Lush’s Latest Face Masks Feel Like the Slime You Played With in the ’90s

Lush consistently entertains us with new, fun, brightly colored beauty products. Now, with the launch of the brand’s newest product, the Jelly Face Mask, Lush is taking us back to our childhoods.

The new masks are inspired by some kickass women in Lush’s history (including the creator of the Bath Bomb herself!). The products are also packed with mineral-rich seaweed to nourish your skin. Perhaps best of all is that the masks have the same consistency of the squishy slime you made at camp as a kid and probably now watch videos of on Instagram to de-stress.

To use the mask, pinch off some of the jelly and rub it between dry hands. Apply it to the skin and leave on for 10 minutes before washing off. Read on to find out which masks you should pick up in select stores or online when the line launches Sept. 1.