Skin Care Secrets From Women Who Work Out (Almost) Every Day

As a beauty girl, I have a love-hate relationship with the gym. I love it because it’s the perfect opportunity to test out all the sample-size products I’ve been hoarding. I hate it because sweating ruins my hair for the entire week, and I always end up with a pimple.

When I do get to a class, I find myself glaring at the instructor with envy. How does she stay so put together after 20 reps of burpees? Her ponytail is perfect, her skin is flushed but not breaking out, and her abs – ugh. That’s why I went straight to my #fitspo favorites to find out what’s in their gym bag beauty arsenal, from the best face wipes to the strongest antiperspirant. Now that all my fitness issues are solved, maybe I’ll sign up for that SoulCycle class . . . or not.