Keep Your Skin Clear and Glowing With This Blogger-Approved Routine

Achieving clear skin is nearly impossible without finding an effective routine and sticking to it. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular facial treatments are all a core part of stellar skin care, but the two work even better when used in conjunction with a religious regimen.

If you’re on the road to clearing up your skin and need some effective tips on where to begin, beauty blogger Shani Grimmond shared her nighttime skin care habits, which she calls “the most important five minutes of the day.”

Shani’s steps to caring for her skin are fairly simple. First, she frees her face of makeup with a double cleansing ritual. She follows with an exfoliating cleanser and mud mask to treat her skin and lightweight lotion to moisturize. After completely cleansing and treating her skin, Shani’s face is left visibly clean and beaming. Her routine is perfect for women with sensitive skin, and it covers all the essentials of a basic yet effective routine.

Watch her tutorial to see the products in action, and keep reading to shop her picks and incorporate them into your beauty regimen.