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100 Crush-Worthy Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas

It’s no secret that holidays produce the most festive fingertips. While we’ve seen some jaw-dropping designs for Christmas and Halloween , the whimsical creations that come out of Valentine’s Day hold a special place in our chocolate-and-rose-loving souls. And just because filling out Valentine’s Day cards for classmates may be a thing of the distant past doesn’t mean you can’t show your spirit for the holiday of love. So we combed Instagram to find cute and crafty manicures to inspire your next look – no matter your relationship status.

– Additional reporting by Maria Del Russo

This Adorable Heart-Shaped Lipstick Sold Out in 1 Day – but It's Baaack

Even if you plan to spend Valentine’s Day eating a sampler box of Russell Stover chocolates in bed while watching the courtroom scene of Legally Blonde on repeat, you can still celebrate love’s eternal flame with a beauty product or two. On that front, our hearts currently beat for The Beauty Spy Mystic Love Lipsticks ($18).

The heart-shaped bullets are absolutely adorable, and you don’t have to take it from us. Instead, consider the fact that these babies sold out in one day. It’s not hard to see why. Even the biggest Valentine’s Day hater will succumb to the charming heart-shaped surprise hidden underneath the lipstick’s cap.

These beeswax-infused lippies provide intense, creamy coverage. There are four varying shades of pinks and reds, and one hydrating shimmer stick that can be applied alone for a subtle sheen or on top of color for when life calls for some tszujing.

After wearing the classic red option through an entire day, the coverage remained perfectly opaque. And unlike some intense red lipsticks, there was minimal color transfer. This means that if you’re planning to do some heavy petting on Valentine’s Day, consider Mystic Love Heart Lipstick kiss-proof.

See every lovable shade, ahead.

POPSUGAR Photography / Alaina Demopoulos

How to Get Victoria's Secret Bombshell Waves IRL

There’s nothing more intimidating than being on a flight with 40 of the most gorgeous women on the planet – the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Such was the case when I flew overseas with the stunning crew for the brand’s annual fashion show. Obviously we can’t genetically morph into these glamorous models (some of us were born shrimpy!), but what we can do is take note from their beauty books, specifically when it comes to hair .

While I was abroad, I met with GHD hair pro Lorna Moore, who was part of the official runway glam squad. She showed me how real girls can get model-inspired bombshell waves. “It’s sexy, soft, touchable hair,” she explained of the classic Victoria’s Secret look. “It seems like you can run your hands through it, and you’re not going to get stuck, ’cause there’s nothing sexy about a head of hair full of hair spray. It’s effortless hair. And that’s what encompasses sexy hair.”

To get you prepped for your hot Valentine’s Day date, keep reading to discover our bombshell waves hair DIY . Then, learn two genius tricks to preserve your style .

Cancel Valentine’s Day Because the New Spectrum Brushes Collection Just Won Our Hearts

Valentine’s Day: you either love it or hate it, but you can’t deny that the cutest beauty products come from the romantic holiday. Leave it to Spectrum to create a collection that would make anyone who’s anti-Valentine’s Day convert to a lover of the occasion.

The adorable collection comes after the other successful Spectrum brush collections, including those inspired by Mean Girls and the Zodiac . We’re sorry in advance to your bank accounts because you need this set, too.

The pretty in pink collection consists of a five-piece brush set with heart bag ($56) and a single sweetheart-shaped brush ($18). The set will be released Feb. 1 on and ASOS.

Keep reading to see every gorgeous angle, and get ready to kiss your paycheck goodbye.

Challenge Accepted: How 1 Dude Beautified Like a Woman

Countless evenings at my Chicago apartment tend to play out the same way: I take roughly 10 minutes to get ready to go out and then proceed to wait nearly an hour as my wife of 17 months, Johanna, makes herself look (even more) beautiful. Mine is not a unique story: it’s a long-known fact that women tend to spend far more time beautifying than men. And when Valentine’s Day date night rolls around, that divide only increases.

Since my wife and I planned a fancy dinner at a supertrendy Asian fusion restaurant for V-Day, I wanting to look extradapper for the occasion. So when POPSUGAR Beauty challenged me to, essentially, get ready like a woman, I eagerly accepted. Plus, I secretly wanted to know what women go through behind the closed doors of a spa. (And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also believe that the whole ordeal might enhance my mental and physical well-being.) After 10-plus hours and more than $1,000 spent on facials, body scrubs, waxes (shudder!), and much more from some of the finest Chicago-area spas, I finally felt like I understood my wife, the other females in my life, and – perhaps – even myself better. But there’s only one real question: did I survive waxing my groin? Keep reading . . .

6 Brilliant Valentine's Day Hacks For Those Inevitable Date Snafus

Your blowout is done, you’ve taken care of business down there, you’ve spritzed yourself with your most tantalizing EDP, and your “something more comfortable” overnight tote is locked and loaded. You’re officially ready to report for Valentine’s Day duty , and your lucky date is about to be blown away. Cue impending V-Day snafus, an inevitability even among the most prepared . Here’s how to deal.

How Sex Can Give You the Best Skin of Your Life

That’s right, we’re talking about sex and skin ladies (which happen to be our two favorite things). While there are endless benefits to having a weekly orgasm when it comes to fitness and health , you can actually enlist your significant other in a wild romp for a clearer complexion, too. And did we mention bed head? Nothing gives a fresh blowout texture like a quickie. Now, we know it sounds too good to be true, so we’ve called upon a couple dermatologists to prove our point. Below you’ll find five fantastic beauty reasons to have sex tonight, and tomorrow, and yeah, you get the picture!

10 Beauty Gifts For the Best Galentine's Day Ever

Who says you need a significant other to make you feel special on Valentine’s Day (or on any day, really)? Celebrating you and your best friends is a fabulous, feel-good way to embrace the holiday of love. To help you get started, we rounded up the Galentine’s Day gifts your whole squad will heart. From rose-shaped soaps to cocoa-infused products, these sweet beauty grabs are worth treating yourself or the lovely ladies in your life to on Feb. 14.

15 Beauty Products That Will Turn You On

Aside from being a beauty editor, the dream job we aspired to while growing up, was being the person who came up with all the clever names on makeup packaging. While some shades may be less than inspiring (“warm beige,” anyone?) and others are just silly, there are a few brands that go for shock value. And these are, in our opinion, the most naughtily named, titillating product titles. From the aptly dubbed Lashgasm mascara to the unabashed Sex eye shadow, these beautifiers are bound to ruffle a few feathers . . . in a good way. But be warned – at least one of them is NSFW!

15 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts Every Woman Will Adore

While we do appreciate gifts like chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day , that’s not quite what we want. As true beauty girls, we’re craving different kinds of treats . . . like chocolate palettes and rose-infused bubble baths. Can you relate? We dug up 15 pretty presents that any gorgeous gal would love to receive this year – we put them all in one place, so you can “accidentally” leave the browser tab open for your sweetie to find.