a mission.

I headed to my local drugstore the next day to pick up my $5 “gold” and found that the shade was sold out. The next drugstore didn’t carry the line at all. A Google search revealed that Target carried the product, but was sold out in Precious Pearls in every store in my area, and the closest store that had it was a cool two hours away. All of this information only made me want my Wet n Wild highlighter more than ever.

Lo and behold, an internet search revealed that a Walmart just one town over from me had what I was looking for. Even then, I had to search. I carefully went up and down the cosmetics aisles three times before I found the Precious Pearls nestled inconspicuously amidst the other drugstore brands.

I scooped up Crown of my Canopy , which I intend to wear when I have a tan, as it is a more golden, richer version of the Precious Pearls. I grabbed Botanic Dream for those fairer-skinned clients that enjoy a pinkish-glow to their highlighter. And a real find – for those of you who are about to spend on the latest and greatest lilac-toned highlighter – the Royal Calyx shade. This light, purple-blue toned highlighter will keep you on trend without breaking the bank.

I have been wearing this product every day since I found it. I have received endless compliments, and I have noticed that my selfies look better than ever. There is just something magical about this highlighter. Part of it might be the price, but anyone who knows anything about highlighter can recognize a good one when they see it. The other day at the end of a long photo shoot, feeling tired and weary, I sat down outside, and a friend snapped my picture. None of my exhaustion was evident; instead I looked simply glowing and happy to be alive. I attribute this to my favorite new highlighter.

These products are the just the right amount of shimmery delight (without hard chunky glitter), and each one of the seven shades available are flawless. The textures are just the right amount of creamy without being too dewy or wet and surprisingly for just under five bucks, the packaging is quite delightful and luxurious with floral patterns baked into the product.

The glow can be applied with a fan brush or packed on with cream cheek brush, and it will never make you look like a glazed doughnut (unless you want it to.) I find that using a fan brush is best, as it allows you to gently apply the glow and gives you the control you need to add more product, without getting too shiny. I even had a client last week who is known for “abusing her highlighter” and was doubtful about my new find. I packed on several layers with my fan brush, and she was pleasantly shocked at how beautifully the product sat on her skin.

I always say splurge or get your thrills from items like mascara or lipstick that won’t put you in the red. Highlighter is something that is hard to find, and often you will find that you are willing to fork over $40 to $60 when you find just the right one. This $5 find from the drugstore won’t destroy your beauty budget, and your cheekbones will be the envy of all!

If You Love Rose Gold, You're About to Lose Your Sh*t Over These 7 Highlighters

This time two years ago, we thought that rose gold was simply a trend. Now, the beautiful blush-metallic shade has proved itself to be a long-lasting hue that’s here to stay. It’s hugely popular for jewelry, fashion, tech products, and – most recently – beauty. It’s warmer than a classic yellow gold and, quite frankly, more universally flattering. We love it on eyes and lips, but it truly shines as a highlighter. Big-time cosmetic brands have made their own highlighters in the popular color, and we rounded up our favorites for you. Not only will these choices help you to get your glow on, but they will also add warmth to your face. Shop these irresistible options.

Forget Plain Highlighter – People Are Now Putting Actual Pearls on Their Faces

Forget using highlighter and strobe creams to give your skin a pearlescent glow. Now, makeup fans are taking the look one step further and incorporating real pearls into their makeup looks. The results, as you may expect, are pretty striking. Tiny seed pearls and small beads have been added to eyes, lips, and even the entire face to enhance each makeup look. The results are something both Coco Chanel and the Little Mermaid would be envious of!

If you want to opt for something a little more angelic than gory for Halloween this year, use eyelash glue to add the tiny accessories to your makeup look. After all, as one makeup artist noted, in the words of Jackie Kennedy, “Pearls are always appropriate.”

I Tested the 7 Best Fenty Beauty Products For Skin of Color So You Don't Have to

It’s mind-boggling that in 2017, having one makeup line with offerings for more than just a handful of complexions is a huge ask. So of course the hype around Fenty Beauty by Rihanna hit a thousand and hasn’t let up since the collection dropped last week. Just stop by any Sephora store and you’ll see ravaged Fenty Beauty gondolas where dreams of looking like Rihanna once lived.

Rihanna can pretty much do no wrong in many people’s eyes, including mine, but she isn’t the first celeb to do a beauty line. She has been very vocal about the importance of inclusivity with this collection . . . so I had to test it out for myself to see if it lived up to the hype and to find out which products actually look good on skin of color. Hint: it’s pretty much the entire damn collection, but here are the best ones.

This Makeup Artist's "Flare Highlight" Is So Intense, It Looks Like Camera Flash

A post shared by ☁️✨ (@thestudyofmakeup) on Sep 5, 2017 at 11:26am PDT

Right now is a great time to be alive for lovers of highlighter. Fenty Beauty just launched Fenty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife , the yellow-gold shimmer that is truly the most extra we’ve seen on the market in a while. Now, thestudyofmakeup , a makeup artist on Instagram, is going head-to-head with RiRi in the whole “shine bright like a diamond” department. Ladies and gentlemen, meet a new technique she calls the flare highlight.

The intense style sort of looks like what would happen if a solar flare had a baby with the flash from a camera. We’re truly in awe of the intensity of this highlight, even though we’re a little afraid to look directly at it.

But this look truly deserves the stares it demands. Its high-shine leaves thestudyofmakeup (who declares herself a “Disney princess” on her IG bio), looking like a glammed-up porcelain doll.

Thestudyofmakeup told Allure that while “Most people apply their highlight with a large fan brush,” her preferred tool is “a very dense wet eye shadow brush.” This “condenses the pigment and centralizes it,” which leads to a more precise, radiant shine.

According to the artist, her “secret” to achieving highlighter’s glow up is Swarovski crystals. After receiving a crystal-encrusted tiara from her boyfriend for her anniversary (casual), thestudyofmakeup decided to incorporate the light-reflecting gems into her beauty routine. For every post, she actually puts one crystal in the center of her highlight to “capture the lens flare.”

While that tidbit definitely comes off as fancy AF, the makeup artist actually gets her goddess glow via a drugstore product. She opts for Makeup Revolution’s Blushing Hearts Highlighter in Goddess of Love ($7). She prefers white highlighters to gold or rose-tinted ones partly because of her fair skintone, but also because “white doesn’t absorb light, it only reflects it.” In other words, it does this:

Image Source: JIVE Records

You've Never Seen Glitter Highlighter Swatches This Bright Before

Many shimmery, holographic products claim to be “magical,” but indie brand Glitter Injections’s new highlighter actual is. The glitter strobing cream is blindingly bright, and it actually doesn’t come off under running water (just watch the Instagram video ahead!). So you can really be a mermaid, swimming in the ocean with moonbeams on your cheeks – or bum !

The highlighters come in five festive shades: Fame (iridescent gold), Autograph (purple), She’s Jelly (green), Own the Stage (red), and Fan Mail (green). Plus, now you can snag the whole set for $88 (normally $100) online here . Keep reading to see gorgeous swatches of these highlighters.