10 Setting Sprays That Will Make Sure Your Makeup Can’t Budge

The oppressive humidity and scalding temperatures of Summer exacerbate any standard makeup gripes tenfold, but what no one’s sharing with you is that there is one single product that cures all these woes for up to 16 hours at a time. Yes, really! Melted foundation, oily skin, vanishing blush, even sun damage – these issues can all be solved with setting spray.

This genius invention isn’t new. In fact, it’s been around for nearly 50 years but was an insider secret, available only to Hollywood makeup artists and other pros. Skindinavia is largely credited as the brand that made the category more real-girl-friendly. “They had been around since the 1970s as ‘hair spray’ for the face,” explained Allen Goldman, CEO of Skindinavia. “We are the ones who helped blow up the category by making them comfortable to use and nonaerosol.”

So how do setting sprays work? Skindinavia’s formula actually features a patented cooling technology. Your skin temperature is approximately 90 degrees (which can of course get warmer or cooler depending on the weather). That heat is not conducive to durable makeup – it causes melting, color fade, and oiliness. Skindinavia creates an invisible web on the skin that works to lower the temperature of the makeup on your face, making it last.

Setting sprays also use special polymers to seal your makeup in place, creating a breathable mesh on top. They’re super simple to use. Just spritz them across your face just like a standard facial mist. Many brands suggest misting in T or X shape. “This is a way to get a full application with the minimum amount of product,” shared Goldman.

If you’re convinced that using primer is enough for a long-lasting makeup look, reconsider. “Priming sprays are a bit more skin-care-focused and offer more texture for a smooth surface,” Goldman said. “Finishing sprays are about a healthy, luminous look and extended wear.”

Once you incorporate setting spray into your beauty regimen, you’ll be able to party at a music festival, sweat it out on the tennis court, or work a full day and hit up happy hour looking like you just applied your makeup. Read on to discover some of our favorites.