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These Beauty Vloggers Make Aging Look Glamorous

When you get to be a certain age, the standard YouTube beauty tutorial isn’t going to be your style. You’re already far along enough in life that you know what works for you, and that doesn’t include thick coats of glitter or intensely smoky eyes – you’re leaving that to your kids. But trust us, that doesn’t mean you can’t (gorgeously!) age with grace. We found a handful of mature beauty pros who put the average vlogger to shame with their tricks, techniques, and charisma. These stunning women have years of experience testing skin care regimens and perfecting application methods, so you know they’re providing you with some advanced expertise. Even if you’re not middle-aged, you’ll learn a thing or two!

9 Videos That Show Endless Beauty Hacks For Using Coconut Oil

Yes, you’ve all heard the buzz about coconut oil  – but do you actually know how you should be using it in your beauty routine?

If 2015 was the year that this kitchen-cabinet product  became a powerhouse force for health and beauty, we want 2016 to be the year we all fully understand how to take advantage of its long list of benefits.

There are more common uses, including as a hair mask, for pulling, and to remove makeup. But there is also a range of more unusual uses, including as deodorant, allergy reliever, and lip gloss. To help you break down both the ways and reasons you can use this single ingredient , we’re turning to videos that can show, not tell, the hands-on ways you should be incorporating coconut oil into your repertoire.

Erase Your Breakouts by Watching These Skin-Changing Makeup Tutorials

Few things can destroy a person’s confidence like acne. Painful red bumps and scabby spots are a struggle to treat , let alone deal with on a daily basis. Beauty-lovers have the upper hand when it comes to a bad breakout – not only do they know that their addiction to makeup isn’t to blame for their skin struggles, but they have the skills to hide them. That said, there’s always something new to learn! We combed through YouTube and found the top 10 tutorials on how to conceal acne, so even when your complexion isn’t looking its best, only you have to know.