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5 No-Fail Beauty Tips I Learned on the Set of Telenovelas

Singer, actress, fashion designer, entrepreneur, writer, and mom of two Thalia shares her parenting, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty tips as POPSUGAR Latina’s contributor. After appearing in so many telenovelas and working with so many different makeup artists, makeup brands, and hairstylists who changed my look for each role and sometimes several times in one day, I walked away with a…


This Ingredient Is the Secret to Making Your Cellulite Temporarily Disappear

We have bad and good news. The bummer: cellulite is practically impossible to get rid of. The picker-upper: there’s one readily available ingredient that, according to some studies, might make its appearance less noticeable, and that is coffee. No, we’re not telling you to up your Starbucks runs, but to rub it directly on your skin by using a scrub…