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Highlighter Addicts! Too Faced Released the Magic Rainbow Brush of Your Unicorn Dreams

If you love rainbows, highlighter, and all things magical, you’re going to need to sit down for this one. Too Faced just released its new Life’s a Festival line filled with lots of vibrant, colorful makeup. But that’s not the best part – they also created a Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush ($34) for applying your highlighter like the mythical creature…


This Magical, Color-Changing Makeup Will Have You Screaming “HOW!?”

While most magic tricks leave us rolling our eyes, this magical, color-changing makeup has us completely and utterly captivated. Chaos Makeup recently debuted water-activated, color-changing Mood Cream on Instagram, where viewers (us included) were impressed watching the cream instantly change from eggplant to teal, but what the brand did next blew us away even more. The Texas-based makeup company has…