Look Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel Without Working Out

It’s no secret that people are obsessed with the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ bodies. Guys want to fantasize about them; women want to look like them. And after seeing them all up close on multiple occasions when I flew to London with 40 models for the 2014 fashion show, I can vouch that these goddesses look even better in person. It makes perfect sense that you have a few of these women on your Fitspiration Pinterest board. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get a little beauty help making their bodies look extra camera-and-runway ready. During my time in London, I was able to get a custom spray tan from Kristyn Pradas, the same bronzing artist who worked on the girls. After she hosed me down with her special natural formula, I chatted with her about how real girls can try the same body-contouring tricks at home. Ladies, slimmed thighs, tauter tummies, and perkier bums may be just a bottle of self-tanner away.

Source: Getty / Karwai Tang