Kylie Jenner’s Makeup-Free Selfies Reveals a Feature We Always Forget About

On her Snapchat, Kylie Jenner recently acknowledged a cute facial feature we rarely see due to the dramatic makeup she loves to wear: her freckles. Kylie paired the snap with a caption that read, “When everyone’s drawing on freckles but ur [sic] always covering yours.”

This isn’t the first time Kylie’s highlighted her beauty spots. In another makeup-free selfie from a few months ago, she shared a “freckle appreciation post” after a fan claimed she doesn’t embrace them enough.

When POPSUGAR Beauty spoke to Kendall Jenner, she revealed that she too has freckles – although she admitted they’re really slight and practically unnoticeable – so it seems to be a shared characteristic among the sisters. She went on to share a second fresh-faced selfie the next day.

For the record: we are so here for your freckle appreciation posts, Kylie. Just saying.