Lo Bosworth’s Beauty Must Have Is Probably Already in Your House

Lo Bosworth‘s website, The Lo Down, covers everything from cooking to beauty, and we can say with authority that she’s an expert when it comes to the latter. It’s almost as if her entire being glows when she enters a room, so it’s no surprise that Arm & Hammer chose the star to be its beauty spokesperson. Lo’s beauty prowess seems almost innate, and her tips for incorporating baking soda into your beauty routine are life changing.

The Laguna Beach and The Hills alumna made the cross-country jump from LA to New York last year and we have to say, she’s got the East Coast vibe down pat. She’s managed to juggle adjusting to a different city, redecorating a new (and superdreamy) apartment, and spearheading a lifestyle brand with the poise we’d expect from the young businesswoman.

On top of all that, she always keeps her skin and hair on point – not a blemish in sight nor a tousled blond strand out of place. We sat down with Lo and she dished her secret skin care weapon, in addition to reminiscing about the MTV series that made us fall in love with her way back when.

Image Source: MTV