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Light-Up LED Lashes Are Fit For a Sexy Robot Dance Party

【無線給電】「光るつけまつげ」開発、マイクロ波を使って送電 https://t.co/6m4N8LkTVS 立命館大と資生堂が共同で開発。資生堂の担当者は「暗がりで映える新たなファッションとして需要があるのでは」と話した。 pic.twitter.com/PVazMun5p0 – ライブドアニュース (@livedoornews) January 11, 2018 Just when we thought that magnetic eye lashes were as futuristic as beauty gets (Those suckers attach with no glue!! Science is amazing!), our best and brightest minds hit us with light-up LED eyelashes. And if you happen to be a robot on your way to a rave, you’re definitely…