These Photos of Freckles Will Make You Love Your Spots Even More

In a day when “fraxel” is the next word on the lips of every freckle-faced person I know, I’m delighted that British photographer Brock Elbank is celebrating these natural spots. In a photo series appropriately named Freckles, he is sharing stunning images via Instagram of those who have the skin specks.

I asked him how this project came about. He said: “When we lived in Sydney in early 2012, I played for a Saturday football team. My teammate John Lloyd’s 10-year-old lad Eddie came to watch a match. Eddie had this face full of freckles like I’d never seen before. They were very intense. He was great-looking character, so I asked John if I could shoot a portrait and that was the start of it. I then become obsessed with the subject, searching out for the most diverse mix I can to document the subject. When we moved back to the UK, I had to put the series on hold while I shot my #Project60. It was an idea for Beard Season’s melanoma charity, and it was exhibited at Somerset House as Beard in March 2015. But now I’m in full production of Freckles, and luckily I’m receiving the same feedback as I did with #Project60 through Instagram and other social media. Subjects are travelling from all over, including Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Norway, amongst others, to be photographed.”

Keep reading to see more of these gorgeous faces of freckles! And if you are living in the UK and think you could be a good candidate for this photo series, email Brock at